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 Matsuri Salt

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PostSubject: Matsuri Salt   Mon Oct 29, 2012 10:21 pm

Name: Matsuri Salt

Age: 26

Bounty: 0 Beli

Species: Human

Occupation: Cook

Allegiance: Pirate

Home Village/Ocean: Niru (East Blue)

Kaien has fare skin, long blonde hair and red pupils. He stands at 6'. He has a lightly muscled body and a tattoo of a black wolf on his right shoulder. He wears white pants and white boots. He wears a belted robe to cover the bottom half of his body. Underneath his robe he hides his revolver and a set of combat chopsticks as well as a frying pan that is strapped to his right hip. His spit (that spear looking thing) is strapped horizontally along the belt robe.

History: Salt grew up on the island of Niru, a spring island located somewhere in east blue. The country is mainly known for two things; the large variety of eastern cooking and the competition between these restaurants. Salt hails from the Matsuri clan, one whose cooking style mainly focuses on fried and roasted foods. In terms of taste the food was only slightly above average. What brought the clan fame was the flashiness in which the food was prepared. Large alcohol fueled flames exploded from the kitchen and the loud hissing of cooking oil fed the ears of their customers. Salt began serving as a waiter at the restaurant from his youth. He was not allowed into the kitchen until he was mature enough. Salt would dream of going into the kitchen and closely examine all of the exotic preparations and methods that were passed down through his family for generations. It was not until he was 13 when he was allowed to learn to cook.

Understandibly, Salt had a natural aptitude for cooking. He learned the trade quickly though the taste would only develop slowly over time. He found great fascination in the flamboyant nature of the Matsuri style. One day, he witnessed a rowdy drunk enter the restaurant. The drunk was causing trouble for other customers so Salt came out from the kitchen with a pair of sharp chopsticks and slightly punctured the back of the drunk's knees, causing him to buckle and temporarily lose the ability to move his legs. Salt threw him out of the restaurant to the applause of the other patrons. The drunk dropped a fruit and Salt picked it up. Thinking he could deep fry it, he returned to the kitchen and thoroughly cleaned the small spots of blood off of the chopsticks. He was about to cook with these chopsticks when a senior cook not from the family but who was studying the Matsuri cooking style pulled the chopsticks out of Salt's hands, snapped the in half, and through them in the garbage. Salt was then promptly scolded for using cooking utensils as weapons and weapons as cooking utensils. In anger, Salt stormed out of the kitchen with the fruit and ate it raw. From that day on he lost the ability to swim.

Salt was soon brought to learn the Matsuri Clan's Combat Cooking Martial Arts style. He was presented with his personal array of weapons based on cooking tools that were never meant to be used to cook with. Salt again showed aptitude for fighting and learned a great deal but was disappointed that he never got the chance to bring his abilities to use. After working at the restaurant for many years, Salt vowed to leave to explore the sea and to return as the head of the Matsuri clan once he could travel no further and established his own restaurant.

Personality: Salt cares for the well-being of others and does not tolerate utter disrespect. Despite this, he is extremely flamboyant in attitude which is a trait he picked up from working in his family's restaurant for so many years. He tends to be excessively showy in what he does but he means no harm though this notion is not helped by his devil fruit ability. He holds a certain level of pride which causes him to become argumentative when provoked. Salt is most serious when he cooks but again, unconsciously cooks in a flashy manner. He does not allow anyone to make light of cooking and the separation between cooking utensils and weapons.

Devil Fruit: Bomu Bomu no mi
type: Paramecia
effect: The user can make any part of his body (including emissions) explode at will. Also grants the user immunity to explosions.

Special Abilities:
- Natural ability to resist the negative effects of intense heat.
- Matsuri Clan Combat Cooking style Armed and Unarmed Martial Arts
- Proficient in use of handguns

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
Matsuri Clan Combat Cooking Martial Arts style:
Bomu Bomu no mi techniques:

Weapons/Items: A revolver, Matsuri Clan Combat Cooking Set

Goals: Open a restaurant at the end of the world.
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Matsuri Salt
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