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 Arctic Clover

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PostSubject: Arctic Clover   Mon Oct 08, 2012 4:17 am

Name: Arctic Clover

Age: 23

Bounty: --

Species: human

Occupation: captain

Allegiance: pirate

Home Village/Ocean: south blue

Appearance: Arctic has long black wavy hair with silvery blue roots, he has a fringe which hangs down stopping just below his small yellow eyes. He has large black bags under them. He has thin lips and a small nose. Arctic's mouth is wide with a strong grin hidden behind his lips. He has small ears and black side burns which go to the bottom of his jaw line. Arctic is short and thin. He wears a hooded jumper with his jolly roger on front of it, the sleeves are often rolled up and his tattoos on display. He sometimes also wears a The jumper is black with white hood, sleeves & opposing coloured trims. His pants are black with the jolly roger printed on the bottom right leg of his cargo pants on the outside. On his right arm he has black horse shoes tattooed leading down and around his forearm from the elbow. He doesn't wear any shoes as he prefers bare feet because he finds it more comfortable.

History: Arctic's parents were gamblers his mother was worse than his father and spent almost every day at the horse tracks betting away their money whilst father worked at a local factory. His father found it hard to make a living with the lack of money coming in and Arctic on the way. His mother however was so obsessed with the gambling she found it impossible to pull herself away from the track. Arctic was born in the horse track bathroom because of his mother's addiction. Thankfully she had won allot of money on that day. His father took him home whilst mother remained at the horse track. His father did most of the work teaching him and helping him grow up as his mother couldn't leave the track because of her obsession with the thrill of the race and winning or losing money.

When Arctic was 11 years old he joined his mother at the track and enjoyed watching the horses. He didn't much care about the gambling but just wanted to see the horses run. A life at the track wasn't a great life though. From that day he was placed with his mother he quickly started to show a liking towards the sport itself and even more began to show a liking towards the lifestyle. When he turned 18 Arctic won his first load of money from a race and revealed himself to be better gambler than his mother. He had learnt what to look out for on the horses. As his mother and him competed against each other Arctic would always come home with more money. His mother was proud but at the same time jealous. Arctic's father was very disappointed in his son's actions as he'd hoped he'd be more like him but seeing his son take to gambling hurt him.

When Arctic returned to the horse track on his own one day he started to win big straight away and half way through the 9th race he had a bag placed over his head was hit in the back of the knees the back and finally the head knocking him unconscious. When the bag was removed he found he was in a basement being threatened by a bunch of people who told him never to return because of how great he was. Furious at their petty jealousy he wanted to shout at them and scream. But he knew if he did he would find himself in a worse situation. Arctic was tossed out and afterwards he spent his time trying to break back into the horse track and attempted to place bets in disguise. He managed to get away with it a couple of times a week but it finally came to and end. Armed men rushed in and held everyone hostage as they robbed the horse track. They took all the money from the hostages too and to make certain they wouldn't get shot in the back as they ran they took Arctic and some other hostages with them.

When Arctic was taken away he wasn't afraid of the pirates but he did ask them why they'd done it and their simple answer was for the rush and Arctic liked that answer. It wasn't one he'd expected but it made him smile. He'd gone to the track for fun and here were men who lived life to the full robbing for that rush. Arctic wanted to try it for himself. Sitting at home he thought about it over and over again until he finally settled on an idea. Become a pirate, that would offer a life full of adrenaline wouldn't it?

Personality: Artic has an addictive personality and loves the rush of adrenaline. Arctic is simple minded and has spent his life winning money so he loves to gamble and will try almost any form of gambling or any activity which will provide him with a big rush of adrenaline. He likes to try everything at least once and is very opinionated. Loves being told he looks scruffy because he feels it is the best word when it comes to describing him. Arctic doesn't care what people think of him especially his parents and likes living life his way. His decisions are his own and he will be the one who will have to deal with its consequences. He doesn't know his own capabilities and will push himself over the edge allot just for the sake of proving himself to himself. He acts like a child in an adults body from time to time and being a pirate he does not care for honour. He will happily kick someone in the balls or stab them in the back multiple times without the slightest bit of remorse. When he is in deadly situations he knows to keep his mouth shut and not to do anything when it will result in his death.

Ship: Ocean Imp

Ship Flag:

Devil Fruit: Yuki Yuki No Mi
type: Logia
effect: Allows user to control snow

Special Abilities: Good Gambler

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
  1. Igloo-Arctic forms a barrier of snow around a nearby person or object. The barrier is quite strong like trying to punch through steel.
  2. Igloo Bomb Shelter-Arctic creates a snow hut with ten overlapping layers of Igloo making it much harder to break through but this however takes one post to do.
  3. Snow Fence-Arctic creates a solid wall of snow.
  4. Snowball Bunny-Creates and throws numerous solid hardened snowballs with small rabbit-like ears, whiskers, and eyes. These Snowballs will spread over the foe if hit and make the foe tired the longer the excess snow is on them along with make their movements stiffer. Depending on how long it is contact depends how much they will suffer.
  5. Polar Cuddle-Arctic cuddles a foe and causes them to feel drowsy due to the coldness coming from his body. This takes 2 posts of contact to take effect.
  6. Blizzard-Arctic releases a stream of snow from his mouth that quickly surrounds an enemy and traps them within a blizzard.

Weapons/Items: Nothin

Goals: Get a bounty & experience the greatest thrills in life

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PostSubject: Re: Arctic Clover   Sat Oct 20, 2012 6:54 am

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Arctic Clover
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