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 Saint Bernard (deleted)

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PostSubject: Saint Bernard (deleted)   Sun Nov 18, 2012 8:13 pm

Name: Saint Bernard

Age: 39

Bounty: NA

Species: Human

Occupation: World Noble

Allegiance: World Government(Hooded Knights)

Home Village/Ocean: Mariejois/Red Line

Appearance: Saint Bernard is an average size human. He has purple hair wearing it up in the typical noble fashion. Like all nobles he was a glass case around his head to avoid breathing the same air as commoners. Bernard wears a monoglass on his right eye. He also sports a long pencil mustache with a long scruffy beard. His attire is a white long noble garments resembling a space suit. There is a purple cape hanging behind his back. There is a holster on his right hip containing a golden gun. There is a cannon strapped on his back.

History: Saint Bernard was born into a world noble family in Mariejois. As a young child Bernard was spoiled by his rich parents given anything he ever wanted from toys to slaves. Even as a world noble Bernard displayed sadistic acts even worse than his breathern. His hobbies include poisoning his subjects to see who would die first, ordering his chefs to cook human flesh into the meals of his guests, throwing his slaves into shark invested waters. This behavoir only got worse as he grew up into a teenager. He spent much of his family fortune on a whim to show off to the other nobles from extravgant festivals, races, naval battles, to selling slaves. Anyone who tried to out due him were delt with swift justice involving assassins. At the age of 30, Bernard's father had finally died making him the head of the family. It was then he purchased a very large fishman which would later be known as Bruce of the purple hearts. Then it escaped making Bernard very angry. Once he had learned that Bruce was in Sabaondy with the purple hearts Bernard rushed over there to retrieve his property. Namor punched him as a result. Bernard fled from the scene with admiral Nishiki taking care of Namor. Bernard was furious when he learned that Nishiki had failed but to add insult in injury they made Namor a warlord making Bruce untouchable. Saint Bernard turned his interest to revenge against the world government and fishman kind. He began to do research in the libaray searching for a way to get revenge against the world. Thats when he discovered the void century and the making of the ancient weapons. Bernard spent four more years getting involved in the marines. He now has plan to get revenge on the marines and fishman island...

Personality: Bernard is a sadistic mastermind who believes just because he can do something means he should. His status as a world noble has given him the ability to commit horrid acts even worse than the average noble. Bernard thinks himself above not only his noble brothers but any person period. He puts on a show that he is a kind person to the public and to people who are more powerful than him. In closed doors, Bernard reveals his true colors as the monster he is. He is prone to violence when things don't go his way often using guns or the marines to do his dirty work. Bernard has no sense of justice mocking the concept of humanity and compassion. He believe as a world noble he is above the law. His wit and cunning has allowed him to manipulate the workings of the world government. Unlike most world nobles who don't care much about polictis and just go as they please, Bernard is interested in currents and is much involved with the government. Bernard is a coward by nature though. He uses the power of others to aid his goals refusing to directly get involve in fighting...well unless he has a clear advantage. Bernard is not above running away or begging for his life. The noble also is known for holding a grudge.

Ship: The Hooded Justice

Ship Flag: World Government

Devil Fruit: None
type: (only if you have a devil fruit)
effect: (only if you have a devil fruit)

Special Abilities:
Marksmanship: Bernard is a decent marksman able to shoot a person 30 yards

Nobility: Bernard being a world noble has the ability to do whatever he wanted and to summon an admiral to those who harmed him

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25): None at the moment

Weapons/Items: hand cannon, pistol

1) To gain control of one of the ancient weapons
2) To get revenge against Namor and Bruce
3) To get revenge against the marines

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PostSubject: Re: Saint Bernard (deleted)   Tue Nov 20, 2012 11:21 am

finally got it done
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PostSubject: Re: Saint Bernard (deleted)   Mon Dec 10, 2012 2:07 am

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PostSubject: Re: Saint Bernard (deleted)   

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Saint Bernard (deleted)
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