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 Lancer Spider

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PostSubject: Lancer Spider   Mon Dec 17, 2012 1:40 am

Name: Lancer Spider

Age: 14

Bounty: Only if you are a pirate, keep it realistic(Minimum of 50 Belli- Maximum 30,000,000 Belli anymore and you will need permission)

Species: Human

Occupation: optional (captan doctor cook ect. max two captains per user, that part dose not apply to admins)

Allegiance: Dark Isle.

Home Village/Ocean: Grandline



Lancer being born on the dark isle was from the moment he could, trained to be an assassin. Even at a young age the young man was sent to the school for Assassins to learn from there. The young man spent a lot of his time studying and training so he didn't have much time to make friends or anything of the sort, this caused him to grow to be a bit socially awkward as he never really talked to anyone. At around age 8 he was put into the advanced classes which meant he was able to learn Rokushiki and a more advanced fighting style other then guns or swords. The young man began to use razor wire as weapon and after a couple months of training got very good with it. After the young man had turned twelve he had learned the two Rokushiki he needed in his mind to learn. Soru and geppu, with these styles the young man was able to reach high spots and get out of sight quickly. He took a year off of the school to perfect two moves involving his razor wire. Using Soru and tactical abilities these moves were rather deadly to anyone who got trapped in them. This caused his nickname to ironically become spider, ironically is due to his deep fear of the creatures.

The young man had developed a nice way of using his razor wire by hiding in a tree and setting up a spiderweb pattern. When stepped upon the web would launch up and capture the target and slice into his body from all sides. It was when he used this technique to kill a target when he was considered graduated. Afterwards a member of the island has set off with him to find Karasu as many on the island believe he'd be of better use to Karasu and his crew rather then on the island.

Personality: Lancer is a rather shy and reserved boy who though being well skilled is very doubtful of his abilities. The young man has a stutter and a horrible time speaking to the opposite gender and even with his own gender he tends to lock up and go quiet. The young man also has a small poetic side, he is normally seen writing or reading poetry and if you get onto the topic of it his eyes will light up like Christmas and he'll begin to talk your ear off about it.


Ship Flag:

Devil Fruit:

Special Abilities: He is at an advanced level of Soru and Geppu, not fully mastered yet but enough to where he wont slip up a whole lot. Razor wire style, the young man has gotten so good with razor wire he is able to use it as an affective fighting style.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):

Soru Wrap: Using Soru the young man wraps Razor wire around his opponent and tugs the wires causing them to slice into his opponents.

Spiderweb: Using this ability Lancer sets up his razor wire in a spiderweb pattern and once someone steps onto it, the razor wire tightens up and pulls them up into trees where they are hooked into and slice into them. It is possible to lose a limb if hit by this.

Weapons/Items: About 20 ft of razor wire. A small knife to cut people down.

Character Flaws: Ironically enough the young man is afraid of spiders and will freeze up if he sees one.

Goals: To join the dark isle and serve Karasu.
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PostSubject: Re: Lancer Spider   Mon Dec 17, 2012 11:35 am

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Lancer Spider
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