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 Nathanial Colt ('Caliber')

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PostSubject: Nathanial Colt ('Caliber')   Tue Nov 20, 2012 11:02 am

Name: Nathanial Colt AKA Nathan 'Caliber' Colt

Age: Twenty-Four

Bounty: 10,000

Species: Human

Occupation: Sniper/Fletcher

Allegiance: Ex-Navy, Currently Seeking 'Vigilante' Crew (

Home Village/Ocean: West Blue

Appearance: Nathan is an average height male (about 5'10") with a slim build. His short black hair seems slick and gelled in a way but upon inspection its really just a buildup of grease. Cold green eyes and slight bushy brows make up the rest of his face with little scarring and minimal aging. Caucasian heritage with small amounts of freckles has led him to burn often in the scorching sun of the crow's nest, a fair complaint when he makes it.

Clothing wise Nathan is most definitely a slacker; Long brown dusters make up a good fifty percent of his wardrobe with matching boots and hat, he's truly trying to be a cowboy of the seas. His undergarments are all of marine uniform brand, excellent for seafaring. (The marine logo has been crossed out in black marks)

Perhaps the most peculiar thing about Caliber is the wooden coffin shaped storage compartment he carries with him, an unfortunate part of being a Fletcher who wields a giant crossbow, just doesn't seem to be an easy way to carry everything around. He can always be heard coming thanks to his spurs.

History: Born to a pair of accomplished military parents in West Blue; Nathan was raised all around the operations of the Marine life. As a matter of fact as he got older he didn't even leave home, rather just became a part of the organization by making arrows at first until he learned to be a full-on Fletcher and start making some coin. His friends all lived similar lives, and his parents moved on to other parts of the world, everything seemed rather rosey for Nathan until the fateful day that would change his life forever.

Wanting to see himself get noticed more Nathan designed a series of weapons to be used by Marines for Ship-Ship battles, including a powerful crossbow he called 'Dynasty' unfortunately the weapon was far too powerful to be wielded and blew his beta testers arm clean off with recoil. Disbarred and put into prison immediately Nathan was forced to rethink his life, coming to the conclusion eventually that he had lived a very sheltered life, one that probably would have saved some of his fellow inmates from their fates. Coming to this conclusion he trained himself in prison. Stealing a few of the military's toys on his release he left for adventure on the sea, hoping to find meaning in the world.

Personality: Nathan tries his best to be the voice of clarity and reason when around children, his ultimate soft spot. Though he hopes to be a father one day he must first suffer through an endless amount of awful luck with women. Whether his boots are ripe with an unnoticed pile of dung or he's forced to chase his hat off in a wind storm, meeting that lucky lady seems destined for another place in time. Often he will revert to comedy to save an awkward situation. In a fight Nathan is still somewhat aloof, he isn't very intimidating.

Aside from all of that Nathan likes to fish, though he prefers spearing things close to the surface of the ocean he's no fool when it comes to swimming with the big fish whether literal or just the figure of speech when around men and women of importance. Keeping his head down and his nose clean have always been the way of his world.

Ship: None

Ship Flag: None

Devil Fruit: None

Special Abilities: Long-Ranged Weapons Specialist, Preferred Crossbows.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):

1. Buster Punch: Using the Hercules Sleeve the user winds up a powerful punch and delivers to non-vital area of the target, using the triggers in the glove to brace the impact of the punch before releasing all of the build-up in one powerful motion, basically a build-up of Kinetic energy to push the target rather than cause blunt impacts.

2. Critical Buster: Using the Hercules Sleeve the user delivers a punch to a vital area of the opponent, putting the gloves triggers in reverse to cause the glove to expand as impact occurs. Though this technique causes heavy damage, it also removes the recoil reduction the armor offers for the duration of the attack, causing the user to take recoil as damage.


Goals: To Inspire Youth Against Becoming Savage Pirates

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Nathanial Colt ('Caliber')
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