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 Colt "The Ox" Jackson

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PostSubject: Colt "The Ox" Jackson   Wed Oct 03, 2012 11:38 pm

Name: Colt "The Ox" Jackson

Age: 31

Bounty: 25,000,000 beli

Species: Human

Occupation: Captain/Sharpshooter

Allegiance: Pirate(The Oxen Pirates)

Home Village/Ocean: South Blue, Batterilla Island

Appearance: Colt is 6'3" and is a muslcular man. He has a scar on one of his eyes. Has blone hair and green eyes. A white long slevee shirt with a black vest over it. Wears brown pants and brown sneakers. He also has a rifle that he carries on his back. A katana sword on his right side and a flitlock pistol on his left side. And he has a tattoo on his arm of an Ox eating grass.

History: Colt was born on a little island called Batterilla, located in the South Blue. When Colt was growing up people never messed with him at all. Mostly because of his older brother being the meanest bounty hunter in Batterilla. Most people were afraid of his family because of this. Also people didn't want to hang around him that much. He also had a father who worked hard enough to become a global threat to government as a Revolutionary. Colt really didn't care much what kids said. He evenutally befriended a guy who grew up to be Colt's best friend.

During Colt's teenage years, Colt's best friend was always over. His mother would even refer to him as his other son. They even had a bed for Colt's friend. Everything was going great until one day, something happened that ended all of this. Colt's friend had to move because of his father got stationed somewhere closer to Marine Headquarters. Colt's mother expected Colt to be upset about it, but he didn't show any sign of sadness. Colt started watching his brother praticing shooting and asked if he would teach him to shoot like him. Colt's nodded and started teaching Colt how to shoot. Hopefully to aid him in becoming a bounty hunter like his brother so they could become a brother duo hunting down thier father.

Colt turned eighteen and talking with his mother about another path he wanted to follow. Colt told her that he wanted to become a pirate. At first his mother didn't like the idea, but she always supported her children with whatever thier path was. Colt's brother recieved news of this a told him that he didn't recommend it, but he hopes he'll become the best pirate ever. Colt told him that he was one day going to become one of the Yonkous and his brother said that he hopes that happens, then he'll be the one to capture him. Colt set sailed off of the island and headed to look for a crew to join. He landed on an island where a captain was
looking for new recruits. Colt asked if he could join, and the captain said sure.

During Colt's years of being a pirate were fun for him. He got to raid towns, look for treasure, and even fight other pirates. His dual wield shooting skills earned him the nickname "Two Shot Colt" making him a feared pirate among other pirates. One day they wrecked a Marine base getting pratice for the Grand Line. After doing that, Colt got him a wanted poster for shooting many marines and giving him a bounty of 1,000,000 Beli. Everyone on the ship was proud of how much Colt is progressing and threw a party in his honor. After the party they entered the Grand Line.

Once they entered the Grand Line, they lost many members going through Reverse Mountain. The captain had a moment of silence for the lost members and prepared for the Grand Line. They landed on a couple islands making a name for themselves. They attacked many towns and marine bases. That's when Colt started learning how to fight with swords from the Vice Captain of the ship. Colt's skilled increase dramastically and earned another nickname "The Multi Weapon Fighter". They entered another Marine base and Colt's bounty increased again when they were done. His bounty was now 15,000,000 beli and everyone including his brother was proud of him. Once they were done there, they headed for the New World. They heard countless warnings about how dangerous it was, but the captain didn't care at all.

They entred the New World and landed on countless Islands. Once island however, something happened that none of them expected. Marine Headquarters sent an Admiral too finish off the thier crew once and for all. The Admiral managed to take a lot of thier crew and Colt managed to help out his captain by taking out a couple of marines as well. Only three people managed to escape: Colt, the captain, and the vice captain. Also Colt's bounty increased to 25,000,000 beli and they were in danger because the Admiral was planning to do anything to capture them. They were doing fine escaping until the Admiral finally caught up with them. Colt's captain feared that he was going to lose the last two members of his crew so he fought with the Admiral. The Admiral defeated him easily and defeated the vice captain as well. His eyes were now set on Colt. He started to attack Colt when Colt's older brother came. Colt's brother started fighting the Admiral quite well, up until the Admiral got out his sword and slung him into the water. Colt's brother had a devil fruit and couldn't swim. Right when the Admiral was about to get Colt, Colt wasn't there anymore. He managed to escape thanks to his father's ship. Colt's father started taking him back to the South Blue so he can hide in peace. Once they were heading there, thier ship crashed at Reverse Mountain.

Colt landed on an unknown island and woke up. He couldn't remember a thing at all, the last thing he remember is setting sail from the South Blue. He started wandering around the island finding someone who would have any idea what happened to him. He found a wanted poster on a wall with his face and a 25,000,000 Beli bounty. Colt was excited, but then knew this would mean trouble for him. He started to get really hungry and pulled out a fruit that was in his jacket. This fruit was a gift from his former captain. Colt had no idea where it came from and how it got there. He was just hungry and ate it. He soon relized that it was a devil fruit. Colt started wondering around trying to figure out where he was. He found a forest and decided to leave there. Hiding from the marines so that he wouldn't be killed. He lived there for while and ran into a boy named Hex. Colt heared back in town he wanted to become a pirate and decided that it would best for him to train him. He may not remember his adventures, but his skills had stayed with him. Colt spent about four years training Hex and then decided to leave to persue his dream of becoming a Yonkou. Colt decided to pick his theme of his pirate crew after his devil fruit abilities. He said goodbye to Hex and told him that hopefully they'll meet back up on the Grand Line. After that he sailed through the seas looking for a crew.

Personality: Colt's personality is that he always fights hard to do something he believes in. Even if it kills him, he'll never stop trying to achieve something that he wants. He also sits aside when people are either talking bad about him or treat him like trash. The only thing that makes him snap is when somebody talks bad about his crew or friends. To him his friends and crew are his treasure and will do anything to protect them. He is also has a tendancy to go to places that normally people would not want to go. Danger is the best adventure to him.

He also likes to help out those in need, even if thier his enemies. He'll also go out of his way to train people who are either asking or in desperate need of it. Like for what he did with for his former student Hex. He'll even go out of his way to help them progress. Like staying with Hex for a couple years until Hex was to where he didn't need any more lessons.

Ship: The Herd

Ship Flag:

Devil Fruit: Ushi-Ushi no mi Model: Spanish Fighting Bull
type: Zoan
effect: Can transform the user into a spanish fighting bull hybrid.

Special Abilities:
1) Above Average Aim: Colt has above average aim for shooting opponents and enemies. An example of this is that his aim is so well that he can hit a target really close to where his intial aim is suppose to be. Like say there's a target with a bullseye and he was aiming for the bullseye. He would hit just a few inches close to the bullseye.
2) Bullet Making: Colt has mastered the art of making more bullets for his pistols using gunpowder.
3) Powerful Strength: Colt strenghed his body from training with his older brother. He usually is lifting boulders to work out his muscles.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
1) Dual Wield: Colt has learned the skill of shooting two pistols at the same time.
2) Ushi Ushi no mi Fruit:
A) Horn Point: While eating a rumble ball, his horns can appear in both normal and Half-Hybrid
B) Tail Point: Also while eating a rumble ball, his tail can appear in both normal and Half-Hybrid
C) Horn Sword: While using the Horn Point, Colt can attack his opponents using his horns as a sword. The only downside is that he is only limited to the view of the ground or wherever his eyes are looking while he's slashing.
D) Red Mark: An attack that can only be used on someone whose wearing something red. He attack the oppenent non-stop until the red is gone.
E) Tail Whip: Using his tail, he can whip somebody hard to harm them. The only downside is that his movements are limited.

Weapons/Items: A bag of supplies, one Katana, two flintlock pistols, gunpowder, and a rifle with a scope on it.

Goals: "To become one of the Yonkous".

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PostSubject: Re: Colt "The Ox" Jackson   Fri Oct 05, 2012 12:23 am

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Colt "The Ox" Jackson
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