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 Blake "Lynx" Pontus

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PostSubject: Blake "Lynx" Pontus   Sat Oct 06, 2012 12:55 pm

All items marked with a * are extra, I got a bit carried away, and decided to add them. All the points in the template are there, though.

  • Name: Blake "Lynx" Pontus

  • Height: 6'2 *

  • Weight: 220 pounds (=100kg) *

  • Age: 20

  • Bounty: 10,000,000 Beli

  • Species: Human (Male)

  • Character Alignment: Lawful Neutral *

  • Character Sign: Aquarius *

  • Date of Birth: January 25th *

  • Commonly Associated Colours: Blue; Black; White *

  • Associated Animals: Lynx; Other predators *

  • Smells like: Cologne, Steel *

  • Favorite type of island: Remote, difficult to reach, and uninhabited by humans, fishmen, or hybrids *

  • Allegiance: Pirate Swordsman/Musician (Solo, for now, at least)

  • Home Island/Ocean: The island of Oblivion/Grand Line

"Out of the night that covers me..."

Character's Voyages: *
Upon having discovered the Kumo Kumo no Mi, and Reach at his doorstep, Blake hitched a ride to the South Blue in order to find a blacksmith who could connect the blade and hilt of the sword. During his stay there, he met Arctic, a man with a dream, who invited him to join his crew, a group of pirates whose goal was to conquer the Grand Line. Pontus decided to say yes to the offer. There was something about the man he found... refreshing. And sailing the seas would be a whole lot simpler with a group of people, on a large ship. More time to rest, he thought.


    His stature, white hair, tanned skin, and blue eyes, made the man hard to miss. And, in order to be able to keep to himself more often, he wears a black coat, with a hood, in order to at least, hide his eyes, and hair. He chose the color black, because, much like the Dire Felines, from his isle of origin, he began to enjoy the dark. All his efforts to hide himself were shown in the way he carried his weapons. The two daggers were kept in his waist, beneath the coat. The hilt and letter were stored, in a safe place, a vault, whose key he kept around his neck. His longsword, was the only big difference. He did not feel that compelled to hide it, for not only did it make him look less approachable, but allowed him to show some of his pride, in having survived thus far.
    Pontus taught himself just about everything, how to walk, and how to stand. And seeing as most beasts out there are quadrupeds, his movements were, well, less than healthy, and not so appealing. One could say that the only things keeping him from becoming a beast were the scrolls in the castle's library, and contrary to what one might think, combat. When using bows, his first choice of a weapon, keeping the back straight, and having somewhat proper stances were a must. Even when it came to bladed combat, most of the things he read about fencing had something about how to carry oneself. He was, still, however a bit too beast-like, to go unnoticed in society. Lucky for him, he was a fast learner. And so, he re-learned to carry himself, to stand and to eat. "Proper etiquette"... Well, let us not forget that he is a pirate, so proper might not really be the word we're looking for. Not to mention that not all could be changed. He'd spent nearly all his life fighting to survive. There was no real relaxation time. He was always half-ready to begin, but found that the more he trained, and the stronger he felt, the more this feeling of constant uneasiness would subside.
    As I've said before, this aura of his, even his efforts to go by unnoticed, bore unexpected fruits. It works for him, people are drawn to it. Once he realised that money was needed, he decided to turn one of his passions into his job. It was then that he decided to stop trying to blend in the crowd. He'd learned enough. Started to enjoy the little differences he had from most people, be it his hair, his stature, his eyes... any and all traits that made him who he was. He was slowly letting go of the hood, caring less about showing himself to the world. Not a lot, though, just a bit at a time.

  • Ship: None

  • Ship Flag: N/A

  • Devil Fruit: N/A
  • Type: N/A
  • Effect: N/A

    "In the fell clutch of circumstance..."


    The island of Oblivion. That's not the island's actual name... Not likely, at least. The truth is, he can't remember. His first memory is waking up on the island's castle, with no one around, and next to him, were a sword's hilt, with no blade, and a letter, with a message written on it. Written in blood. The message reads: "You are weak, child. Become strong and seek me out." Signed with a scribble, something the neither boy, nor the man he would become could decipher. These items, that island, and passages of a poem, floating around in his head. "Invictus", the poem is called.
    Stuck on a castle, by himself, merely a child, whose first reaction, was to look for people, a search with no results. He then decided to procure food and water inside the castle, amidst his despair and solitude, and started to live there, gaining the courage to leave its doors, due to the screeches and roars of the beasts that lived in the forest surrounding the castle. One day, he amassed enough courage to go outside, and resume his search for people. The boy started his expedition of the island, with the grounds closer to the castle's walls. Day in and day out, the boy would search, only to return at night, scared, beaten and alone. He could only search during the day. He was running for his life for too long, and his legs would fail him otherwise. Retreating to the castle at night was his only option. Good thing he did that, for the boy would soon find out that the beasts that roamed the day were nothing compared to the dangers he would face at night.
    Time passed, people were nowhere to be found, and a shortage of food and water was beginning, and so the boy was forced to do something much worse than before. He had to hunt. The boy had good eyes. He could see further and better than your average man. But he quickly learned that he was far too weak to overpower the monsters, and that he could not remain still for very long. And so, the bows quickly lost their appeal, and the boy began using the blades he found at the castle. And he used them, one by one. It was only when the blades broke that he would grab another.
    Slowly, the boy grew, as did his abilities, and with them, his dominion over the monsters in the island.
    The boy began relying his eyesight more and more, throughout countless battles for survival, and was realising that the more he focused on one thing, the more the rest started to disappear, like a scope. When he was in a one on one fight, the eyes would be critical, but dodging attacks from multiple angles at once proved a challenge. The ability had to be mastered, in order to broaden his field of vision. Until then, he had to balance it, to stop relying on them so much. And what better way to do that, by fighting for your life? After all, that was how he learned to fight in the first place. But the day's fiends were too weak to him. He needed stronger prey. The night.
    Knowing that strength and dexterity alone would not help him, he began to seek for knowledge. "Reading all the books and scripts within the castle shouldn't be a bad a start", he thought. He learned that to be quite useful. Informations about the fiends he was about to face were written in those very pages. The Dire Felines, they were called. He learned aswell that there was a blade, forged in order to deal with these beasts. A longsword. The weapon had nearly 6 feet (hilt included).
    And so, he decided to bathe his new weapon in the blood of these Felines. Learned to cherish them, respect them, and be respected by them.
    This was no longer a matter of survival. It was about power. He had to make himself be known as the apex of his island. If that didn't happen, how could he expect to find the letter's author?
    The island gradually lost its appeal to him. He had established himself there, made it his home, but that was not enough. He needed more power. And so, he decided to craft a small boat, aided by the books in the castle, and set sail to meet new people, strong people. There was no longer a need to find people for safety, he had grown alone, there was no longer a need of bonding, he was no longer a child, he thought. Yet, because he had been in distress himself, when he was younger, he found it difficult to deny favors to those he deemed deserving of aid.

    And so, he drifted from place to place, learning what he could, trying to find clues to his forgotten past. Finding a new love. Music. It provided the alone time he required, and helped people feel better, something he could not get away from. The piano and the guitar became his non-lethal instruments of choice.
    It wasn't long until he figured out that the best way he had to know of his past was to become strong. Then, maybe, they would search for him, instead of the other way around. Once that conclusion was drawn, it wasn't very long until he decided to become a pirate.

    "I thank, whatever gods may be..."

    The man had now found himself in a society. Much had changed. He realised the potential his eyes had, when meeting with other people. And now, he required a name, something that had not crossed his mind before. So he chose one, Pontus. Myth and legend written on the books claimed the name belonged to a primeval god that embodied the sea. He figured it would fit him, seeing as the sea represented the path he was going to follow, and the sea's colour reminded him of his eyes, the reason for his survival, and possible key to his past, seeing as they were different. During his very first job, an old lady mistook him for someone she knew. Kept calling him Blake. She was clearly senile, and he did not have the heart to correct her mistake. And so it was, Blake Pontus, his name.

    Thanks to all of this, he made a name for himself. His epithet arose, being bestowed upon him by the people he encountered. For a lynx, mythologically speaking, represents secrets, and were given good eyesight, he liked it, also because the lynx are relatives to the Felines he respects, and is respected by.

    Before, I wrote that Pontus had one obsession: Power. Even now, it stands as sole truth. As a wise man once said, knowledge is power. The knowledge of his origins gives the author of the letter power over Blake. It chains him to his past. He hopes that obtaining power will grant him freedom from those chains, and all the others that limit him. That is his one true wish. He knows this and tries to respect this "freedom" of others, which is where his Honourable side stems from.
    This freedom of his, led him to the way of the pirate, but seeing as he does not like to lead, or be led, he was naturally drawn to the way of the musician. Retaining his independence, in his works. And so, he started walking the path of the warrior and the artist. So different, yet so alike.
    Time went on, and the man's strength grew. All the pirates he had beaten had made him strong. Fierce... Or so he thought. His meager sword abilities of the past had been tweaked, but he still lacked proper teaching. He learned this harsh lesson when a man appeared before him. Snake-eyes, they called him. A swordsman, the likes of which Pontus had never seen. The young lynx was quick to challenge him, and was utterly defeated. There was no chance. The snake had bested the lynx in every way. In just a matter of seconds, three hits, and Blake was on the floor, bloody, without even glancing the other's sword. His only solace, was the fact that he could at least see some of the strikes, despite the fact that he was too slow and weak to dodge them. There had been no need for the eagle to use it. Weakness. A feeling the likes of which Pontus had long forgotten. Tears began flowing down his face, as the eagle stood proud. Was it due to his broken body, or due to the blows to his pride? In this moment of sorrow, the eagle told him: "You've got good eyes, kid. A normal man wouldn't have seen any of the five hits you just took. Not too shabby".
    ... Wait... Five punches?! Five? In that one sentence of praise, the little piece of pride the lynx had kept was crushed into a million shards.. But as quick as the first sentence had destroyed it, a new hope bloomed with his second one. "I'm bored out of my mind. There aren't enough strong people around. How about I make you into one? Then, we'll see if you can entertain me."
    And so it was. This man had become Blake's teacher. And with that, actual training was about to enter the young man's life. Perfect. Three years, it took, this training, and its results were incredible. He could no longer envision his previous weak self. He was still no match for the snake, but was now strong and knowledgeable enough to truly improve by himself.
    (Time skip above, might fill it with details about the training later, should you deem it necessary)
    The Lynx could now see at a ratio of 20:1 (the detail people saw at 1 meter, he saw at 20), and they were used to speed, he could track people's movements much better, having become more accustomed to Snake-eyes's incredible speeds. He could now track the movements of a swift individual, at very large distances, with very big detail. A useful skill, as I'm sure you can agree, because without the use of haki, or other abilities like it, you can only dodge what you can see, after a certain degree. This gave him an advantage against long-range fighters, because, just as they could see him through their scope, he could see them. And what you can see, you can hit, with enough training.
    This is the tale of how Pontus gained such a bounty. Well, the rough side to the hellish training Pontus endured, was that, the stronger one gets, the harder it is to find people strong enough to test one's true strength. And Pontus, well, still oblivious to his own newfound abilities, decided to test them out in the first person he deemed capable of handling them. That person was a Marine Captain. Just promoted, that week. (Lucky him, huh?) Both were eager to test their newfound power in actual danger (be it actual combat prowess (Pontus) or command over others of lower rank (Marine)). So, you'd imagine that when our friend jumps from his ship, and lands onto the Marine ship, with his enormous blade in hand. There was no need for words. This one action was more than enough. The Captain's yell soon followed, echoing throughout the ship: "Who is this nobody that just got on my ship?! Get him! Bring him to me alive!"
    An order that, as you may see, was not kept. Could not be. The groups of low-ranking marines could not harm the Lynx. Not anymore. Seeing as they were too weak to be considered a threat, Pontus hit them with the wide side, or hilt of his blade alone, so that they would only be left unconscious. And one by one, the Marines on board would fall. The captain, who was too proud to move a muscle, only decided to act when five of his men remained standing. At last, the only reason for all of this had appeared before Blake. He was, however, too green to be a match for the lynx. The captain's broken pride had made him furiously charge at his opponent, as he again yelled, "Who are you? Tell me your name before I lock you up for life." And with that, it was soon to be over. Just as the captain reached the range of Blake's claymore, he rushed past the captain, whispering in his ear: "I'm Blake Pontus. And you are weak. Become strong, if you wish to seek me out." With that being said, Pontus punched him, in the back of the head, making the marine fall, unconscious. He then faced the 5 lackeys of his left standing, and said, "You guys have about two minutes to get everyone into safety boats." And leapt off of the marine ship, and onto his own. While in midair, he used his Flying sword attack, to create a large cut in the Marine ship's frame, making water rush into it. As he had told them, they had about two minutes until their vessel was underwater. There were no casualties, but the soon-to-be ex-captain, decided to use what little influence he had left to leave a 10,000,000 beli bounty on our Lynx, before being demoted.


    Pontus is, well... different. Cryptic, if you will. A man, who emanates an aura of... hmm, shall we say... reticence.
    Not much of a talker, never was, as far as he can recall. A bit of a loner, as well. Which, oddly enough, seems to work for him. This odd personality of his, seems to draw people to him. Men and their riddles, I guess... It is in human nature to try to understand what surrounds us, and it would seem that the man does not quite fit into the neat little boxes we place people into, in our heads. He doesn't really like the attention, though. It bothers him, enjoys time to himself and his thoughts. Most of the time, other people are no more than an annoyance. He gets bored enough on his own, there is no need for other people's stories, or problems on top of that. A mindset like that, makes for a not so persistent fellow. Although, he does have one obsession. Power. Power makes the world go round. Which is probably why he became a Pirate. "Fastest way to improve", with the least interference, he thought. He has no need for recognition. Power and only power, then the rest, or so he tells himself. The truth is, there is one thing in his mind above power. Honour. He's not really the kind to not care about the means. He wishes he didn't, but can't. A "voice" in his head forces him to do the right thing. His conscience? Perhaps. Will it turn out to be a weakness, or his strength? That is unsure, but this voice did lead him to the path of music. Music helps him with the understanding of the flow of things, and with satisfying his good side, by bringing joy to others, through his music. It became a way for him to express himself, and to retain some freedom, seeing as how he is not strong enough to make it in the world by himself, and to focus on his hearing as well, drawing away from his sight, in order to keep his body in balance.

Special Abilities:

  • Snake's Training - His hellish training, as I've said, bore fruits. These fruits were not just limited to swordsmanship. His body is now much stronger and faster than before, and he can jump much higher than what he previously could (About 30 feet).
  • Power of Destruction/Hakairyoku -[/url] So far, Pontus can cut through half a normal ship, has about 1/4 of Luffy's 2nd gear speed (post time-skip), and can lift up to 650 pounds (=300kg, about 3x his own weight) (I'm a new member, so I cannot yet add links. The description of this power is in a reply I made to this post, seeing as it is already a part of the OP universe. Feel free to look it up on the wikia for more info, it's in the swordsman page)

Fighting Style: *
Before: The Lynx is somewhat proficient with most bladed weapons, seeing as he covered a few while growing up, but knows not but the basics of fencing, and knight training, things he learned from the scrolls. Everything else is self taught. Because he started to fight when he was but a child, and despite his newly-found height, he has focused more on his dexterity and wit to vanquish his foes, leaving strength a bit behind him.
Still, his greatest weapon, would have to be his eyes. He has discovered that the stronger he gets, the lesser the side effects from using them get. And so, he dreams of mastering this ability, above all others. Besides being his best shot at gaining power, something tells him that it is somehow connected to his past.
But his quest for power is still what defines him. Which led him to search for a teachers. Warriors he deems worthy enough to lead him through the hardships.
Now: Upon his encounter with snake-eyes, Blake achieved a bit of the form he was so desperately searching for. This made his style more methodical, more organised, and deadly. He now resembles a true sword master in the makings. Early in the makings, but, as they say, the night is yet young.


  • Gungnir - Pontus has good eyes. Should he focus, he can use those eyes to track the opponent's movements. This aids him in his dodging, and increases the accuracy of his blade quite a bit. Due to this fact, the ability was named Gungnir, the spear of Odin, who is said to never miss its target.
  • Excalibur's defender - When faced with an opponent stronger than him, Pontus sticks the his longsword on the floor (has to be a hard surface), in order to block the attack, either by using the blade's large width to form a shield of sorts, or by placing the actual blade facing the strike, thereby using the force of their opponents' attacks against themselves. The skill was named thusly, because, much like the arthurian legend, an immovable sword is jabbed on a rock. (the sword is not actually immovable, it's just an obstacle placed in front of the punch; The sword is heavy, resistant and incredibly sharp, thus making it easy to slice through most surfaces) (first part works on ranged attacks aswell, the second requires a physical attack)
  • Hell's Keeper - Pontus throws his longsword at the opponent, immediately drawing both his daggers, and uses it as a decoy, seeing as, due to its weight, it has to be parried carefully, so that, as soon as the blade is parried, he'll be able to strike with both his daggers. This creates a near simultaneous strike from 3 different angles. (Reference to Cerberus, 3 headed dog, keeper of the underworld)
  • Flying slash attack - I think this needs no explanation
  • Fragile - His eyes, and training with the snake had given him the ability to perceive weak spots in some materials, making it easier for him to break, or slice through some objects and weapons.


  • Longsword - The blade he used in his isle of origin. A large, hard and sharp sword. Other than that, perfectly ordinary. Broken
  • [url=Reach][/url]
  • 2 Daggers, one white, and one black, mostly used for training, as a way to further speed and dexterity, and a way for to experience some variety in weapons
  • (Adding new longsword, awaiting char approval first, to then go for the weapon. I'll place the new one either here, or in the advanced spot)
  • Compass and maps - Lone traveller, Important items to keep, while trying to see where to go
  • Hilt and letter - Possible answers to his unknown past
  • Guitar - One of his instruments of choice. And the only of the two in his possession at this point. It's too much work and weight to carry around a piano. Some other day, perhaps.
  • [url=Kumo Kumo no Mi: Cloud Cloud Fruit][/url] - It is in his possession, but he has yet to eat it. Not sure if he ever will.

Character Flaws:
Like most swordsmen, Pontus finds an issue with all foes that are hard to cut. Be it due to hardened skin, or incredible dodging ability, due to a DF, or other ability (haki, rokushiki (some of its abilities), etc)
Pontus is still very green in his swordsmanship. His hellish training has paid off, but he has yet much to learn, in order to truly become strong. Thus, despite knowing some new fancy moves, and being able to jump, he is still very vulnerable, to truly hardened warriors. He was given some very good tips, must must learn to adapt them to him, or himself to them. The young grasshopper has much to learn, if you will.

Character Goals: To become strong, in order to discover his past.

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PostSubject: Re: Blake "Lynx" Pontus   Sat Oct 06, 2012 1:42 pm

Sorry to post here but you have to use the site's sheet
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PostSubject: Re: Blake "Lynx" Pontus   Sat Oct 06, 2012 3:56 pm

Sorry to post here also.. not being a mod and all.. but He has looked at the sites sheet..He has all of the things on the site's sheet right? I don't see why adding his own extra stuff would be a crime.
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PostSubject: Re: Blake "Lynx" Pontus   Sun Oct 07, 2012 6:05 am

Firstly, this is very nicely written, good job!

About the sheet, I can allow extra info, but we don't have anything around here that resembles a Character Rank, so that part is absolutely meaningless. And users, please, if you have anything to say about someone else's application - use Private messages, that's what they're for. Site rules are meant to be respected. However, you did not include the character's occupation, and although I can infer he's a musician and a swordsman, it needs to be mentioned.

The appearance is valid, considering you included some of it in other sections of the sheet, but most of it has very little to do with your character's actual appearance. The last few bits are straight up history - correct me if I'm wrong.

On the other hand, the special abilities need some changes: Firstly, the perks of a character are independent of his bounty, whenever you want your character to become stronger, you'll need to edit your profile and get it reapproved. You also didn't explain what the "Power of Destruction" actually is, so there is now way for me to say if it is valid or not - please elaborate. In addition, a brief explanation of how good his eyesight is would be nice.

As a last note, you didn't mention how your character got his bounty.

Overall, this is a very impressive application.
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PostSubject: Re: Blake "Lynx" Pontus   Sun Oct 07, 2012 7:11 am

I did not explain the power of destruction, because I did not find it necessary, seeing as it already appears in the OP universe. I came across it while doing a bit of research for my character, this is straight from the wikia:
In the One Piece World, certain swordsmen possess the Power of Destruction (破壊力 Hakairyoku?), a product of immense strength and skill. Users of this power can channel their energy through their swords and bodies, with a number of applications:
Lifting heavy objects or moving and reacting at incredible speeds.
Cutting things that are usually harder than the sword itself, such as certain types of stone or even steel. The substance usually splits apart a few moments after being cut.
Transferring the force of a cut over a distance by swinging the sword at high speed, creating a "vacuum blade" of compressed air; or by simply creating strong winds with sword blows. This is known as a Flying Slash Attack (飛ぶ斬撃 Tobu Zangeki?).
Cutting objects that are thicker than the length of the sword, such as buildings or ships.

Also added the the eyes and bounty's descriptions, hope that they prove satisfactory, also the occupation and removed the part where I connect the bounty to his skills.

About the appearance, I have to say that you are right. I tried to further his appearance by putting how he carries himself, to give you a better idea of how I'm going to use the char. The final paragraph was full-on history, so decided to remove it.

Thank's, and am glad you enjoy my character
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PostSubject: Re: Blake "Lynx" Pontus   Sun Oct 07, 2012 11:59 am

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PostSubject: Re: Blake "Lynx" Pontus   Mon Oct 08, 2012 4:31 pm

Added the weapon, and put the DF in his possession. Also typed in how he joined the crew (it's in the char voyages). Need approval. Thanks
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PostSubject: Re: Blake "Lynx" Pontus   

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Blake "Lynx" Pontus
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