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PostSubject: deleted   Sun Sep 30, 2012 4:23 am

Name: Samson D Clover "The Mad Hatter"

Age: 37

Bounty: 85,000,000

Species: LongLeg Tribe

Occupation: Cook

Allegiance: Pirate

Home Village/Ocean: Grand Line

Appearance: Samson is very tall being a longleg tribe but no where as tall as a giant. He wears a orange top hat with a joker card in the strap of his hat. Samson has an orange afro underneath his hat. His attire consists of an orange dress shirt with black suspenders connected to his pants. He wears black tap shoes. A wooden walking stick is usually seen in his left hand. Samson has a lean built lacking muscles. A tea cup is located inside his hat using his mera mera abilities to keep his tea warm.

History: Not much was known about samson in his childhood only that he was recruited into the marines at no younger than 17. Samson had a promising career as a marine chef in his younger days. His favorite thing to cook was sweets from hot fresh honey rolls to sweet cakes. Samson's baking was so good that even caught the attention of the world nobles. He was hired as a personal chef to Saint Bernard who immediately took a liking to him This should have been the highlight of his career. After about a month working in mariejois, Samson began to regret taking the job. He felt sorry for the numerous slaves the nobles owned and how badly they treated them. To make things worse his fellow marines completely ingored it. Samson began to feel guilty that he lived the good life and that the slaves lived lower than animals. Then one day Saint Bernard had a party and invitied their guests. The theme of the party was torture. Each guest would bring their best slave to kill in the worst ways possible. Some were poisoned, burned, stabbed to to death, forced to fight each other to death, and any way their twisted minds could think of. Samson knew he had to do something. He used the use of brokers to smuggle in a devil fruit. The devil fruit the horu horu gave him tha ability to manipulate a person's hormones. Samson swore to free the slaves from his master's house. It took three whole years to figure out a plan that would work to his advantage. Then the anubis war happened. Samson took the chance. He cooked a dinner for the entire mansion of Saint Bernard, but drugged them with sleeping agent. The servants, the royal family, and especially the guards fell asleep. Samson freed the slaves telling them to tie up only the nobles. He and the slaves took the weapons from the guards who still sleeping. They lead a riot in the holy land attacking anyone in their way marines and world government agents alike and using the nobles as insurance. They threatened to kill their noble hostages if the government hindered them in any way. They asked for a marine battleship as well as a way out. With the marines and BOTH admirals dealing with anubis, the government had no choice. Samson and the slaves were given a ship and five days sailing before the marines chased after them. Samson honored his side of deal and let the nobles go floating of lifeboats in the middle of the ocean. News of his deed quickly spread around the world earning him a very high bounty. The slaves were free to do whatever they wanted, but Samson was forced to go into hiding. He was wanted by marines, bounty hunters, and even other pirates who wanted to make a name for themselves. With no where to go, Samson became a drifter searching for a place to be safe.

Personality: Samson is a polite and courteous dispite being an infamous criminal. He places respect and manners above all refering himself as a gentleman. Samson likes to drink coffee and his favorite food are sweets. He likes sweets to the point of an obsession. His diet consists of coffee in the morning accompanied by pancakes, tea in the afternoon with sweet cakes, and ice cream with pop for dinner. Samson spends enormous amounts of money on anything he buys. He insists if he must do everything "flashy". Samson loves to do things extravagantly from buying his clothes to his cooking. His average spending daily can cost up to 10,000,000 beli on a bad day. He also has a bad gambling habit. Samson also has an energetic impulsive side often no thinking on what he is going to do but does things on instinct. Whether this is because of his sugar diet is unknown. This can get him into lots of trouble like eating food from other people's plates, putting large amounts depts on other people, harassing women, and involving himself in fights even thought there is no reason for him to get involved. Samson also has an obsession with hats. This gave him the nickname "Mad Hatter".

Ship: None

Ship Flag: describe

Devil Fruit: horu horu no mi
type: paramecia
effect: allows the user to create and control hormones

Special Abilities:
Cooking: Samson is an excellent cook. His infamous cooking brought him the attention of the world nobles.

.Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25): None as of yet

Weapons/Items: tea cup, walking cane

1) to find a place where he belong

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