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 Ako Riffert

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PostSubject: Ako Riffert   Mon Dec 03, 2012 4:41 pm

Name: Ako Riffert

Age: 30

Bounty: 1 million belli

Species: Human

Occupation: Doctor

Allegiance: Pirate

Home Village/Ocean: West Blue

Appearance: He stands at about 5 foot tall with relatively thin fingers which don't seem to quite fit in with his arms. He has black hair that goes to about the height of his ears and his eyes are brown. He is quite thin in body shape and usually wears pretty plain clothing in dark colours, such as a black shirt. There is nothing particurlaly striking about his appearance, he has a relatively normal face, although there is a scar on his left cheek which looks like where he has been cut. There are burn marks all over his hands, probably from experiments with wire and its heat conductivity, and there is a small bullet wound just above his ankle.

History: He was born into quite a high-up family, and lived his life rather normally. He learnt to be a doctor on the island he grew up on, and it was when he was about 27 that pirates came to the town he was in on his home island. They clearly meant no harm and there was not even a bounty on their heads, but the townspeople openly shunned them and eventually the marines were called. The pirates had an injured crewmember amongst them and it was obvious the reason they had came to the island; to get help for their crewmate. Before the marines arrived, Ako sheltered them in his home and prescribed the medicine that was required. They had nothing to pay with except a treasure they had recently found, and this was the Waiya Waiya no Mi. Obviously, Ako could not possibly accept it, since the value of a devil fruit was so high, but the pirates could not bear to let him go unpaid and would not have accepted the fruit back in any circumstance. However, with the population haviing such a strong distaste to pirates, it was only natural that one of them faked that they had been robbed and attacked. When the pirates exited with their still weak comrade, Ako witnessed them fighting off an entire squad of marines at the risk of their lives just to save one of their friends, when in fact they could have just left him and ran, as you would expect from pirates. This changed him. He wanted to find something he would protect with his life. He knew there was something, someone, somewhere out there for him and he would do anything to find it. However, the marines took note of how he had helped the pirates to escape and charged him of "aiding criminals' escape", and put a quite low 1 million bounty on his head, forcing him to run away to the sea where they wouldn't find him.

Personality: He is very protective of his friends and anything he has put time into, for instance his patients. He is not afraid to put himself on the line for other people, and is incredibly serious in moments where anyone might die. However, when he is relaxing he is quite happy and content just knowing that noone in his sight is dying. He does not like taking things from people and respects the values of others. He values life higher than money, and would not, therefore, take money and kill people in the process. He thinks through the repurcussions of any actions they might make and treats life a bit like he would a chess game.

Ship: ----

Ship Flag: ----

Devil Fruit: Limited to only three devil fruit users per person
type: Waiya Waiya no Mi
effect: The user can create coils of wire as hard as steel between any 2 places by launching them out of either hand and attaching them to the target. These are malleable and flexible. The user can detach the coils from their respective ends upon touching them with either hand, and can also manipulate the length in this manner, but this control can only be achieved from either of the ends. The two ends can be attached to each other in which case there would be an area which was sticking out from the circular coil so it would not be impossible to find said point. If they made a wire between 2 places, they could throw an end of a new wire at it and keep the other end attached to their hand in order to grapple onto it, before shortening the wire to climb up or swinging at something. The coils can or cannot conduct electricity depending on how the user decided to make them, in other words they can be insulative or conductive and the same property applies to heat. This means that by use of 2 coils the user could make an electromagnet, but it would require electricity. The wire thickness is dependent on how many points are creating wire at one time, so the thickest wire would be created 1 bit at a time whereas if 2 lengths were being made it would be half as thick. The only property of the wire that can be changed after it has started being produced is the length; the thickness and whether or not it is insulative/conductive must stay the same.

Special Abilities:

Zap Blade based fighting style

Learned Techniques:

1. Waiya Waiya swing: Ako creates a wire from one area to another and launches another wire from his finger that hooks onto the other wire, then swings across, either to slice things up with the Zap Blade or just to get from place to place.

2. Fish Zapper: Ako makes a wire to go from the end of the Zap Blade to some nearby water or other conductive material such as metal, and activates the electrical function on the Zap Blade.

3. Wire Wrap: Pretty simple stuff. The target gets wrapped in a coil of wire produced by one of Ako's hands. He might then use a shock from a zap blade in order to deal serious damage.

4. Electrical Imbalance: Ako splits the Zap Blade into its 2 pieces, then stabs each blade into either side of the target. he then presses both buttons at the same time, making 2 high voltage electrical shocks go through one person at the same time, immediately after being stabbed.

5. Nerve Shock: Ako attemps to stab a wire through the skin on someones back in order to reach the spinal cord before releasing one of the electrical blasts from the Zap Blade and paralysing the target along the nerve line.

Weapons/Items: Zap Blade, Medical kit

Goals: Find the person, the object, or the place that he would give his life to protect.

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PostSubject: Re: Ako Riffert   Mon Dec 03, 2012 5:04 pm

the appearance and personality sections are too short (they should both be a minimum of four lines) and the history doesn't make a lick of sense- why would pirates (you know, sea-dwelling bandits) be the good guys and the lawmen be horrible criminals?
all-in-all, please put more effort in.
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PostSubject: Re: Ako Riffert   Mon Dec 03, 2012 6:26 pm

Jimmy-Rustler wrote:
why would pirates (you know, sea-dwelling bandits) be the good guys and the lawmen be horrible criminals?

Did you even watch one piece? Episode 2.

As for the description and personality I will fix that asap.
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PostSubject: Re: Ako Riffert   Mon Dec 03, 2012 7:13 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Ako Riffert   

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Ako Riffert
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