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 Hoshi Arthur

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PostSubject: Hoshi Arthur   Wed Sep 19, 2012 5:40 pm

Hoshi Arthur (“Tinkerer”)


Initial: $50,000
After Baterilla Arc: $70,000

Human (male)



Home Village/Ocean:
Corsicus, South Blue


Arthur’s hair is midnight blue and quite shiny, catching the light at odd angles. It is naturally spiked up, no matter how hard he tries to tamp it down. Perhaps it reflects his spiny personality. It is long for spiked hair, reaching about 8 inches above his head. A small amount turns slightly down in the front while it is in the air. All his hair is off his forehead, leaving it bare.

His eyes are a strange violet color that tend to unnerve people who meet Arthur for the first time. They are a strange mutation and are rarely found. When he was young, a merchant attempted to buy them for their otherworldy uniqueness.

Arthur is almost always wearing a broad, mischievous smile. He seems to have the kind of light in his eyes that is only found in those of an inventor; that is to say, he is fascinated by everything and can see the beauty and practicality of even the most abstract objects. He has faint laughter lines around his mouth. Arthur is quite pale, but his skin never seems to tan or burn in the intense sunlight of the ocean. He has been called a ghost by some people due to this, but takes it in stride and laughs along with them. His eyebrows grow unevenly because he has a tendency to accidentally burn them off while performing experiments with black powder and other explosive materials. He has never made any effort to rectify this, as he sees it as a badge of honor in his trade.

Arthur is a short man, standing only 5’7” in height. He weighs roughly 120 pounds and is rather slim. He does not appear to have a lot of musculature, but because he engages in a lot of manual labor he is actually rather tough and strong for his size.

Arthur dresses for work no matter where he goes. He wears a white collared shirt, a brown tie, a brown suit vest, and blue overalls. Along with that, he wears a pair of tough, reliable, dark grey work boots. He is usually found wearing flame-retardant gloves because he finds that he frequently needs his hands protection from fires in his workshop. He also wears a pair of goggles on his head, both for safety and for marksmanship.


Arthur was born to a loving family in Corsicus, an island in the South Blue with very little traffic going onto or off of the island at any given point. Once a year, a Marine ship would dock there to take a census and check in on the state of affairs on the island. Merchant ships arrived once every month to trade, but outside of that there were no real visitors.

From a young age, his parents realized that he was quite precocious and loved to figure out how things worked. They bought him all manner of toys and even a few trinkets, such as a stopwatch, to take apart and examine. When he was seven, his father bought him his first set of tools. He played and worked with them constantly, even going so far as to modify his screwdriver so that it would work with any kind of common screw. At age eight, he used the tools to design and construct his own airgun. Unfortunately, it backfired and exploded, burning off his eyebrows and nearly blinding him for the first of many times. After this, his parents bought him a pair of safety goggles and, with their blessing, he continued to invent.

Sadly, when he was eleven, his mother died in a horrific coconut-related accident that Arthur prefers not to talk about. His father continued to spoil him with more and more tools and lab equipment in order to help Arthur cope with the sudden loss of his mother. Although he is ashamed to admit it, Arthur milked his father for a lot more than he actually needed during this point in time. He simply wanted to create.

He also convinced his father to buy him a pistol in case he had need to defend himself. Not wanting to lose another member of his family, his grief-stricken father purchased a basic pistol for his young son. Arthur practiced with it every day, getting better and better with more and more practice. He soon decided that he loved guns and began to make them, shaking his head at every new design he drew as he searched for “the one.”

On Arthur’s seventeenth birthday, he completed his crowning achievement to date: a pair of goggles that not only would not fog up, but could also zoom in and out to help the user see more accurately. He is extremely proud of these and wears them to this day. After two more years of work, he perfected his design on a brand new long-range pistol. He tested it, and, to his delight, it worked even better than he had expected it to. He practiced with it, becoming easily the best marksman on his island. He used the money from winning shooting competitions to purchase more equipment and invent more weapons, as they had become his passion.

When he was 20, he was at the harbor when the Marine ship came that year. The captain came ashore, asking for recruits. Knowing this would be his only chance to get off the island, Arthur agreed and was on his way (along with some of his inventions and equipment).

He had been sailing with the Marines for quite some time when he decided he wanted a little more freedom; no, he wanted to be a pirate! He stole a Devil Fruit being kept on board and he jumped ship and set out on his own, determined to find a crew that needed him. His desertion from the Marines has put his bounty at a higher price, as he is considered a traitor by the World Government.

Baterilla Chapter (Sea Storm Pirates):

Arthur joined up with the Sea Storm Pirates in Baterilla after meeting Alberto T. Wallet. He killed about ten Marines and engaged in combat with a Marine Vice Admiral. His bounty has been raised because after deserting, he has now he killed Marines and fought a high-ranking officer.

Arthur is always up for a good joke or prank. He is generally a fun person, but gets rather serious when the topic of his mother is brought up. He is always hungry and can be rather stingy with good food, as his father was a horrible cook. He also tends to keep to himself while he is working, preferring to save the distractions for after he’s done with whatever he’s working on.

Around people, Arthur is somewhat of a social butterfly. His ability to be hyper observant allows him to read people quite well and react accordingly. Although he didn’t have many friends at home, it was more of a choice than a consequence of poor social skills. He simply did not like the other people his age that much. He is somewhat of a walking contradiction, as his playfulness and willingness to have fun is drastically contrasted by the serious thoughts he has on many parts of the world.

In a fight, Arthur can handle himself against any ordinary opponent thanks to his repertoire of weaponry and his reasonable martial arts skill. However, he can find himself quickly outmatched.

Devil Fruit:
Name: Toge Toge no Mi (Thorn-Thorn Fruit)
Type: Paramecia
Capabilities: The user can grow thorns from any part of his body.

Special Abilities:
Martial Arts: Arthur has been practicing martial arts on his journey, as he wants to be able to defend himself. He isn’t so great at it yet, but he shows promise for such a small fry.
Inventiveness: Arthur sees things the way no one else can see them, and their other uses.
Marksmanship: Arthur is an amazing marksman, his ability bolstered by his new gun.

Learned Techniques:
Basic Library of Sambo techniques: He can use basic techniques from a grappling style. They are too specific to type out here without getting long-winded, but will be described in RP.

Boom-Boom Shell: Arthur fires a Boom-Boom Shell from his pistol, causing an explosion that has roughly a 25 foot radius.

Is it hot in here?: Arthur fires an incendiary shell from his pistol, causing a fire. It uses napalm, and so cannot be put out by water. Roughly 20 feet across.

Just kidding!: Arthur fires a LTL (Less Than Lethal) shell from his pistol. It can knock an opponent out, but will never kill.

Run awaaaay!: Arthur fires a smoke shell from his pistol, obscuring the opponent’s vision.

Shish Kebab: Arthur shoots a thorn out from a part of his body, attempting to impale the opponent.

Blades: Arthur uses his index fingers to extend sword-like spines.

Hedgehog: Arthur curls up in a ball, using layered spines to protect himself.

Gear Second (Not unlocked yet)- Refuel: Arthur injects himself with fluid from his spikes, making himself much larger and stronger. However, lactic acid buildup renders him nearly immobile after use.

Long-Range Pistol- Arthur’s custom pistol. -->Here<--
Various Shells- Shells to be loaded into the pistol for varying effects (see Techniques).
Various Pellets- Shells converted into pellet form can be thrown for similar effects to those of the shells, albeit smaller (i.e. Fire Pellet, Explosive Pellet, Smoke Pellet)
To create the world’s greatest invention.

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Hoshi Arthur
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