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 Cray Shiki

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PostSubject: Cray Shiki   Thu Dec 13, 2012 2:20 am

Name: Cray Shiki

Age: 20

Bounty: 0 Beli

Species: Human-Cyborg

Occupation: Merc/Swordsman

Allegiance:Okami no Ryoku

Home Village/Ocean: Grand Line (Spring Island)


He's a rather tall man, standing at 6'2. Tan skin, dark blue/black hair, brown eyes, small amount of chin hair, what's in the pic etc. Wears a small silver skull pendant around his neck. Holds his two swords on his waist or at times, attached to his back. Um...I think that's all i care to cover.

Cray was born in a Spring island within the grand line. He doesn't know much about his island home as he was abducted as a toddler by a mysterious merc organization. He was taken in by a swordsman from the org and learned about the art of the sword. He gained an understanding of honor and pride. Gained a proper education. It went pretty well until Cray had been injured in an intense training session. He had gotten pretty much in a short term… Got mauled by a bear… Ya it wasn't pretty… His care taker brought him in and well did surgery on him as well as an experiment. He made the young boy into a cyborg. He eventually woke up from recovery and he was told what was happened. He simply smiled at this fact and he was than knocked out and more surgery was done to him.

Over the years he learned how to be a hone killing machine, quite literally. This is now his story to tell.

Personality: Cray is actually a very nice and honorable person. He believes in a way of doing things such as well he's just honorable. Ok let me explain this, he sees things in black and white, he knows what is good and what is bad. He was raised in the way of the sword so he was shown to live in a right type of fashion, listening to his heart. Though with his training as a mercenary, he learned how to twist his heart. So in the end, he's a nice guy but he could easily switch on you if you haven't gained his trust and friendship.

Ship: N/A

Ship Flag: N/A

Devil Fruit:

Special Abilities:
º Super Strength - Due to being a cyborg, his muscles have been enhanced and can lift up to a ton.
º Steel Skin - Being a cyborg, his skin(for the most part) had been replaced with a thin sheet of a steel which protects him from most basic attacks.
º Two Sword Style - Due to his training as a kid he is adept at two sword fighting style, being able to use it perfectly.
º Swiss army hand - In his hands their is a small pair of scissors, a small knife, small flathead screwdriver, small lighter, and a bottle opener.
º Adept Swimmer - Can swim pretty good
º 360º limbs - Has the ability to at each joint have it rotate in complete circle.
º Advanced Reflex - Has learned to hone his skills and can react at a seconds notice
º Dancing Madness - Amazing dancer (;D)

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
º 2 Sword Style: Drill Run - Having his forearms rotate like a drill, Cray can stab an opponent and cause devastating piercing damage, mainly used to bypass defenses.
º 2 Sword Style: Dragon's Fang - Cray positions himself in a double fencing position and in a seconds notice, slashes downward, causing deep gash wounds.
º 2 Sword Style: Golem's Fort - A defensive stance, Cray crosses his blades in an X formation, any incoming fire or physical blows (only accounts to gunfire, blunt weaponry, sword weaponry) and uses it to either redirect their attack or if a close range fighter, to throw them off balance.
º 2 Sword Style: Air Crescent - Using his advanced strength, he puts strength within his blades and slashes forward to send forth a shockwave of air that would cut what it hits.
º Titan's arm - Readjusting the strength in his body into one of his arms, he sends forth a punch with all of his strength in it, leaves him disoriented afterwards.
º Vulcan's Pride - Having a small flame thrower implanted in his body, he activates it and fires out a steady stream of fire from his mouth.

Weapons/Items: 2 reinforced katana

Character Flaws: Very naive when he isn't serious.

Goals: To find his own goal
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PostSubject: Re: Cray Shiki   Thu Dec 13, 2012 12:16 pm

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Cray Shiki
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