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 Honzo "The Shark" Axe

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PostSubject: Honzo "The Shark" Axe   Tue Oct 02, 2012 6:51 pm

Name: Honzo "The Shark" Axe

Age: 22

Bounty: 0

Species: 1/2 Fishman (Tiger Shark) 1/2 Human

Occupation: Fighter/Cook

Allegiance: Pirate/Ex-Slave

Home Village/Ocean: Fishman Island, Grand Line

Appearance: Axe is about 6'6" and muscluar. Has grey skin and body resembles a shark/human like all Fishmen. He has a light blue mohawk. Three earrings in his right ear in the shape of triangles. Has tattoos all over his body, mostly to cover up his slave markings. He has a large spear that he carries everywhere. A sharp tooth showing at all times and blue pants with no shoes. And he has a scar on under his right eye from his battle against the pirates who captured him.

History: Growing up for Axe was just like any other fishman on Fishman Island. He wanted nothing more than to see the surface world. He would always ask his mother about it. She would tell him all kinds of stuff, like how beautiful the sun was and how all kinds of people were walking around. She aslo told him about how his father, who was human, and all about how he was a trusthworthy human. The only people that would disagree with him are the world government and marines because his father had a bounty on his head worth 15,000,000 beli. Axe asked him mother one day if he could visit the surface world but forbit him to because pirates would capture him, and then sell him as a slave.

After a couple of years later, Axe started training to join Royal Army. He recieved a spear that his father left behind and would pratice using it each and every day. Axe got so strong using it that a royal army soldier saw him and offered him to join one day when he got older. This excited Axe and started training even harder. He also would cook everyday to help out because his mother had to work all day to support them. One day, Axe's friend dared Axe to go up to Sabaody Park. Axe remembering his mother's warnings about it and refused. His friends mocked him and told him that if he's not even brave enough to enter the surface world. Then how is he ever going to be brave enough to join the Royal Army.

One day while Axe was cooking. He started remembering what all those kids told him. Axe knew that they were right and decided that he would go up to see the surface world. Axe left Fishman Island and began swimming up to the surface world. Axe got there and it was the most amazing thing that he ever saw. He got up on land and started to walk around town. Axe was enjoying himself right up until a band of victious pirates grabbed his arms. Axe knew the dangers and got out his spear to attack them. Unforuntely for Axe, luck wasn't on his side because they beat up him easily. After getting defeated, Axe was taken away and sold at an Auction House to a Celetrial Dragon.

Life as a slave was very hard on Axe. He didn't have any freedom and was treated extremely terrible. Axe was thinking of a way out of there, but never succeeded. Right when all hope was lost, a pirate gang broke in and set the slave free. Axe stopped to thank the pirate, but the pirate shooed Axe to hurry up and get out. Once Axe was finally set free, he took to the ocean to stop any kind of slavery around the world.

Personality: Axe tends to be pissed off almost always. Mainly because he was a slave. He also has a do or die attitude. Like when his doing a job for his captain. He'll do anything he's told to the best of his abilities or die trying to. He aslo tends to be cocky and big headed when it comes to fighting. Also he shows honor when fighting, like he won't ever cheat or go easy on anyone. To him dishonoring somebody means death.

Even though he grew up as a slave. His personality toward humans are not like most slaves/fishmen. He only hates the celetrial dragons that captured him. He knows that not every human should suffer because of one's actions. He also will lay down his life for another slave's life. He knows how it feels and would do anything to help them out.

Ship: name of ship

Ship Flag: describe

Devil Fruit: None.
type: N/A
effect: N/A

Special Abilities:
1) Like all other fishmen, Axe can swim fast in the water, breath underwater, and he's stronger that most humans.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
1) Fishman Karate:
A) Sea-Speed Stomach Drop Kick: An underwater attack, Axe darts forward and uses that momentum to deliver a savage side kick to the opponent's stomach.
B) Fire Flower Heel Drop: While underwater, Axe spins really fast then hits his opponent with the heel of his foot.
C) Hundred Brick Fist: A hard punch that can send an opponent flying.This attack is so strong that he can break through a hundred tiles.
2) Spear Tactics:
A) Fire-Piercing Staff: A move in which Axe spins around his spear really fast to build up speed to strike an opponent as if the spear was on fire.

Weapons/Items: His spear and a bag of 20,000 beli.

Goals: "To help save slaves all over the world."
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PostSubject: Re: Honzo "The Shark" Axe   Wed Oct 03, 2012 6:43 pm

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Honzo "The Shark" Axe
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