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 Ensign Zachariah Ito (Wip)

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PostSubject: Ensign Zachariah Ito (Wip)   Mon Dec 10, 2012 7:19 pm

Name: Ensign Zachariah Ito


Bounty: None

Species: Human

Occupation: Assassin/Spy

Allegiance: The World Government

Home Village/Ocean: Grand Line

An immediately apparent fact about Zach is that he does not look the role of an assassin at all. He is extremely underdeveloped, and has the look of a twelve year old child. His height is nine inches below the normal man; 5’0, making him look quite young along with his frail looking build, with a weight of 90 pounds. He is also extremely pale, almost ghostly white color. Zach has pitch black hair, with a bluish tint if seen in a certain light. His eyes are a dark brown color, one seen in dark chocolate. In fact, the only things that don’t make Zach feel like a complete child are his deep, masculine voice and shine to tobacco. It is rare to see Zach without a cigar in his mouth. His clothing is also extremely dependent on what he is doing. However, on a combat oriented mission, he will wear a black hoodie with the marine insignia on it, black pants and shoes of the same shade. If on call for a formal war, however, he will wear his uniform. Although a seeming disadvantage for Zach, his height is perfect for his job, stealth and recon. However, Zach’s combat skills are not affected by his height at all, in fact, due to his Life Return; he has more strength then the average man of his age and size.

History: The island of Incenderia has only been a territory of the World Government for about 120 years. Before then it was a decently large trade city, bustling with people. On an empty island nearby, construction began from the World Government to create the new base of operations for themselves in the Grand Line: Marineford. After construction, the government was extremely angered to find that much of Incenderia’s wealth in commerce had come from the black market run by local pirates. Being so small, the Marines were sent in with one intention; take the city and kill man they saw. This would kill many potential pirates and take control of a vital trading point in the Grand Line, a kind of two for one. The Marines then stormed the island under the command of a Vice Admiral known as Gin Shippo. Shippo had 3 top Rear Admiral Advisors, one of whom was Ryun Ito, the one of the greatest marine assassin in the east half of the Grande Line at the time, bested by only his teacher, Gin himself. After a bloody 7 week war with an unusually strong resistance, Gin rewarded his troops by letting them take enemy weapons and women as war prizes and letting them settle on the island. Ryun’s picks were a dagger that a dead military leader on the island had on him, and that same leader’s wife. At first, his family and the families of other war hero’s on the island were greatly celebrated. However, as time went on, and new, more important people flooded into the island, the families became of less and less importance. However, the families still had a tradition to serve in the marines, and the Ito’s were no exception, not for ANY male in their family.

Zachariah T. Ito was born to Salamis and Plantae Ito on what we know as March twenty second. The birth of his first son was a huge relief to Salamis, seeing as how he now had three daughters and not a single heir to the family. When born, Zach looked extremely healthy, a little soldier for daddy. And for the first twelve years of his life, he grew normally, if not abnormally fast. He was trained to be literate at school, had friends, played sports and did the small child thing he was supposed to. However, something never seemed quite right about Zach to his parents. He would often ask his father questions about his escapades and run-ins with pirates in the Marines, which was normal, if it weren’t for the fact that he asked details. “Did his guts spill out” or “Did he look scared when he killed him?” were often questions that Zach asked his parents, almost always with a maniacal giggle. However, he was only this way about pirates and criminals, never anyone else. It was almost like years of hatred towards those who plunder murder for sport and rape ran through his veins as a gift from heredity, slowly but surely turning into a sort of psychotic vendetta against pirates. This worried his mother, but in a strange, twisted way, made his father proud. He would definitely be a great marine. His thoughts on this changed drastically throughout the teen years of Zach’s life, however. This was because, at around twelve years of age, he stopped growing. He just completely ceased to grow, except for his voice. When taken to a doctor, it was revealed that Zach had a mildly common disease in which his testosterone levels became very low starting in his teen years. However, for some strange reason, Zachariah became even angrier at pirates, which had not directly done anything to him, somehow connecting his hatred for that kind of people and his injury in his complicated brain. He was now determined to join the marines and bring justice to pirates everywhere, no matter what his handicap.

Zach tried and tried to become bigger and stronger for the course of four years, but to no avail. His father then became aware of a program being offered on a small marine base close by. Any child fifteen or older could become a chore boy of sorts of a marine officer. This offer was great news to everyone in the Ito family, and Zachariah was sent off to be trained, however before he left, his father pulled him aside. He gave him an old dagger that was still in amazing condition. His father told him that no one whose father had given them this dagger had failed to bring greatness to the name Ito and that it was a great honor to have. Zach told his father he would not let him down and got on a boat to the island. Upon reaching the island, Zach was paired with Rear Admiral Thurman Shippo, who belonged to a bloodline of great assassins. Being no exception to this, Thurman saw the boy, not as disabled, but as a secret stealth weapon. Starting immediately, Thurman began teaching the boy how to handle daggers of all kinds. He especially grew fond of a pair of machete-like weapons that he had found in the back of the armory room. He studied how to blend and sneak anywhere without detection and how to kill with deadly accuracy. He also gradually introduced the boy to a special blend of Life Return which helped the body regenerate, mostly skin cells and muscle. In two years, Zach could speed up muscle growth at will, learned stealth maneuvering and many forms of combat very well. Then he started a full body exercise program to get him amazing strength and speed. For the next two years of his life, Zach would do eight hours a day of nonstop strong man type training, whenever he got tired Zach would take a food break and regenerate his muscles and went back to it. By time this was over, he had accomplished what he wanted, the ability to bench-press 500 pounds, and lift 300 pounds over his head. He could also pick up 900 pounds, and run a 4 minute and 30 second mile. Even if none of it showed through his body, he could still prove it. Also, during the time he did this, 3 times a week he would train with his master, who had spent a good deal of time as a Cipher Pol operative and know many types of secret techniques. This time was spent teaching Zach the technique shigan.

After learning this and finishing his rigorous exercise plan, he and his master were sent with a team of marines on a mission to rescue prisoners at war from a pirate ship heading back to its home base. Jumping from a small ship to the large galleon that the pirates owned, the stealthiest men went to find the location of the prisoners. Zach’s job was to be on the lookout for anyone who saw their ship, and kill them. After a few minutes of waiting, the now twenty year old man lit a cigarette, as if he was sending a beacon to pirates to come get them. Sure enough, two of them showed up, and Zach attacked them. Of course, attack is a massive understatement. He practically carved them up, purposely missing vital organs, starting first with the tongue, so screaming would be useless. Then, after a good 30 minutes of watching them sob and bleed with a grin on his face, he grabbed them and threw them overboard to drowned and die, but not before cutting their Achilles Tendons, for good measure. Thurman was deeply trouble by the youth’s action, and for the first time saw his dark side. When the rest of the men got back with the prisoners, all of them were punctured in some sort of way, and one was dead. When asked who did this to them, it was revealed to be the captain, Spearhead. Spearhead’s main weapon was, well, a spear. Zach was angered at the man for hurting fellow marines, so angry, in fact, that he took to the shadows and ran away. A few minutes later, disturbing screams were heard from the captain’s quarters. Afterwards, out walked Zachariah, with the captain’s spear in one hand, and his head in the other. He then stabbed the head onto the main sail of the boat with the captain’s spear and left with his fellow marines. Upon returning, the men were greeted with a cheer, as they had brought back the prisoners and brought the death of a feared pirate captain. The higher ups were so impressed with the young chore boy’s bravery and skill, that, ignoring protest from all other men on the mission, they made him an ensign. Zachariah is now awaiting orders for a marine squadron.

Personality: Zachariah is, to most things extraordinarily emotionless. He couldn't care less about personal relationships or 'friends' of his own or others. He thinks that these things are irrelevant when it comes to life. He is neither an optimist or a pessimist, but a realist (which can seem pessimistic at many points). He has a principle that he stays away from things that he doesn't need to have to survive. However, another thing about Zach is that he's a massive hypocrite. He enjoys smoking way to much, even though that is not something he needs to do. He was introduced at the age of 16 at the Naval Base he was stationed at and was hooked. The reason he smokes so much is probably to compensate for years of age the he doesn't look, which is a very childish thing to do. This is probably also part of the reason that he decided to train himself to become extremely strong and fast. Once he got the plan put into his head, he couldn't stop thinking about doing it until he did.

Ship: name of ship

Ship Flag: describe

Special Abilities: Zachariah’s foremost power is his Regeneration Life Return. He uses this in two ways. Firstly, to speed his body’s recovery speed to almost three times its normal rate. Secondly he uses it to quickly regenerate his bodies muscle tissue so that he can train more. Because of this, Zach’s upper body strength is increased to twice what an average man of his age should have. His lower body strength is also increased, making him a very swift sprinter who can also run distances quite well, especially since his lower body strength can easily carry his childlike body. In time, Zach also learned how to become stealthy from his master, who was an assassin like him, of course. He learned how to take in his surroundings and blend to them, using his under average size as at tool instead of a hindrance. He also has a good enough grasp of the human anatomy to know how to make someone bleed out with a single blow. He is also trained with his unique machetes to deal maximum damage, and can also use hand to hand combat effectively. He also has decent accuracy, but only with handheld throwing blades.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25): Sword techniques, Devil fruit moves, rokushiki, anything special move wise

Weapons/Items: take what you want from the approved weapons list but custom weapons must be registered and approved

Character Flaws: Zachariah smokes, which is bad for a multitude of health reasons, he also has the looks of a twelve year old, so almost any adult women would be repulsed by him. He becomes overly vicious and bordering insane when it comes to fighting or even talking about pirates.

Goals: Kill every pirate he can
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Ensign Zachariah Ito (Wip)
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