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 Kuro Shikyo

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PostSubject: Kuro Shikyo   Sun Dec 02, 2012 10:19 am

Name: Kuro "Psychosis" Shikyo

Age: 20

Bounty: 5,236,739

Species: Human

Occupation: First Mate/Inventor/Swordsman

Allegiance: Okami no Ryoku

Home Village/Ocean: South Blue

Kuro, as a swordsman, has a strong and sturdy frame, broad shoulders, thick, but not overly so, muscles. Kuro's body is not that of a powerhouse, but that of a speedster. Unlike the other swordsmen of the world, Kuro believes speed surpasses strength. He prefers light, dark colored clothing, forgoing any sort of uniform for his classic red shirt and black hakama, which are unbound at the bottom. In most non battle situations, Kuro often wears a weighted jacket, allowing him both protective covering in case of surprise attacks, and controlled movements, as it is hard for him to not use his full speed. One of the oddities of Kuro's appearance is the color of his eyes, red. Kuro is slightly tan, but paler than most who live out at sea. Kuro usually wears sunglasses, used for the same reason some . He is usually barefoot, but may wear black boots from time to time. Kuro has black, curled hair. Kuro is rather tall, at 6'5". He has some facial hair, but only a light mustache, and a triangular patch of hair beneath his lip, both black.

History: Kuro was born in a rather large city, to two fairly wealthy people, not rich like nobles, but enough to afford life's luxuries. The city was quite educated and loved to spread it. Fortunately, the knowledge they sought was not something banned, although in some small groups, such studies were taught. The city had set up schools, allowing each child to go. Kuro, being the knowledge seeker he is, went. At first he excelled, easily mastering the simple skills that were taught. After a few years of learning, however, he became bored, as half of the time was reviewing, the other half was working. The teachers there did not take a personal interest in their jobs, viewing them as just jobs. Kuro had studied hard up to this point, and became restless when reviewing. He turned to reading, which became a great hobby, and annoyed all his teachers greatly. From then on, Kuro was rebellious and stubborn, never writing notes, and never showing work.

Eventually, Kuro withdrew socially, and began having emotional problems. These problems led to insecurities about himself and his family. These insecurities were picked up on by the other children at the school, who began bullying him. This led to many fights, most of which Kuro lost. Each time after a fight, he was forced to see the school counselor, a man who had no rights to counsel anyone. The man kept saying that Kuro was overreacting, or that Kuro made it seem like the whole word was out to get him. Kuro, from then on, began looking at adults with the same disdain as he did the children. That was when Kuro began to realize that he had potential. Kuro became an avid reader, delving more into books and work than ever, until one day his father suggested that he tried writing his own stories as a joke. Kuro took it literally. While most of his first stories were pathetic, his later books actually became published, though none of his books left the island.

Eventually even writing became boring to Kuro. Left with little else to do, he began with two hobbies. Sword fighting, fake swords of course, and thinking. He began thinking about the flaws that the classes he took had, the loopholes and the incredibly simple strategies that could've prevented entire wars. He began looking at how people ignored common sense and all sorts of logic to find a more complicated way of doing things. He saw many flaws with what the teachers taught, and began correcting them, while some were insulted by this, others were amazed. Eventually, he began skipping grades, graduating years before others his age. At the time, he had mediocre sword skills, but brilliant deductive reasoning. As a hobby/job he opened a bodyguard/detective agency.

Kuro was becoming a better swordsman, although he did not really have a style, preferring to adapt to the situation. He become somewhat well known, and added bounty hunter to his list of jobs and hobbies. Most of the bounties he captured were nothing big, just some bandits with low level bounties, up to five thousand. These were pathetically weak for Kuro, although he was hesitant to go after larger bounties. Eventually he started to, making sure to do even more training. Around this time was when he realized that speed would be able to help more for swordsmen than strength. Kuro often visited his family in those days, having fun with his little brother, who was five at the time. That was when his mother and father, with heavy hearts, told him the truth of his birth. Apparently, his father was not his biological father, and his biological father was a drunk rapist, who had the city officials in his pocket.

Not surprisingly, Kuro did not take this well. Kuro had gotten very drunk one night and ended up stealing some sailor's devil fruit, which he then ate. Upon realizing what he had done, Kuro left the city to practice his powers as not to harm anyone. For a year, Kuro never came to the city, constantly in the wilderness of the forest. What no one in the city knew, was that he was training constantly. After that year was up, everyone in the town was buzzing with the news that Kuro's biological father was brutally slaughtered in the street at night. He often drunk so late, no one was awake, so no one heard his screams. Another piece of news was that many gas supplies has been stolen. Liquid gas, mostly used for lanterns, which were popular in the city. Kuro had stolen the gas supplies, and one night he surrounded the entire city with it. Since the city was mostly made out of wood, albeit sturdy and near metallic wood, which was grown on the island, the city was nearly ashes the next day. Those few who managed to escape know Kuro did it, but they do not know why. Kuro, if telling the truth, would say it was to erase his past and start again. The very next day, Kuro left to see with a large bounty on his head. He eventually found Kenjiro Nakamura and began working as his First Mate, wanting to get enough money to make his theoretical inventions.

Personality: Kuro is what some would call unstable, though others still would call him the most controlled person they had ever met. Kuro is a collision of all sorts of emotions, regarded as a living contradiction. He is often brash and does random, dangerous things for entertainment, but he can be level headed and patient in the same situation. Kuro can be angered in an instant, yet lose the anger in that same instant. Kuro's personality does not have a set reaction to the stimuli provided by the environment, rather it changes based on what Kuro wants to feel. The only emotion Kuro has any problem controlling is his anger. While he can generate anger out of nothing if he wants to, it is significantly harder to do away with. The few things that remain a constant truly define who Kuro is. Kuro is always looking for ways to further himself. He always helps his allies, unless said help does something equally unpleasant. Kuro is greedy, but not for money, instead he is power-hungry, not in the rank way, but in the literal way. Kuro's morals are very flexible, and he cares little for anyone who isnt an ally or friend. On the other hand, Kuro is forgiving and kind to those he trusts. Kuro is an incredibly gifted person, being able to learn various sciences and put them to practical use. Kuro will never refer to anyone as anything other than their name, this includes ranks. He even refuses to be called First Mate, ordering everyone to call him Kuro.

Ship: The Armada - Kenjiro Nakamura's ship

Ship Flag: (cant post external links, its in there)

Devil Fruit: Goro Goro no Mi
Type: Logia
Effect: The power of the Goro goro is to generate and control lightning. The user becomes immune to the damaging effects of electricity, including the burn it produces.

Special Abilities: Instant reaction - While not literally instant, Kuro has incredible fast reflexes, and as such, is able to adapt in the middle of a fight.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
All custom abilities:

Weapons/Items: Shotgun, 2 Cutlasses

Character Flaws: While Kuro has a very adaptive personality, his strange world view could be used to turn him against his allies in seconds. His anger is overflowing, and he is socially inept. He easily forgives his allies, even for somewhat severe problems. Obviously, as a devil fruit user, he is weakened by sea water and seastone. Kuro has a strange, but not too serious fear of spiders, he would not freeze up in a battle, but he would try to avoid the spiders at all cost.

Goals: Kuro wishes to attain fame and power, fame as someone able to fully comprehend the sciences of the world and the mystics of devil fruit, and power as someone who is able to beat anyone who challenges him.
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PostSubject: Re: Kuro Shikyo   Sun Dec 02, 2012 5:25 pm

Please be careful with your Seku ability and your instant reflexes... I don't want to hear it has lead to auto-dodging. Remember that you can't use your Seku ability to predict attacks... it's not haki, which is prohibited.



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Kuro Shikyo
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