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 Raine Gray

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Gray Rain


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PostSubject: Raine Gray    Mon Dec 03, 2012 9:41 pm

Name: Raine Gray "Kid"

Age: 18

Bounty: 100 Beli

Species: Human

Occupation: Navigator

Allegiance: Pirate

Home Village/Ocean: North Blue


Raine is a big muscular guy, standing at 6'1 weighing 170lbs. He wears black cargo shorts with black shoes. Shirt wise he only wears an ocean blue vest over his shirtless chest. He also wears a a black bandana around his arm which when he fights he ties around his face/head.

History: Raine was a normal child of his little port town. Though his town was tough, his parents were normal barkeeps and it had been years since the marines actively were involved on the island. Pirates came and went as well, it was a calm life. Though little Raine liked to adventure and came in with a band of pirates. They called themselves the swirl eyed pirates, they were ruthless and cold and in a hurry occupied the little town. Everyone was afraid of the pirates as they supposedly had a legendary devil fruit user. Raine wasn't scared though he went right up to them and... Lets see:

"Hey Swirl Eyed Freaks! Get out of our town!" Raine had shouted out. The pirates laughed at him and he just stood there with a determined look on his face. The captain got into his face and chuckled, "Listen here kid, I like your guts but this is our town now..." Rain simply just spit in his face. This captain got infuriated... "YOU BRAT! GO DIE!" He grabbed Raine by the neck, "SWIRL SWIRL ROCKET!" He threw Raine right out of the his family's bar and was flung into the mountain behind the town. "GO DIE BRAT!" And so Raine was never heard from again... Until next week.

"Wh-What... Happened..." Raine said as he was bandaged up and in a cave. "Just rest kid, you were thrown right into a birds nest, you killed some birds but you're alive." Said some old man who was bandaged up as well. Raine saw him and freaked out, "Aw it's you the old hermit in the mountains! Ah!" He said as he sat up. "I did say relax kid, I hear pirates are in your town." Raine just sighed, "Yah... I failed in getting them out..." The old man chuckled, "Yah they chucked you into a mountain" "SHUT IT OLD MAN!" Raine yelled as he would get up. "I need to get them to leave..." The old man chuckled, "We'll I could help you..." Raine limped towards him, "REALLY OLD MAN! I'LL DO ANYTHING!!" The old hermit got up. "We'll since you won't rest follow me..." And so they went...

They walked for hours on end till they were on top of the mountain. Their was a small tree on top and at the top laid a fruit. "See that Raine?" Raine looked in awe as its spirals were so enticing. "Yah but what is it?" The man chuckled, "The reason I'm a hermit... I used to be a pirate and I looked for treasure in this island and it brought me to this mountaintop. My crew died to get me up here... That was about 15 years ago... That's a devil fruit..." Raine was astonished, "DEVIL FRUIT! That pirate captain in town has one! Or ate one..." The man chuckled, "Oh does he? Do you know which one?" "He called it the swirl swirl fruit!" The old man than bursted out into laughter. "Swirl? That isn't a Devil Fruit! You didn't even spin one your way up here! He's bluffing! That's a real fruit over there!" He pointed at it. "And you'll let me have it!?" The man smiled, "Only if you can get t- HEY! Just don't eat it!" Raine had already made his way up the tree and was about to eat the swirly fruit. "You don't even know what'll happen when you eat it." Raine just smiled, "My guess is get a cool power!" "YOU IDIOT! YOU'LL BE WEAK TO WATER AND WILL BECOME A HAMMER IN THE SEA! Eat it at your own risk..." He yelled out and Raine stuck out his tongue, "Never liked swimming anyway, plus it'll be worth the town being free!" He was about to eat it, "Hey old man... Why didn't you eat it?" The man chuckled and looked out toward the clouds. "I didn't think I was worthy enough, no one would buy it from me... My crew... They were just glad to see it. Also the fruit acted weird toward me, it would shock me when I tried touching." Raine nodded and would tan take a bite out of the fruit and than swallowed. "BLEH IT TASTE LIKE PUKE!" The Old man chuckled, "That's the magic of devil Fruit!" "Now what?" Raine asked as he lost balance and fell off the tree to the floor and exploded into lightning. The old man smiled, "We train, you're fighting a fraud with this. Gotta make you strong!" And so they trained.

A week had passed and The Grays thought the worst of their son. They had no time to grieve as the pirates were infesting their pub. "HEY SWIRL SWIRL FREAK!" It was Raine! His parents were in shock at seeing their son. "I'm here to kick you out!" The pirate captain saw the kid and got pissed, "HOW ARE YOU STILL ALIVE I SWIRLED YOU AWAY!?" "Get your fake fruit out of here!" "What did you say!?" "You heard me! Now come fight me outside!?" With that Raine ran out near the port.The captain followed and told his crew to not interfere. He caught up to the kid and they had a stare down. "SWIRL SWIRL-" The man said running
toward him. "ZAP ZAP CANNON!" Raine braced himself as he opened his hand and shot a large discharge of electricity and blew the man away and he fell into the water back down. He was floating to the top. "Hmph... Fake fruit..." Raine looked at the mans crew. "Get your captain and leave or I'll show you how a real pirate rolls!" They all were scared and backed up their ship and left. The town celebrated for a week straight for the little here, as well as invited the hermit to live in town.

Seven years later and Raine's own high sea adventure would start.

Personality: Having an big ego and a strong sense of pride, he thinks of himself as the best and is not concerned about his height. Even at a young age of four years old he had already started heading towards being a pervert, firstly by peeping and then being more bold he would start lifting blouses. Raine also is a compassionate person for people that he becomes friends with and would also protect them with his life. He does not have a hard time making friends its just his pride gets the better of him and that tends to drive them away from him. When Raine gets angry, he becomes a merciless blood thirsty monster and tends to not give out and keep going on pure anger but its rare for him to get angry as he always has a calm and composed body language. Another thing he is very proud of him self is that fact that he can analyze things and make decision on a split second, he has great analytic skills and calculations for were something might land or how it will react to objects.

Ship: N/A

Ship Flag: N/A

Devil Fruit: Goro Goro no mi
Type: Logia
Effect: Allows the user to create, control, and transform into lightning at will.

Special Abilities:
Navigation - Very good at reading maps and navigating the seas.
Map Making - Being a navigator, Raine has made his own maps of the area and has attuned it to a key.
Marksman - Due to his fighting style he has learned how to be very accurate on the way he shoots.
Gun-Fu - Raine fights with pistols, dual-wielding them in a fusion combat form termed "Gun-Fu". Each of Raine's combos are finished with a shot from one or both of his guns. THis allows him to maintain an almost acrobatic fighting style while accuratley hitting his targets.
Internal Compass - Maybe it's his fruit, maybe it's him, but Raine is very accurate at discerning direction, he normally does this by both electromagnetic forces he can sense and mainly wind direction that he's studied from.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
Zap Zap Pistol - Raine makes a gun sign with his hand and fires at a single bolt of lightning.
Zap Zap Cannon - Raine creates a ball of lightning in the palms of his hands and fires it from his hand for it to explode later on.
Zap Zap Machine Gun - Raine makes a gun sign with his hands and rapidly fires balls of lightning toward an enemy.
Zap Zap Channel - Raine channels electricity into guns and instead of firing regular lead bullets he fires electric bullets which is small ball lightning which explodes, thus making any gun he uses into a poetiential small cannon.
Zap Zap Strike - This is for the just in case situation in which Raine can coat his limbs in electricity and fight with them.
Zap Zap Spike - Raine creates a ball in his hands and would twist it and as he would fight and get close he would twist his hand and would fire forward an electrical spike.

Weapons/Items: 2 Pistols and a Rifle

Character Flaws: Has a very sharp tongue and has a tendency to quip.

Goals: To see the world and it's treasures.
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PostSubject: Re: Raine Gray    Tue Dec 04, 2012 1:55 am

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Raine Gray
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