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 Nika Kron

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PostSubject: Nika Kron   Fri Sep 21, 2012 4:21 am

Name: Nika Kron
Age: 17
Bounty: 0
Species: Human.
Occupation: Cook
Allegiance: (Soon to be) Pirate.
Home Village/Ocean: Tundra Pass, North Blue
Appearance: Nika has blond hair, straight blond hair that goes down to her waist, although she pulls it up in a ponytail in order for it to not bother while making food. Her eyes, surrounded by long eyelashes, are light blue and endless looking, although when she's wearing something green they look greenish. She has a mole under her left eye, her cheeks are kind of puffy with light freckles when she's under the sun for too much time. She has thin pale lips, her face is heart shaped and she has an overall look of a childish person, beautiful yet childish. She's really short for her age, only being around 156cm tall, and she weights 54kg making her kind of chubby, but not fat. She mostly wears dresses, of any color, and down to her knee, under the dresses she wears tight shorts though, so she can move comfortably without being scared of someone seeing her panties. She wears glasses for reading, her shoes are always black, closed shoes or sandals depending on the weather. She uses two ring earrings that are made out of silver, and a single chain with a star amulet, because it's her favorite shape.
History: Nika grew up in the winter island of "Tundra Pass", she grew up in between cooks, as her family was mostly made out of them, and so learned to cook almost at the same time as she learned how to walk and talk, she helped around in the restaurant and never really made friends besides the employees of the restaurant that weren't her family. Nike was childish and everything, she cut herself plenty of times while learning how to cook, but eventually she noticed that cooking and helping in the family's restaurant wasn't her occupation, she loved cooking but it was the plain, boring life of the restaurant that kept her uninterested.

Her cooking skills weren't that good, she was still a mere child when she decided that she wanted to become the best cook in the world, yet she still had a long path to overcome before getting the title. She started asking the chefs of the restaurant for classes, after the restaurant closed and before it did. She was also taught that for being a cook you had to have good physical condition, running from one side of the kitchen to the other, and everything. She also learned about nutrition and everything was going fine. She was loving cooking even more by the time she turned 12.

A new cook was hired for the restaurant, he was one of the best cooks in the world and Nika was so excited to have him teach her how to cook, but when she kindly asked him to he rejected her, telling her that he doubted that she had the passion when it came to cooking. Nika cried for two days but then decided that no matter what that old man said, she would become the best, and to show him so she continued asking him everyday, so that he'd see that she DID want to become the best cook in the world, no matter what. And that even without his help she would. But after three weeks of constant asking, the old man agreed to teach her. 5 years, five whole years of intensive training in the culinary art made Nika one of the best as well, she was young and innocent yet she was an extremely good cook. But something that said the old man before he quit working in the restaurant left her reflecting, he said that if she wanted to be the best cook, she had to travel across the world, learning new things and meeting new people, once she had done that, she would be ABLE to become the best cook in the world, not before.

Nika is now waiting for the opportunity of leaving the restaurant with a pirate crew so that she'd meet new people and see the world with new eyes.
Personality: Nika is childish, she has an innocent outlook on the world, she knows there are some dangers but she doesn't care about anything as long as she can achieve her goal, becoming the best cook in the world. She loves cooking, of course, but she also likes practicing random tricks with her knives. She also likes reading, although she has to wear glasses while doing so, and she loves writing random poems from time to time when she feels upset or something like that. Nika loves her family although she won't care about leaving them behind to accomplish her dream because she knows they'll understand, she already talked with her mom, because they know that one has to do the best they can to accomplish one's dream. She thinks that killing is unnecessary, it's taking someone else's life away from them, but if worse comes to worse she would do it, if it came down to be the only possible outcome of a fight/etc. She is really hyperactive when she eats sugar/sweets/etc. and it causes her to be bouncing up and down and be really talkative, although she's already talkative to start with. Nika is really straightforward, she won't mind saying what she thinks, furthermore she would be kind of hurtful without meaning to, but most of the time she will try to make it slightly politer or nicer. She won't mind start yelling around because she's excited, and she gets excited because of almost anything.
Special Abilities:
Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
Weapons/Items: Cooking Knives, things to cook
Goals: Become the best cook in the world.
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PostSubject: Re: Nika Kron   Fri Sep 21, 2012 4:58 am

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Nika Kron
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