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 Kurotoriryu [Black Bird Style]

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PostSubject: Kurotoriryu [Black Bird Style]   Mon Sep 10, 2012 3:17 pm

Technique list name: Kurotoriryu [Black Bird style]
Overview: Her style also involved the natural movements she developed while training with her Duel Dao swords, so you could say that this style is a mix of natural and developed technique. The style barely uses any named techniques, as the form and rigidity of the moves takes away from the free-flowing movements of the style. The movements of the style is based on the movements of a bird or an avian creature. The style uses many wide swings and uses the momentum of the swings to increase the power, rather than the overall speed or raw power.
User: Kaya shitaki
History: Kaya developed her own style of sword play by watching the Giant Seagulls duel and fight over large fish.

-Level zero-
(use this sheet)
Type: (devil fruit move, sword style move ect)
Description: (simply describe the action performed)
Effect: (explain the end result)
Level learned: (higher level techniques are aloud to be more powerful)
Stat Requirements: (what % of what stat is required to use this technique? Include devil fruit control for devil fruit technques)
(repete for each tech)
-Level one-
(and so on)
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Kurotoriryu [Black Bird Style]
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