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 Adam of the Genesis

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PostSubject: Adam of the Genesis   Sun Dec 16, 2012 7:52 pm

Name: Adam of the Genesis

Age: 22

Bounty: 0 Beli

Species: Human

Occupation: Doctor/Inventor

Allegiance: n/a

Home Village/Ocean: Grand Line (Autumn Island)


Stands a good 5'11 feet. Wears black sleek pants, black short sleeve shirt(with shirt pocket), wears a white overcoat with several pockets in it. Rather pale for a guy on an island. Wears glasses and has several scars across his body. Silver hair, green-topaz eyes. Has a tattoo on his forearm saying the initials A.E.N

History: Ah yes Adam of the Genesis, what an interesting story. First off he was born like any other child, well if any other child was born in a compound underground with a whole other group of kids, all named after the old book's children. He was born on the same day as his fellow friends, Eve and Noah. They were the first born from a weird deranged experiment. Deep underground these children were trained in a special art and weapon. Adam was taken in by one of the experimentor and was brought up in the arts of medicine and a scythe. Noah and Eve were given their own skills, they were prohibited to speak of it to each other so god knows what the others had. The years passed and this odd experiment still ventured on, by the time they were 8, a new batch was born for the same experiment. Named Lilith, Abel, and Cain, the others knew of their birth. 8 more years of training and Adam was starting to grow bored. Sure he had tons of bodies to mutilate but he was starting to feel empty... He had heard of stories of the sun and wanted to go out and see it. He asked his teacher and was told no... The experiment wasn't done... That did my sit well with Adam and he snapped... He killed his teacher... He killed the guards. And when it came to his friends... They rose with him and they broke out of their prison. Though once out... They split ways... Promising to meet one day once again. The initials of the genesis project... A.E.N. They split apart and wandered from island to islands... Adam took up a title of Adam of the genesis, he figured out quickly men with bounties were known world wide so he took this as an invitation so his friends could find him and identify with him.

He wandered from town to town as a doctor, yet he had his bouts of insanity, where he used his medical talents to kill. Now he's just resting, 6 years later and he has only "bettered" himself.

Personality: Ah yes, let's cut to the chase, this guy is insane in the pure sense of the word. What I mean by insane is that he will show you a baby puppy just to chuck it out a window than go save it just so he could throw it in the ocean. Yes this guy is totally bonkers and will rarely do the "sane" thing. Though being so insane, he feels is a good thing, so much that he likes to play sick demented games. For example: "I have your loved ones, If you want to save them I want you to bake me a cake with this set of ingredients, if i don't like how it taste I shall kill your family.... You have two hours, i'll be back, have to go eat." He is also fairly arrogant and full of himself. He is also a medical protege and knows the insides and out of a person and loves to dissect. Though for all of his bads there are some goods! For one thing, when he is calm and docile he is a rather ok person to be around, being somewhat kind, at least to people who have proven to be trustworthy or at least reliable. also is a compassion person for people that he becomes friends with and would also protect them if he chose too. Also he enjoys the sounds of classical music and it would normally calm him down if he is throwing a tantrum. Also can play music so he is good at calming himself down ironically. Normally though he is a rebel but As weird as it would seem he is very loyal to his family. On the note of being a playboy, he enjoys indulging his carnal desires, and is very good at persuading women into help pleasuring said desires. Having an big ego and a strong sense of pride, he thinks of himself as the best and is not concerned about his height. Even at a young age of four years old he had already started heading towards being a pervert, firstly by peeping and then being more bold he would start lifting blouses. In battle, Adam acts very arrogant and stupid, as well as eccentric, though this is mainly a ploy. In all honesty he is a sly tactician that pretends to be an idiot to get people to lower the guard and become full of themselves while he goes for their weak spot, also he is very smug even while in battle. Also in addition to being insane he is very analytical, and piercing ability of finding out what he wants, in English he's a madman with a silver tongue, isn't he just so lovable. Adam though in all in all thinks that the way he is, is for the best. Just imagine how dull things would be if their wasn't someone like him threatening to throw babies out of windows. Or hiding in yo window and snatching yo people up, no use in hidin ya kids, but stil hide yo wife and yo husband better hide, cause he gon' snatch all yo people up. Yes still can not stress enough he is an insane perv but still comes off as likeable, meh who knows maybe has has some type of mind manipulation to make him seem likable... Who knows. Also he smokes as well as a small time inventor on the side.

Ship: N/A

Ship Flag: N/A

Devil Fruit:

Special Abilities:
Photographic Memory - Pretty self explanatory
Trained Strength - Has pushed his body to the limit and can easily carry over 300lbs
Medical Protege - Raised to be an amazing doctor.
Expert Scythe Wielder -Has been trained to use a scythe as an extension of himself.
Analyst - Very precise in what he does.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
Death's Vengeance - Moving quickly Adam forces down the scythe into the air and causes a slash that extends up to 10 meters that slashes anything in its way, been known to cut through stone.
Voidless Containment - Does four quick slashes around an opponent and cuts off the air flow around them, causing them to not be able to breathe in that area for a short time, or can be used directly on an enemy
Nerve Rack - Knowing of how the body works completely, can can pick out the nerves in your nervous system and can cause short term paralysis to a limb or to them as a whole with a simple tap to the nerve.

Weapons/Items: Foldable Seastone Scythe, Medical Equipment

Character Flaws: He's fucking cuckoo

Goals: To meet again with the ones he was raised with.
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PostSubject: Re: Adam of the Genesis   Sun Dec 16, 2012 10:43 pm

i think you will need to just slightly expand on your history. as well as the analyst thing? that is pretty vague there.
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Adam of the Genesis
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