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 Sin "Grease Monkey"

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PostSubject: Sin "Grease Monkey"   Sat Oct 27, 2012 8:13 pm

Name: Sin "Grease Monkey"

Age: 32

Bounty: --

Species: Human

Occupation: Mechanic

Allegiance: Pirate

Home Village/Ocean: south blue


History: Sin was brought up around mechanics who were always busy working on new inventions to make money off of and make their fortune and since he was the only child and only had a father his father was a big influence on him and got him into the profession pretty early on. Meeting the other mechanics kids they started to show a slight interest in the mechanic life style and by the time they were all teenagers growing up around mechanics had really taken its toll on them all. Sin and his mates were smoking drinking and chasing girls using just as foul language as his parents had done on the job. It was no surprise seeing how all of their fathers were. As he got older Sin learnt he would have to learn a trade to get into so he could make a living for himself and since his dad was only getting worse at the trade he took up the trade his father was best at which happened to be welding. His dad taught him a few things and techniques. He taught him how to gas weld all about the colour of the flames and the gases used. He picked it up pretty quickly and within no time he was ready to take over.

His father suffered from arc eye the last time he attempted welding and at the age of 60 Sin felt bad for his dad. He told him to lay off the work and he would pick up the slack. As he worked away on the inventions that they attempted to create and even worked away on marine commissioned prison cages and other items. Sin managed to pick up the slack till a pretty young marine wondered in to ask about the last order. Losing track of what he was doing Sin turned to her lit up a cigar and attempted to get in her pants being the horny kid he is. As he attempted to take her out she agreed to it due to the fact that she figured maybe they could get the stuff cheaper. Sin lied to her about how much progress they had made only hoping to get in her pants and as he made his move to try and get close to her he was met by a foot to the face. Furious at her for her refusal he stormed off back to work again. As he got back to work and started welding again he realised how much fun it was burning things. It was like his anger was getting let off in the form of flames after the rejection. He hadn't really ever cared for marines but after being attacked by one cause of an attempted move on one he was a bit pissed.

Finishing the job the marines had asked of them Sin his share of the money and handed it off to his dad. As he watched the marines take away their items he'd worked so hard on Sin knew he'd never see them again and was sick and tired of being their worker. They never really paid what their labour was worth and never even helped them when they were robbed by bandits. He'd even been attacked by one of them pretty badly and even had the piss taken out of him for the black eye he got. Realising how pointless those Marines were to him and his own skills in the art of welding he chose to take his leave from the work shop and discover the world where women would accept his advances, he could get paid good money and even have fun. Shortly after leaving he ran into Arctic & BIB "Bad Idea Bear" who expressed interest in his skills as a mechanic. They told him they couldn't pay him however they offered him the chance to live life operating outside of the law doing as he pleased without a care in the world and that was music to his ears despite the conflicting views of both Arctic & BIB he realised it was a better life with them than on his own attempting to ply his trade to civilians and get his moneys worth for all of his hard work.

Personality: Arrogant, self centred & unprofessional are the best words to describe Sin. He smokes allot and can rarely be seen without a cigar in his mouth. When he isn't allowed to smoke or is out of cigars he has major withdrawal syndrome and will shake allot and play with his lighter uncontrollably. He enjoys his work way more than he shoulder and loves to cause trouble. He loves the ladies but they strongly dislike him. He is determined to always win the women over however he can but his grease hair and attitude often push them away. When he has his cigar he is calm cool and collected, he is a scruffy mechanic with a desire to hump and smoke his way through life. He hates paying for things, he'd rather attempt to schmooze his way through life. He is lazy and doesn't give two shits about insults either. If someone insults him, his friends or his inventions he won't move an inch however if someone misplaces his cigars he will lose it and go on the war path. He has a problem with fire and knows it and anyone unfortunate enough to be on the other end of his arson problem usually ends up dead. Burning the candle at both ends Sin always looks tired which is why he is often lazy and will never do much moving no matter what insults. Even when he is inventing or repairing things he will sit on his ass reluctant to move an inch. But he is and incredibly accomplished mechanic and knows exactly what it is he is doing.

Ship: Ocean Imp

Ship Flag:

Devil Fruit: Limited to only three devil fruit users per person
type: (only if you have a devil fruit)
effect: (only if you have a devil fruit)

Special Abilities: mechanic's mind, dismantling skills

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
Blue Burner-Turning on the gas tanks on his back Sin adjusts them so the flame which comes out is at its hottest temperature and blue in color. The flame is small but incredibly hot.
White Flash-Turning on the gas and aiming the nozzle in a certain direction Sin allows gas to fill up a certain area and then turns on the oxygen tank followed by his lighter to ignite a white flame igniting the gas in the area in a large brilliantly blindingly white flash.
Crimson Flame-Adjusting the gages on his tanks he allows a large orange flame to billow forth which is large in size but not as hot as the blue flame.

Weapons/Items: Tank of oxy acetylene & tank of Oxygen, welding lighter, monkey wrench

Goals: Smoke, Schmooze, hump & burn his way through life.
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PostSubject: Re: Sin "Grease Monkey"   Sun Oct 28, 2012 2:59 pm

I don't see any problem with this. Although I would recommend placing your tanks and that stuff in the Weapons section.

Anyways, APPROVED.

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Sin "Grease Monkey"
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