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 Helen D Cougar (needs to be approved)

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PostSubject: Helen D Cougar (needs to be approved)   Mon Nov 26, 2012 9:08 pm

Name: Helen "The Bralwler"

Age: 16

Bounty: 0

Species: Human

Occupation: Cabin Boy

Allegiance: Pirate

Home Village/Ocean: Konomi Islands/East Blue

Appearance: Helen is medium size woman with slightly big forearms. She has short curly red hair surrounded by a blue bandanna around her head. Her red hair kept in curls around her head. She wears a blue vest with three golden buttons around her chest with a white shirt. A black slash around her waist. Her pants are brown. She was pale white complextion. Her eyes are pink. Both her hand are covered with tape(for her boxing). Helen wears brown leather shoes. On her right arm stands the jolly roger of her crew. On her right ear lies a golden ring. She wears a pendent around her neck hidden underneath her shirt. Its jewelry from her hometown.

History: Helen was born Gosa Village. Her parents Paris and Pandora owned a fish market. Pandora looked after the shop, while her husband went fishing with his crew. As a young child Helen as like many others wanted to be a pirate. It was not uncommon to see children play pirates before and less than uncommon for some to even set their own jolly rogers and sail for adventure. Men and even young boys went off to become pirates. Helen was a different case since she was a girl. Women in general were looked upon as bad luck upon ships, and generally weren't expected to become pirates. Pirates were unsavory characters especially toward women. Little girls were expected to play with dolls, play tea parties, and pretend to be house wives. Helen loved playing outside, but was shunned from playing the boys since she was a girl. No matter what games they played Helen was never allowed to with the boys. Helen couldn't exactly play with the girls either since she was more tomboyish than them. The young dreamer grew up lonely without any friends. At the age of 10, Helen spent her days exploring the island in the wilderness. She spent two hours everyday in these woods training herself to become a pirate. After three years, Helen has become strong and fit even surpassing the men of the island physically. At the age of 13, Helen made herself a raft and sailed away from the island to search for a pirate crew to join. She didn't however made any preperations like bring food, water, any money, or a compass. Helen found herself lost at sea without any direction. Her raft was eventually picked up by a passing merchant ship. Helen demanded that she was a pirate and was planning on robbing them. The men laughed when they heard that a young woman lost at sea was a pirate. Helen beat the crap out of the men 10 of them at all. This would have been impressive if the fact was that none of the men wasn't armed or haven't had any fighting skills. She managed to rob the entire ship making off with 500,000 beli, and also steal the ship itself. This single feat was enough to have the young pirate become known as "The brawler". Though this wasn't enough for her to gain a bounty it did give a great first step toward being a great pirate.

Personality: Helen is a fun loving tomboyish young woman who loves to fight. She takes on a care free lifestyle never thining ahead or worrying about the future. She lives for the present dancing and singing whenever a party is around which can be awkward at times since she can appear randomly during a feast and leave when it is over. Helen can competitive refusing to give up a challendge or running away from a fight. She loves adventure excited to see new islands and travel to different places. Being a rookie pirate Helen displays comedic habits as falling all over the ship(since she hasn't developed her sea leg) and getting sea sick.

Ship: None

Ship Flag: None

Devil Fruit: None
type: (only if you have a devil fruit)
effect: (only if you have a devil fruit)

Special Abilities:
Physical Prowness- Helen possess great physical endurance for a person her age. She can take a beaten from a full grown man and have minor injuries. She also spent three years in the wilderness preparing her body for the dangers of the world giving her strength, agility, and some speed above the average person. However helen display of skill is still quite amature and below the standard of the grand line.

Brawler: Helen is a free style fighter mixing boxing with wrestling.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
Iron Fist: Helen throws a punch toward the opponent hitting them with her right fist. This punch is famed to feel like steel as it hit the oppnent's body.

Super Steel Fist: Helen charges her fist by swinging in a circular motion in a circular motion like a windmill. The punch of this attack is so powerful that it leaves an imprint on the opponent's body.

Spear: Helen runs toward the opponent using her elbow to hit them in the stomach to push them back unto the ground

Weapons/Items: None

1) to become a pirate

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PostSubject: Re: Helen D Cougar (needs to be approved)   Thu Dec 13, 2012 11:40 am

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Helen D Cougar (needs to be approved)
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