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 Nurse Celeste "Nurse Novaocaine" Novocaine

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PostSubject: Nurse Celeste "Nurse Novaocaine" Novocaine   Mon Nov 12, 2012 5:43 pm

Name: Nurse Celeste "Nurse Novocaine" Novocaine

Age: 19

Bounty: --

Species: Human

Occupation: Doctor

Allegiance: Herself

Home Village/Ocean: South Blue


History: Celeste's mother was suffering from a disease and as he grew up she didn't like seeing how weak her mother was and wanted to help her but because of her young age and lack of medicine she couldn't help her. She showed allot of lethargy in life and Celeste wanted her to be more lively but didn't know why she wasn't it made her upset and he wanted to cry. Her father didn't seem to help much either which really aggravated Celeste. Seeing her mother in such pain she took it upon herself to begin studying medicine to offer her help however she could. Studying book after book he discovered very quickly that what her mother had was a tape worm. She should've gone to the hospital but didn't due to the fact that they lived too far from the hospital and didn't have the money to pay. Seeing her mother's pain Celeste wanted to help and decided to sneak into the hospital to collect a bag full of medicine to help her mother. She noticed how her father had become a drunk drinking day in and day out. It made her unhappy to see such a thing but if she refused to help her mother then she would forget him.

She returned with a bag full of medicine and was more than excited to see how her mother began to get better and better. Her energy began to return like it was when she was younger. She seemed happier and was so proud of her daughter Celeste for what she'd done for her. She couldn't be happier. Her father became much happier seeing his wife better again but Celeste was angry how her father had picked up in happiness and not even thanked her or said anything to her. Celeste's father had fallen into a deep alcoholism when his wife had fallen under the sickness of the tape worm. Proud of Celeste's determination and wanted to send her off to study medicine but due to a lacking in their riches they couldn't afford to. Instead Celeste was sent to live with a nurse who worked in the hospital as it was the closest thing she would get to studying medicine. When her mother had been in better health she had been friends with a nurse from the hospital but her illness hadn't helped her social life and her friends thought of it as her being rude.

When Celeste was taken to the nurse's house she was happy to be there because she was closer to town and could learn much more about medicine. Studying what she could from her for 9 years she learnt allot and knew enough to become a doctor. When she applied for a job at the hospital she was denied due to lack of qualifications. She tried explaining how she couldn't afford to study for qualifications and was an exceptional doctor but they refused.

Angrily she stormed off and returned home. As Celeste returned she discovered his father on his death bed. Her mother started begging her to help him but Celeste didn't want to due to his attitude during his mother's illness. After being begged by mother and caring so much for her happiness she began to search to discover what may or may not be wrong. As she did so he learned his father had contracted an infected kidney and she couldn't do anything about it. Explaining it to her mother she began to cry but Celeste knew there was one thing she could do to help him but was so furious at her father's attitude he simply refused to do it. Hearing her father's heavy breathing in her last days Celeste began feeling worse an worse about not helping. Her mother was constantly in tears and she chose to head off to help her. She couldn't bear seeing her like this. Heading off to get the medicine for father she was attacked by a bunch of local thugs. Beaten into the ground and robbed of her money Celeste gained consciousness much later that day to discover the town all closed and returning home to a home of death.

She could smell death in the air of his home. Looking around she found her father dead from his infected kidney and sprawled over him her mother. Upon closer inspection she was dead too. She had slit her wrists unable to live without him at her side. Celeste's anger took over her at the thought of what she had done. Her mother had killed herself not being able to live without this man after he did nothing to help her when she was dying. Her brain lurched and she wanted to be sick but couldn't instead this was the day she changed from the nice child she used to be into the dark silent woman she soon after became. She no longer wanted to speak to people unless it was necessary since she was upset. Her brain hurt when she thought about the incidents of her parent's death until she repressed the memories. Taking up a desire to help and leaving home she set out to attack humanity angry at its actions. She hated how they had stupidly acted. As she left home in search of people to help she decided that Nurse had a better ring to it than doctor and chose to keep the title of nurse instead of doctor. As she left home admiring the beauty of the world when people weren't ill she realised how she wanted to help people to keep the world functioning as it was. Coming across a small wounded pigeon she quickly began to operate on him using what she did know and placed him in a small box to carry around with her so she could keep an eye on him. She was not vet but she did what she could. After many months of trying to repair the poor pigeon's wing she finally set it free but instead of flying away it kept coming back. She smiled and realised how the pigeon loved her for what she had done. She took the pigeon with her on her journeys as she found him a beautiful little creature. As she wondered off with the little birdie she came across a few heart breaking sights but persevered and patched up a group of pirates she came across who'd been torn apart by marines and even patched up marines who once they were better treated her like a sex object which rather annoyed her.

Celeste is a quiet person who will not speak much if no need. She prefers the silence and hates seeing stupid moves in reality of the human life. She hates seeing how blind people can be and hypocrisy. She gets angry when people do stupid things but she bites her tongue. She likes the winter and barely feels any emotions anymore, after seeing what she saw in her life. When she remembers the memories of her parents she passes out. She hates holding on to memories of such pain and love and prefers to live life at its current time dealing with all of the beauty in the world instead of her past and dwelling on it. She loves meeting new people and loves seeing birth of beauty as it makes her feel a little happier knowing life continues with or without her because it is all it can do. She hates to be objectified and will often stare daggers at people who do so. She is easily frightened however loves making new friends and holds no grudges if she can manage it.


Ship Flag:--

Devil Fruit: Limited to only three devil fruit users per person
type: (only if you have a devil fruit)
effect: (only if you have a devil fruit)

Special Abilities:
Doctoring Skills
From studying from Nurse Celeste learnt how to become an exceptional doctor.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):

None yet

Weapons/Items: syringes, scalpels, bandages

Goals: Help people, save lives, patch people up and learn more about medicine.
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PostSubject: Re: Nurse Celeste "Nurse Novaocaine" Novocaine   Mon Nov 12, 2012 5:57 pm


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Nurse Celeste "Nurse Novaocaine" Novocaine
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