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 Aryu "Flaming Dragon" Sira

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PostSubject: Aryu "Flaming Dragon" Sira    Sun Dec 09, 2012 3:11 am

Name: Aryu “Flaming Dragon” Sira


Bounty: 400,000 for theft

Species: Human

Occupation: Thief, Flute Player, Extremely Amateur Swordsman

Allegiance: Pirate

Home Village/Ocean: South Blue


Aryu, first off, is not tall by any means. He is just shy of 5’9, which is just about average for a man’s height. He is also not very heavy, or light, coming in at about 170 pounds. He is also just the right skin tone for a man where he came from (a tan, yet Caucasian tone), with an average build that isn't to muscular or extremely thin. In fact, the only thing that set him apart from the social norm in his hometown was his flaming red hair, which apparently made him a rebel, even though he didn’t want to be. His hair is a medium length and stuck up in the front. His eyes are of a pure green color, a feature which he has been complimented on many occasions. The clothing he wears are pretty much average; tee shirts of different solid colors, sometimes with words on them from various tourist stands on different islands, dark blue jeans, tennis shoes and a light grey sweatshirt if it is cold out. They do, however, look especially tattered due to his excess time away from a home where he could consistently buy clothing. He wears a thin, black sash around his torso diagonally, which lets his pride and joy ‘The Flaming Dragon’ sit in its sheath on his back.

History: First off, it needs to be said that everything in Aryu's childhood was supposed to be, well, normal. Aryu was born on Shell island, a small, very beach-like island in the south-east corner of the South Blue. This island was not special in any way, shape, or form, although it could be considered unique because of how old the island was. This island did not have any bustling cities or incredible sightseers attractions, it just had three town-like place in the middle of the island, everything else being surrounded by beach. Every one had normal lives and no one tried to live more than just that; normal. Another thing that should be known about Aryu's original dwelling is that it is a colony of the World Government, which took a hefty amount of money out of his friends and people he knew's hard earned paycheck, which made Aryu quite bitter towards the government over the years. When Aryu was born, everything was normal about him; eight pounds and a fourteen inches long. He seemed like the perfect normal child to his parent, Amii and Ryun Sira, just what they had been looking for. However, after Aryu's hairline began to grow in, it was revealed that it was of a fiery red color, much to his parents dismay. They didn't know anyone with red hair, which meant their son's normality factor was gone. Knowing how the island treated people that were abnormal, they left their child at an orphanage and left for another town on the island .

When Aryu was five, his orphanage began sending him to school, so he could become literate and be a productive member of society. Not the first day of school had he earned the title of "Flaming Dragon" for punching a student in the face for making fun of his red hair. Surprisingly, Aryu liked this nickname on him, and it stuck. However, this was the only part of school that went his way for awhile, because everyone either thought he was a freak with red hair or did not want to be sent to the nurse's office with a broken nose, so he was pretty much a non-willing outcast for most of his childhood. He tried to fit in, and be as normal as he could, not wearing anything that would make people thing he was strange, but it was to no avail. Aryu could not find any friends. This depressed Aryu very much, although it did lead him to his passion, music. One day, when in his music classroom, in the back of the room he saw a flute. This captivated Aryu, so he 'borrowed' it and brought it back home. He began teaching himself how to play it until he was considered extremely good. He did the same with a trumpet, bass guitar, guitar, a snare drum and eventually, when he got caught trying to steal a xylophone, his voice. Aryu became very musical over these first 10 years of his life, but when he turned eleven, he decided that he was better off leaving his home town, as nothing there seemed to be working out for him. He left in the middle of the night with his clothing, instruments, and school text books he stole so that he could continue learning.

When Aryu got to Seaport, the biggest of the towns and the only one on the water, the first thing he did was find an abandoned warehouse and make it his home. There he would sit and study or play music all day. And when he was hungry, he would steal food from local markets. When he started this, he was quite clumsy, and was almost caught quite a few times, but slowly as Aryu began to practice, he got to be amazing at sprinting and dodging angry people. One day, Aryu saw a large ship with a jolly rogers on it. A pirate ship. Aryu had never really thought about it, but he wanted to be a pirate extremely bad. This was because of the way the government interfered with the public's daily life. Aryu went up to the ship and asked if the crew needed a thief in their party. The pirates just laughed at thirteen year old red hair, making him quite angry. So, in the middle of the night, when the pirates were sleeping on shore, Aryu sneaked onto the ship and grabbed a treasure chest, then ran. When he got to his dwelling to open it. Inside he found 1,000 belli...and a fruit. Completely confused on why a fruit would be in a treasure chest, Aryu decided to eat it. The first reaction of Aryu was to make a face, as the fruit he had eaten taste extremely asinine. In disgust, he threw it at the was, causing quite the surprise for him. Fire shot out of his hands and burned the fruit. Aryu was at a loss, and did so with the treasure chest to, making sure the pirates couldn't trace anything back to him. After some research, Aryu discovered that he had eaten one of the devils fruits; the Mera Mera No Mi. In exchange for swimming, he could now control fire!

Aryu then spent the next 5 years of his life training with the fruit, continuing with his musical talent and studying. Also, after his money ran out, he began stealing again too, training his abilities even more. Aryu even made a few friends, they all became very close, and Aryu was happy. He kept up at this until he was eighteen, which was when the Navy called a draft from the island. Unfortunately, all of his friends except him were chosen, except him. This made him even more mad at the government, so he decided to leave his island and become a pirate. Before this however, Aryu had to steal one more thing from his home island; a sword. This sword was special to him, as it symbolized his nickname 'The Flaming Dragon'. It is a nodachi with a red dragon carved in the middle, and he fell in love with it when he first saw it on display in the weapons shop. The only reason Aryu had not stolen it before was that the man who owned the shop was friends with many men from the World Government, which could have gotten a bounty on his head. But now that was killing two birds with one stone. So that night, Aryu packed his things, broke the stores window, stole his pride and ran to the boats, being chased by a few navy officers. He jumped into a boat (which happened to belong to the store owner of the place he had just robbed), burned the rope keeping it at shore, and sailed away in to the unknown. Since then Aryu has been sailing the world, looking for a crew and training, with a hefty bounty of 400,000.

Personality: Aryu, first off, has no idea how to deal with people, and can look like a loner to the average person. He looks shy, pessimistic and introverted, however this is because he has no idea how to make friends, and this is the best he can come up with. In this state you might find yourself feeling a bit sorry for him, not talking and sitting alone at a restaurant. However, his personality changes drastically if you befriend the boy. He becomes his true self to you, happy, optimistic and outgoing. He is very nice to his friends, helping them with anything, which makes him easy to be taken advantage of. He is also quite funny to his friends, and he can sort of sense what kind of humor is most enjoyable to them, and make jokes accordingly. At some points, Aryu can be overbearing to some people, which could be a small annoyance to someone. Aryu also has a problem with anger, he will snap at anyone who harms his friends, physically or emotionally, or sometimes himself. He is also quite selfless, another thing he could be taken advantage of for. Aryu enjoys many thing, especially music, listening or playing it. His favorite instrument to play is his flute, followed by the trumpet and guitar. At this moment, Aryu is working on learning the piano. He also likes reading and writing (music and literature), as he has become quite intelligent from studying the books he stole from his school, which brings me to the fact that Aryu enjoys stealing. Actually he enjoys it a bit too much, getting sort of a rush from it. The one thing Aryu hates is the World Government, for many things that have happened to them, and really wants to steal something of theirs, although he has no idea what yet.

Ship: Tbd

Ship Flag: Tbd

Devil Fruit: Mera Mera No Mi
Type: Logia
Effect: This fruit allows its user to control the primitive yet dangerous force of fire

Special Abilities:
Aryu has developed a great sprinting speed from his time as a street kid, having to run away with stolen food, run from bullies and so forth. He decided early on in life the he would train this part of his body, and, for about the length of about half a football field, Aryu can maintain the pace of about 45 miles per hour while dodging objects, as he did on the crowded city streets of his hometown. He also has extreme skill as a musician. He mainly plays the flute, but can sing, play guitar (classically), trumpet, the string bass and various percussion instruments. This also helps with his breath control.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
Mera Mera No Splash: Aryu shoots a ‘splash’ of fire at his enemy
Mera Mera No Vortex: Aryu makes a tornado of sorts of fire and sends it at his enemy, hopefully capturing him or her in a vortex
Mera Mera No Cone: Aryu shoots a basic cone of fire out at his enemy, either from the hands or his mouth
Mera Mera No Fireman: Aryu coats his body in fire, basically making himself a weapon
Mera Mera No Fireblade: Aryu coats anything he has in his hand in fire, making it more dangerous
Mera Mera Grassland: Aryu coats a 40 foot diameter with fire around him. This is, however, extremely draining to him.
Mera Mera No Dragon Song: A risky attack which takes three rounds to charge, but if successful acts like tracker missile to anyone unfortunate enough to be in its path. Aryu plays a song on his flute, slowly breathing fire and watching his target intently, memorizing his looks to be able to follow him with his eyes anywhere. He then, lets the fire loose in the shape of a dragon at the unsuspecting enemy, and it follows him until it hits a large object or its target.

Weapons/Items: The Flaming Dragon

Character Flaws: Aryu can be extremely overbearing to friends sometimes, as they are the only people he talks to, which can be an annoyance. Sometimes, if he has not been angered in a long time, it takes Aryu very little to snap.

Goals: Learn every instrument ever made, advance his sword techniques

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PostSubject: Re: Aryu "Flaming Dragon" Sira    Sun Dec 09, 2012 1:29 pm

Done. I know it isn't much but its my first character. Also I made his weapon in the weapon creation area.
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Aryu "Flaming Dragon" Sira
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