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 Honzo "Quick Draw" Rex

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PostSubject: Honzo "Quick Draw" Rex   Mon Oct 01, 2012 6:56 pm

Name: Honzo "Quick Draw" Rex

Age: 20

Bounty: 0

Species: Human

Occupation: Sharpshooter

Allegiance: Bounty Hunter

Home Village/Ocean: South Blue, Batterilla

Appearance: Rex is about 6'1 and 255 lbs. Muslcular like his little brother. Has brown hair like his little brother. Wear khaki shorts and is mostly shirtless. Carries out two flitlocks on his waist. Has a quiver with arrows inside along with a bow on his back that he uses for bounty hunting. A tattoo of a two flintlocks pistols in a cross bone formation, with fire around the pistols. He aslo has a necklace with a shark's tooth on it.

Unlike like his brother, his childhood was much different growing up. Even though both of them stay on the same Island, they grew up in different villages. Mainly because they had different mothers, making them half brothers. During his childhood, Rex would go outside and overhear about kids talking about dreams. Some kids who were friends of Rex's would ask about one day becoming pirates and joining each other's crew. Rex refused because he had no idea what he wanted to do. His mother wanted him to become a strong marine like his father was. Rex didn't like his father for never seeing him so he didn't want to become a marine.

A couple years have passed and Rex was about thirteen. He spent his days firing two pistols that his mother got for him to train like a marine. At first Rex didn't want anything to do with it, but he loved to fire those pistols at targets that he setted up. Day after day he would make the target further away from him to test his sight. He decided he wanted to become a pirate to face against his father one day. During these days he made up a pirate flag and thought of a pirate crew. He was determind to become a pirate until one day that would change his life.

One day was beginning like an ordinary day for Rex, he woke up and went outside for target practice. The only thing that he didn't think would happen is a pirate crew landing on his island and stopping by his village. The pirate crew attack his hometown and made the villagers afraid to even go outside. They even charged everybody money to stay alive. Rex was so pissed off that he tried to fight them, but was easily defeated. Right when all hope was lost, a bounty hunter from the Grand Line showed up. Rex was the first person the bounty hunter ran into and told him not to worry. That he'll catch the pirates and bring peace back into his town. The bounty hunter defeated the pirates and decided to take in the pirates to a marine base to collect his pay. Before leaving Rex asked if he could teach him to become a bounty hunter just like him and the bounty hunter promised to return to train Rex.

After that incident, Rex decided that he would become brave so that he would never have to experiece that feeling of fear ever again. Everyday he continued to pratice shooting until he was too tired to stand. On his fourthteen birthday his mother got him something esle that he could use to aid him, a bow with some arrows. After getting his bow, he would mix it up everyday. Morning shooting with his pistols and evening shooting with the bow. He still needed a lot of pratice with his aim because every shot that
was too far either didn't hit the target or hit the outmost part. Right when he was about to get angry and throw away his pistols. The bounty hunter who promised to return stopped him.

From the on, the bounty hunter helped Rex with his aim. His control so he wouldn't shake so much while shooting. He also thought it would be a good idea to teach him about making bullets. He showed Rex the different kind that he usually made but
wouldn't show him how to make the posion one because he could kill himself. Rex tried making the sleeping bullet and tested it out on his mother. Unforuntly the bullet didn't fly out but popped, knocking him out. Rex started working on making his bullets everyday and pratice everyday.

Rex was seventeen and finally perfected his sleeping bullet technique, or making wise. His aim was still alittle bit off, but he kept on praticing. One day Rex was walking down the street and found a wanted poster. Rex looked at the man and showed it to his mother. Turns out Rex's father got into some trouble and now has a 200,000,000 bounty. Rex looked in the newspaper to find out why, but it just showed a man tearing up marineford. Rex showed the poster of his father to his teacher and asked to train him to catch this guy. Rex's teacher nodded and started teaching Rex about bomb making.

Rex started his bomb making skills and ended up makings things worse for the town. After a building blew up, Rex's mentor paid the guy to have it replace and started teaching Rex in the woods. Rex tried to make a bomb all by himself and blew off part of his hair. His teacher laughed and knew he wasn't ready for powerful TnT yet. Rex finally mastered the bomb making, until his teacher handed him stronger stuff. Rex started placing a miniture one that he made into his arrows and blew down a tree. He tried it again, but this time it didn't do anything and his teacher said because the fuse got wet from the dew on the grass.

After a while, all of Rex's skills improved dramastically. He said he farewells to his teacher and started on his way to hunt people down. As he was leaving his house his mother tried to give him food and what-not. But Rex refused saying he would only get what he wants by hunting bounties. That way it'll give him a purpose to do it. Rex made a name around his island for being a bounty hunter after he took down 40,000 Beli bounty. Rex decided he need to get off this Island if he wanted to catch someone even stronger. As Rex was setting off he noticed his little brother, that his mother told him about, stealing from a fisherman. The fisherman saw Rex and told him to catch that guy before he gets away. Rex told him if he doesn't have a bounty than no. Rex
changed his mind however and decided to leave it to luck. He pulled out his explosive arrow and aim for Hex. As soon as the arrow was about the hit Hex. Hex ducked, missing him, and leaving a shocked look on Rex's face. Rex knew he would make a good opponent one day and decided to wait until his bounty got even higher.

Personality: He acts like a big shot sometimes, like he can catch anyone who's tougher than himself. He aslo like to leave some things to chance. Like when he sees his brother stealing a guy's boat, he tried shooting him but luck was apparently on his brother's side. He's also learned to be brave after the incident that made him show fear. He told himself that he never wanted to show any kind of fear to anyone. He aslo like's to think he doesn't feel any pain. Like no matter how hard someone tries to hurt him by either causing him physically or mentally pain, he'll just shrug it off like it's no big deal.

Another personality trait that he has is that he think he's family is his own responisbility. Like when he chooses to go after his family members that are wanted people. He think's he's the only one who should be the ones to bring them in. Like if he see's someone trying to claim them. He'll probably get into the way to stuff them. Except if their the Marines, then he'll pay somebody to get in the way so that he doesn't recieve a bounty on himself. Aslo he doesn't like the idea of devil fruit powers because what good is it to have powers, and then not being able to swim again.

Ship: A raft.

Ship Flag: A flag with flintlocks pistols instead of bones and then two arrows in crossbone formation in the skull's head.

Devil Fruit: none
type: N/A
effect: N/A

Special Abilities:
1) Decent Aim: Rex trained himself to be able to shoot targets. He didn't have the best aim in the world, but could atleast be able to shoot his targets.
2) Quick Reflexes: Rex had good enough reflexes to quickly draw his pistols. This ability gave him a nickname in his town called, "Quick Draw".
3) Bullet Making: Thanks to a bounty hunter that trained Rex. He was able to make bullets to make different kinds of bullets, such as poison bullets and sleeping bullets. The only downside is that his skills are still amatuerish and screws them up sometimes.
4) Bomb Making: Also thanks to a bounty hunter. Rex was thought how to make bombs and explosives. Rex used these to aid his arrow shooting. Like is bullet making ability, sometimes his work doesn't come out like he wants it to. Like a wet fuse or setting off other than it's primary use.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
1) Dual Wielded:
A) Poison Shot: A bullet made with poison toxins mixed in with the gunpowder.
B) Knock out Shot: A bullet made with chemicals mixed in with the gunpowder to put one to sleep.
C) Normal Shot: Just a normal bullet.
2) Single Wielded:
(All techiques listed for Dual Wield)
3) Arrows:
A) Poison Arrow: Just like his poison shot, he uses arrows dipped in poison.
B) Dynamite Arrow: An arrow with a miniture bomb places inside the head of the arrow for an explosive shot.
C) Normal Arrow: Just an ordinary arrow.

Weapons/Items: Two flintlocks pistols, a quiver with 60 arrows, a bow, Tnt for bombs, a bag of poison, and a bag of chemicals.

Goals: "To be the one who captures anybody in his family with bounties."
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PostSubject: Re: Honzo "Quick Draw" Rex   Tue Oct 02, 2012 12:46 am

Very nice, need more sharpshooters

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Honzo "Quick Draw" Rex
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