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PostSubject: gentel   Thu Dec 13, 2012 6:08 pm

[i]Name: "shape shifter" gentel


Bounty: 15,000,000

Species: human

Occupation: captain

Home Village/Ocean: ohara in THE whest bleu

Appearance:has red Hair wares hat like luffys and whares a yellowish blouse and wide jeans

History: i grew up in ohara my dad an mom where marines so i grew up alone when i was a child i had a crush on Nico Robin
But my friends hatend her the day i wanna to ask her of she wanted to be my girlfriend was a nichtmare i woke up and i lokt out of the window i saw explosions so i was going to Robins place to look of she was alricht but she wasnt in her house so i lookt for her on the whole island but she want anywhere so i got away just in time then she got a bounty so i know she is alive

Personality: I laugh Mutch i'm verry creative likes to play whit clay never betrade his namaka and is shy whit girls
Ship: 11moon licht

Ship Flag: skul whit wide smile and his Eyes closed and has red Hair

Devil Fruit: nendo nendo no mi (Clay Clay fruit
type: logia
effect: THE user can turn ito Clay and cao make things out of his body THE Clay can be made hard or soft

Special Abilities: turning body parts in to wapons

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):Devil fruit powers

Weapons/Items: none

Goals: 1,to find Nico Robin
2,to be king of THE pirates
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