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 "Whistling" Doremi Duclaine

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PostSubject: "Whistling" Doremi Duclaine   Mon Sep 24, 2012 6:47 pm

Name: "Whistling" Doremi Duclaine


Bounty: 20,000

Species: Human

Occupation: Musician (flute main)

Allegiance: Pirate

Home Village/Ocean: West Blue

Appearance: He is 7' 8 inches tall. 210 lbs. He has a small black afro and growing goatee, light skin, square framed glasses that hide his blue-green eyes, a grey jacket with gold buttons, white tee shirt and blue jeans.
Black shoes as well as gold colored fingerless gloves. He has a slightly thin yet toned body and carries a satchel as well as his sabre with white handle and silver sheathe

History: "For as long as music has existed, there was a Duclaine playing it." That was what Doremi Duclaine's motto is, as well as his ancestors and parents and little sister, who were musicians.The Duclaine name was known throughout the West Blue as travelling muscians who roamed the seas in ships they called their homes. Doremi and family lived in the West Blue in a small boat house, travelling the ocean to spread music. Ever since he was a child his parents told him and his little sister Mika about the Silver Sound: a musical instrument that when played would create such glorious melodies, some said it came from the heavens, and his ancestors would set sail to try to find it, but with no luck. Though the first to set sail set up a journal, known throughout the family as the "Duclaine Notes" where the remaining ancestors would add their thoughts their findings and the secrets of the Duclaine family name. They would use key symbols and cryptic codes in order to protect the Notes from wandering eyes.

One day when Doremi was old enough he decided to set sail on his own to find the Silver Sound saying goodbye to his family, but in his rush he forgot the journal, he was already several miles from his houseboat, when he realized. When he returned the houseboat had been ransacked, his parents dead, and Mika missing. And so was the journal. When he tried to look for Mika, the local forces found him and believed that he killed his parents, though he was too frightened to explain. Now, blamed for the misfortune he suffered, he fled from the West Blue as a criminal. And so, Doremi is searching: For friends, for his sister, and for the journal.

Personality: Doremi is a fun, yet weird musician. He as an optimistic outlook, but a few quirks like saying 'Yi' after a sentence or singing songs for the most unlikely circumstances. He is friendly and would get along well with other fellow musicians, music lovers and other kind folk. He also holds a soft spot to his little sister Mika, who vanished during the attack on his family. Doremi is also a big eater, although he is suprisingly thin.

Ship: Del Musica

Ship Flag: A Joly Roger with Music Notes for eyes

Devil Fruit: None
type: None
effect: None

Special Abilities: Can use the Whistle Vibratone a passed down technique that Doremi's ancestors created, it allows a person to use any flute instrument and give off a whistle to deafen enemies (High pitched) and vibrate the air around them (slightly lower pitch)

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
Sword Solo:: a Whistling/Sword attack for one enemy, he slashes at the air around a person, and then he turns to face the enemy and uses his flute and gives off a trilli, which would cause the air to vibrate using the Vibratone and cause the air around an enemy to feel the 'sliced air' as the air vibrates around the enemy.
Sword Duet: Same as Sword Solo, but for two enemies.
Sword Trio:Same as Sword Solo, but for three enemies.
Sword Orchestra: Same as Sword Solo, but for a large crowd of enemies
Sword Whirlwind: He quickly spins with is sword creating a small tornado
Piercing Whistle: He gives a high pitched whistle that would be able to slowly make person (Who isn't warned ) temporarily deaf.

Weapons/Items: His sabre sword with sheathe (pipe flute handle from the sword), and Several smoke bombs

Goals: To find the Silver Sound, and to reclaim his family's journal, and find his sister Mika[b]

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PostSubject: Re: "Whistling" Doremi Duclaine   Thu Sep 27, 2012 1:07 pm

Appearance and Personality is too short, please add a Paragraph to each, and also , add for history, at least another few lines. also, how does the user of the whistle create such a high pitch whistle?
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"Whistling" Doremi Duclaine
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