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 BIB "Bad Idea Bear"

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Bad Idea Bear


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PostSubject: BIB "Bad Idea Bear"    Mon Oct 08, 2012 4:31 am

Name: BIB "Bad Idea Bear"

Age: 13

Bounty: --

Species: bear

Occupation: fighter

Allegiance: pirate

Home Village/Ocean: south blue


BIB has black beady eyes light coloured fur and wears a strait jacket the wrong way round with a zip unzipped at the front and the sleeves hanging down over his paws. BIB is the average height for a bear and weighs more than the average bear because of his muscles from the training he took part in. BIB has a few small scars where fur won't grow on his body and a bite mark taken out of his right ear.

History: BIB was born into captivity given birth to by a bear held captive in a government facility he was the first born bear of an animal who'd already been tested upon. The government were working on ways to utilise animal's natural skills to help them in warfare such as the senses of animals abilities to climb, fly and much more. They were feeding IQ plants to the animals and injecting certain strains of the plant into certain sections of the animal's bodies to hopefully give it a desired effect of only increasing upon their brain power and not their physical form. Whilst their experiments took place BIB 's mother was pregnant with him and she showed a slight increase in brain power but not as much as the other animals had done. The scientists who wanted results decided to put her down as she was a waste of time after a month of no results of any further increased brain power she was sent to be put down but she was incredibly violent when they attempted to take her away it was discovered why she was so violent after her death though.

She had given birth to BIB who showed a much higher increase of brain power than his mother and all of the other animals since he had been infected from birth. Being infected from birth gave him the chance to evolve and form along with the concentrated strain of the plant. He was learning and growing up like that of a child. As he grew bigger and bigger he understood he was a bear and quickly understood how he wasn't meant to be able to do what he could. The government scientists didn't know if giving him more brain power would be good or bad for him so they left him as he was worried about increase in intelligence. BIB was told what he was going to be used for and since his body had developed similar to a humans and he had the intelligence of an average human he was more than happy to work for them. He was sent out to join the navy so he could receive some basic training skills with weaponry. After his brief spell where he learnt basic combat skills BIB was sent on his first job to collect a scientist who was said to be hiding blue prints to a weapon.

BIB beat down the scientist and as he was about to cuff him and bring him back in for questioning on the blue prints BIB was spoken to by the scientist who made allot sense. The scientist told him about how the government were using him and how he was just a pawn. BIB learnt that his life was meaningless and he was just a tool to make their lives easier. He understood that he'd been given a life to live and denied it from birth. Now that he was free he agreed with the scientist it was time to live the life he wanted to live. Agreeing to leave the scientist BIB vanished. He was noted down as Killed In Action due to him never returning.

BIB took up some clothing he found which turned out to be a straight jacket which he shuffled his way into. As he wondered around looking for something to accomplish with his skills he didn't quite know what to do and ran into a man named Arctic whilst searching for a life. Arctic spoke to him and learned about his life and BIB about Arctic's life. Both Arctic & BIB agreed on a mutual agreement that authority in the world was wrong. Arctic asked BIB if he would be interested in joining his crew and BIB agreed out of a hatred for the government and what they had done to him.

Personality:BIB is childish and acts like a spoilt teenager allot of the time out because he never grew up or out of that stage whilst going through all of his training, with the intelligence he had he'd never had the chance to rebel or that teenage angst to get through. He is lazy from time to time until it comes to the World Government he is also a rather patient bear. When faced with a person who works for the world government he finds himself losing control of his anger. He refuses to use any of the skills he learnt against them out of anger towards them for ruining his life but keeps the knowledge about them in his mind so he knows how to confront them if he were to ever come up against a person who used them. He enjoys sleeping and lounging around allot, will eat a large amount of food when offered and never refuse and like Arctic doesn't care what people think of him since he is a bear and people give him strange looks for wearing a strait jacket, walking on two legs and talking anyway.

Ship: Ocean Imp

Ship Flag:

Devil Fruit: Limited to only three devil fruit users per person
type: (only if you have a devil fruit)
effect: (only if you have a devil fruit)

Special Abilities: bear strength, bear senses

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
Asylum Slit-BIB will slit an enemies throat with his claws using the long sleeves of the strait jacket to cover up his attack.

Weapons/Items: claws

Goals: Live the life he was denied, serve his captain & eat all the food he can handle

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PostSubject: Re: BIB "Bad Idea Bear"    Mon Oct 08, 2012 7:23 am

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BIB "Bad Idea Bear"
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