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PostSubject: WIP WIP WIP   Mon Dec 10, 2012 5:08 pm

Name: "Lord of Battle" Roy

Age: 64

Bounty: 40,000,000

Species: Half Giant Half Human

Occupation: Fighter

Allegiance: Him self and any young fighter whom wishes to grow strong

Home Village/Ocean: North

Appearance: (Note the picture is just for facial structure as I am not good with that.) Roy stands at 10 ft being half giant and has a rather muscular frame and broad shoulders. He keeps his hair neatly slicked back and his facial hair trimmed into a goatee. His hair is a silver color which he thinks goes great with his body type. He tends to wear a V neck shirt and less constrictive pants as to not get in the way of his kicks.


Childhood Arc. The early days of the fighter:
Roy was born into a normal family nothing special about either of them. Roy was of average intelligence and body build not fat but not thin either. How ever when it came to fighting styles, he was a genius. From a young age he could see a fighting style break it down and train with it to master it. His parents were shocked by this and how quickly he picked up Judo style.

When he was thirteen he entered martial arts tournaments where he tended to lose due to only knowing Judo and not being able to grapple faster martial artist then him self. During one of these tournaments he picked up another fighting style, Karate. It was when he had these two styles when he had begun to win tournaments, though he had dropped out of his education in order to focus on fighting much to the disappointing of his parents.

Teen Years. The Lords Rise to Power:

Now at the age of fourteen Roy had grown well, he had gotten a well toned build grown around to 6 ft 7 and was amazingly powerful for his age. But something had changed in him, whenever he fought he got..Darker to say the least. He aimed to break bones or end carers and was soon banned from normal tournaments for such. He later joined the marines at 15 in order to feed his blood lust. A very gory young man he refused swords or guns to fight and instead went with his own fist and feet

Adulthood. The King of Fighting and Death Arises!:

It was in his years in the marines that Roy had gained two Rokushiki styles. Though he viewed these as inferior to an actaul fighting style. You see the captain of his crew had began to fear the young man's power and thought he would soon out rank him and take control of the crew. So he sent Roy on a solo mission to Amazon lily to wipe out the pirate threat at the time there. He agreed quickly and set off soon for the island. It was there where people learned he was most terrfying. He slaughtered the crew and any Amazon who got in his way, when he returned he had a good 40 arrows sticking from his back and was bloody.

His captain was shocked to see him still alive. It was there he revealed he was trying to get Roy killed and would simply kill Roy him self now and blame it on him bleeding to death. Roy snapped and when his captain came running at him he kicked both of his ex captains legs breaking them before kicking him down. He stomped both arms and grabbed him wrapping him into a bear hug before using geppo to leap into the air. He tightend his body using Tekkai and they crashed through the ship. His captain was dead, the ship was sunk and Roy was bleeding out near death.

The Final Arc. The Kings Life:

Roy had floated to an island where he was treated and healed of his wounds. It was here where he hoaned his skills for his best fighting style. Junt Kent Do, it made him unpredictable in his fighting and movements, no form, no pattern just attacking. He lived on this island for 39 years before he left as one of the best fighters on the island. He went to an island where people rarely went to and is now there training all day and night waiting to make his return.

Personality: When out side of a fight Roy tends to be a calm and collected man who enjoys drinking tea with lemon, training and sleeping. He is more than likely one of the kindest people you will meet. That is until he is either training you or in a fight in which is where you learn why he has his nickname. When training someone or fighting he turns into a cold sadistic and brutal man using anything he can to make you suffer before he gets bored and kills you.

Ship: name of ship

Ship Flag: describe

Devil Fruit:
Type: (only if you have a devil fruit)
Effect: (only if you have a devil fruit)

Special Abilities: Jun Kent Do, Judo, Boxing, Karate.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25): Geppo and Tekkai

Aimed Kicks and Punches: Roy can aim to hit any part of the body specificly.

Throws and Holds: Due to knowing Judo Roy knows several throws and hold locks.

Blocking: Most styles have their own way of blocking attacks.


Character Flaws:

Goals: Train young martial artist and fighters.
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