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 Gorgo Nimbues

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PostSubject: Gorgo Nimbues    Wed Dec 12, 2012 8:08 am

Name: Gorgo Nimbues "The Flying Snake"

Age: 27

Bounty: N/A

Species: Human

Occupation: Marine Captain

Allegiance: Marine

Home Village/Ocean: Grand Line


History: Gorgo was a child that became a member of the marines from a very young age. He started his career as a marine from the lowest class and he would train day after day in order to enhance his skills as a swordsman and become a powerful member of the marines. He was very ambitious and he wanted to become the fleet admiral of the marines one day, just like many of the marines wanted when they would start from his rank. As a result, he would ignore all his duties and he would train in order to become what he always wanted; the boss of the marines. He was pretty arrogant and he would not go with the will of his superiors because they deemed them to be unworthy and did not really like them at all.

However, fate had other plans for him, just like with many people. Because of being rude and arrogant, Gorgo was sent to a division that a young yet powerful marine would rule. The marine would be none other than Nishki D. Rock, one of the three people that would acquire the rank of admiral at the future. The meeting with the man would change Gorgo completely. Gorgo realized that there were many people like him and that he would have to try a lot more and deal with paperwork in order to rise through the ranks of the marines. Gorgo wanted to be a marine that would be sent outside and that would deal with special missions that only a few people would be able to carry out. Now that would be something useful in his eyes. As a result, Gorgo changed his goals. From that point, after the meeting with Nishki, he wanted to become a strong marine to be able to carry out special missions for them and for the greater good. At that point, many years ago, he had the rank of Captain, a rank that he would not abandon from the point he received it.

Despite that, though, Gorgo would still have problems. He realized that there were people within the force that would give him orders that would go against his will. This would cause him many problems, especially with the behavior he would receive from his superior officers. Even if he was really powerful and even if he had become pretty strong by the marine training he received (Rokushiki), he would still notice that other people who were doing the deeds of their higher ups would receive better treatment, in terms of medical care after a mission and in terms of equipment. As a result, for the sake of those two things, Gorgo started turning into a dog of his superior officers slowly, so that his subordinates would receive benefits which they would not have under other conditions.

And after a few years, when Admiral Nishki D. Rock was assigned with new tasks, Gorgo was called by him personally in order to serve him and assist him.

Personality: Ruthless and a real government dog, Gorgo is a marine who will do anything that he is tasked from his superior officers, whether it goes against his morals or not. If he is asked to kill, he will kill and if he is asked to save, he will save. He will not move based on his own accord and he can easily go against his own will to serve his higher ups and especially his boss, Admiral Nishki D. Rock. Gorgo is very loyal to Nishki as he happened to work several times with him in the past and he will do anything for him. That part of his personality, the part of the loyal dog, is what makes him a valuable marine and a person who is tasked with missions that only a few people are capable of doing. Also, because of this, it is hard for people to understand what the true colors of Gorgo are, as he does not have his own personality, but the personality of others. Even if he is accused for not acting on his own, Gorgo will never listen to anybody and he is the kind of marine who will go with an order, without wondering whether it is right or not.

Ship: Phoenix Battle Squadron Ship

Ship Flag: Crew's Flag

Devil Fruit: N/A
Type: N/A
Effect: N/A

Special Abilities:
-Rokushiki: Gorgo is a user of Rokushiki. So far, he has mastered three techniques of the battling style; Soru, Geppou and Kami-E.
-Swordsmanship: Gorgo is a proficient swordsman. He is a master of his one sword style and he is able to perform several powerful techniques with his sword.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
-One Sword Style - Devil Bird: Gorgo slashes the air swiftly with his katana and he launches a phoenix shaped air slash towards his enemies. (it is as big as a regular air slash, not as big as a phoenix)
-One Sword Style - Devil Phoenix: Gorgo slashes the air for three posts with his katana and he launches a large phoenix shaped air slash towards his enemies. The air slash is as large as a phoenix and it is capable of cutting even the ground if it hits it. Also, the phoenix can split into several smaller phoenixes and form a barrage of "Devil Bird" movements.
-One Sword Style - Devil Circle: Gorgo moves his body and his sword 360 degrees and he slashes a circle around him. Then, cutting air starts spreading from around the circle in a wide radius around him.
-One Sword Style - Rain of the Phoenix: Gorgo uses his geppou to stay on a high position at the sky. Then, he starts slashing the air swiftly, creating a rain of air blades that have the shape of a little phoenix. While performing this technique, Gorgo cannot move from his position unless he stops the technique. He can either target many people with this technique or concentrate it on a single person. When he concentrates it on a single person, the air blades are succeding each other and the technique takes the form of a white beam of cutting air that looks like a snake.
-One Sword Style - Rain of the Swords: Gorgo's fastest technique. While the man is flying on the sky with the usage of his geppou, he moves fastly around and slashes the enemies from above. He cannot be seen and he is so fast while performing the technique that it looks like the sky is raining multiple katanas. This technique can be either used to take down many enemies at once or to concentrate it on one person, though, if it is concentrated at one person, it is easy to understand where Gorgo is. After performing this technique, Gorgo is tired and he cannot attack or defend himself for 3 posts.

Weapons/Items: A regular katana

Goals: To serve the marines and make the world safer

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PostSubject: Re: Gorgo Nimbues    Fri Dec 14, 2012 2:55 pm

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Gorgo Nimbues
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