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 Aureola Knives "The Jonquil Huntress"

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PostSubject: Aureola Knives "The Jonquil Huntress"   Mon Nov 12, 2012 11:53 pm

Name: Aureola Knives "The Jonquil Huntress"

Age: 31

Bounty: 55,000,000 (I don't know if this is too much, I figured since I'm working for a Yonko and all this isn't very high)

Species: Human

Occupation: Assistant/Bodyguard/Informant/Secretary

Allegiance: Pirate(Dusk Pirates).

Home Village/Ocean: Island in the New World


History: Knives was born in an unnamed country in the New World. Throughout her entire childhood she was rebellious and used people to get ahead. She had even manipulated her parents to the point where they didn't even realize it and spoiled her with anything that she wanted. Her family was indeed rich and powerful. Power, and selfishness was a lust of hers unlike any other. When she turned 17 she embarked on her own journey with band of bandits, robbing and pillaging many different villages for the thrill itself. At 18 she took her first life, at first she was unsure how she felt about it, her mind had begun to alter. Nothing made sense for her for a long. She couldn't believe how easily that life could taken away and eventually killed again when someone stood in the way of her next goal. Realizing that by making the ones who got in her way disappear by killing them off, she could have what she wanted, she began to like it.

Knives earned a reputation for getting into trouble and often lost crew members. Though, despite all of her cold actions, her crew mates were especially precious to her. When returned to the New World, she once again lost her crew. With no where to go but further into the New World, she began to search for a new crew. Eventually, she met Maximillion and joined his crew, but little did she know what he really was. Many years passed and she had become a powerful enemy most who stood in her way, not just with physical or willful strength, but with emotional and deceitfulness as well, which proved to be her most dangerous qualities. Not including her devil fruit which allowed her to absorb and exert energy. Now, serving under one of the four Yonko, she has found her place in this world.

Personality: A tad flirty and uses her charms to get what she wants out of men but is very concentrated on work so if it furthers Maximillion's goals then she plays the part. She is a very faithful person as well though she is considered a very harsh person for usually never listening to reasoning or mercy pleas. Knives herself doesn't fight often unless her captain commands her to do so. She is very obedient to her captain, almost to the level of a pet, a very dangerous pet. Anything he requires of her is done without question. study She also serves as Maximillion's secretary.

Despite her murderous past, she is a Hemophobic (Fear of Blood).

Ship: N/A Atm

Ship Flag: The flag is a normal jolly roger with one pad at top of each bone, resembling the Devil Fruit ability of the captain. However, only Maximillion knows what it resembles.

Devil Fruit: Ana-Ana No Mi (Hole-Hole Fruit)
type: Paramecia

Special Abilities: Knives is a fast learner and is excellent as making herself "disappear". She also has a photographic memory and forgets a face. She has also learned to fight blind as a result of her Hemophobia which is a good thing seeing as it allows her and her devil fruit to cooperate easier seeing as she is blind to all things once she enters a hole herself.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
-Madara: Opens a hole right in front of herself in air to protect from bullets, cannonballs, ect.
-Return: Items that go into one hole exit from another at a certain target.

Weapons/Items: A plain ol whip.

Goals: To serve Captain Maximillion Maimou.

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PostSubject: Re: Aureola Knives "The Jonquil Huntress"   Mon Nov 12, 2012 11:55 pm

Please add a little bit more to her personality and make the history at least two paragraphs long. And please explain what Jubilee and Hanabi are, most people don't know. (including myself lol )

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PostSubject: Re: Aureola Knives "The Jonquil Huntress"   Tue Nov 13, 2012 8:49 pm

now that haki is fixed I approve, unique character


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PostSubject: Re: Aureola Knives "The Jonquil Huntress"   Tue Nov 20, 2012 5:04 pm

-Devil Fruit
-Special Abilities
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PostSubject: Re: Aureola Knives "The Jonquil Huntress"   

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Aureola Knives "The Jonquil Huntress"
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