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 Aidan Kenta

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PostSubject: Aidan Kenta   Tue Dec 18, 2012 9:31 pm

Name: Aidan " Aeroblade " Kenta

Age: 17

Bounty: 5,000,000

Species: Human

Occupation: Shipwright/Ship Breaker ( Building/Repairing and Dismantling Ships )

Allegiance: Pirate

Home Village/Ocean: Grandline

Aidan has moderately long black hair that is supposed to be swept to the side of his face but the wind usually messes it up seeing as his hair is very thin and flows easily. He has a unique face, seeing as it looks like a adult but at the same time it seems childish and gives off a innocence feeling to someone who sees him. He has thin eyebrows, moderate eyelashes, and emerald green eyes. His jaw line is very distinguished, and his head is sorta shaped as if it was a upside down triangle, at the top its much wider than it ends up. This isnt too noticeable if you don't examine him up close though.

He is six foot flat, and has a more medium frame that weighs 170. He is pretty well built from all the working out he does to stay in shape. He prefers to wear light clothing so he can move around easily. He wears a open seaweed green shirt that is decorated with cloud like designs, and he wears a black hakama. He wears bandages around his feet and wrist for decorative reasons.


Aidan was born in a '' middle of nowhere '' town. The town wasn't too big but it wasn't too small. It was more agricultural based than anything, but the agriculture racked in enough money for him to enjoy some of life's pleasures. This town wasnít too advanced on their educational structures so he didnít learn all the advanced stuff most intellectual people do but he got the basics. He was a bit of a trouble maker, seeing as he always wanted to have fun and could care less about anything else. He wanted to get his education, but he was a talented enough learner to be able to exceed in academics and play around.

He got to the point where he played around too much and despite his good grades he was sent off to a military academy. Here he continued to learn what he had been but they taught him about battle and discipline. They TRIED to discipline the young man. He and his practioner didnít have a really good situation as Aidan would not let him break his spirit. He learned all that he did and continued to have the fun he so desired to have.

His desire to have fun furthered to the point where his fun was not harmless anymore. He would tie up animals to the bottom of docks where the water would splash them. This was even more amusing to do it to cats because of their fear of water. He would cause policemen to trip and get in fights with them. Eventually they sent him to a juvenile center where his fun wouldnít be so easy to continue. Despite this, he continued to have fun and even managed to sneak whisky in and out and steal from other delinquents. So he and his fellow trouble makers didnít have the best relationships. They couldnít understand how he was so happy in this hellhole.

The juvenile members were sent out to do yard work for the government one day. Aidan found a way to sneak away from all of the officers. After adventuring around the city, he saw a chef throw a fruit away. The fruit bounced off the trash can and fell on the ground. Aidan went and picked up the unusual looking fruit, he was quite hungry so he took a bite into it. It tasted horrible, probably the most disgusting thing he had ever tasted. He threw the fruit away, and out of nowhere, there was a gust of wind that shredded the remaining of the fruit. This was odd but he didnít think much of it.

The policemen found him eventually, so they told him to give up and cooperate with them and just go back to the center. Aidan being as hard headed as ever refused. So the policemen had to attempt to bring him in by force. He punched at one of the policemen, and saw a gust of wind blow the man back into a concrete wall. The man was instantly knocked out. Another policeman snuck up on Aidan, and the young man kicked at the policemen. The policeman was knocked into the same concrete wall, but what surprised Aidan the most was the fact that he was levitating in midair at the moment.

Aidan found out that that fruit he ate gave him wonderful powers. So he had to master them because he knew that someone would try to steal his power or at least kill him so he couldn't harm anyone. He went into training for many years, attempting to master his abilities and become an adept swordsman. After killing those policemen, he had a bounty on his head as well. This was truly the life of a pirate.

Aidan has a pretty simple personality. He is lighthearted, and likes to have fun. He is very rash and doesn't like to think things through, which is a reason he thinks everything is so fun. " If you think it through, it takes all the fun away! " He would probably say. He looks up to people who are motivational, because he wants to be able to change someones life one day. He thinks the best mark you can leave on this world, is a inspiration to the next generation.

In battle, he is very teasing and playful because he automatically assumes that he is more powerful which will probably be his down fall in a big battle one day. He likes to rely on allies because he has a pretty lazy attitude unless he knows that things are going to get serious. When he trains, he has a dynamic work ethic because he wants to be the best. Most people don't know this about him though. He is very grateful for his abilities that he received from the Devil Fruit he ate that one day so many years ago.

Ship Flag:

Devil Fruit: Kaze Kaze no Mi
Type: Logia
Effect: Allows the user to control wind

Special Abilities: Rewired Reflexes - He has remarkable reflexes. He can react to things much faster than any average human can. This gives him a edge in battle or tough situations.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):

Weapons/Items: 2 Short swords, and a Pistol

Character Flaws: Aidan is very trusting, which is a major flaw. He often relies on team mates to much because of his rash personality who usually doesn't think too much through. He is scared of losing friends because of his reliance on them. Another fear of his is being underground, which is pretty ironic, because of his abilities being Air-related.

Goals: To be powerful and respected is the major goal of this young man. This young man wants to be known throughout the world as a great adventurer.
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Aidan Kenta
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