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 Kumo Kumo no Mi: Golem Model [Finished]

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PostSubject: Kumo Kumo no Mi: Golem Model [Finished]   Mon Sep 03, 2012 8:27 pm

Name: Kumo Kumo no Mi: Golem Model
Type: Mythical zoan
Effect: Allows the user to turn into a were and full Golem. By being a Golem, the user has access to being made of earth and it has the ability to absorb minerals in the earth around it to add form to its body. It can also regenerate from damage by absorbing minerals from the earth. when in partial mode, the user simply turns into a similar version of themselves, only made of earth, but when in fully transformed mode, they become This
User: (link to page)
Growth curve: (please explain what can be done at each percentage interval)
0% nothing
10% Has access to fully transformed mode, which raises the user's Endurance by 15%, but lows their Agility by 10%. The user becomes very vulnerable to water, which lowers their Endurance boost to -10%. Can use level 1 techniques.
20% Has access to Partial Transformation, which raises their endurance by 10% only, but with no Agility deduction. The user now has the ability to take in the minerals around it to regenerate wounds (at a reasonable rate). Can use Level 5 Techniques
30% the user becomes very dangerous now. The user's strength and Endurance both now get a boost of 20% with an Agility Deduction of 10%
40% The user has much more control over the earth that they absorb. The rate at which the user can regenerate using the earth is doubled and they can create weapons using the earth now. Can use level 12 moves.
50% The user can now increase their Strength and Endurance by 30%. The user can fire projectiles of Earth now and can manipulate the earth at a distance. The user can now regenerate wounds at a rate of minor wounds within 1 post, major wounds in 3, and life threatening wounds in 5.
60% The user can increase their endurance and Strength by 40% now. The user can Perform Rapid fire projectiles now. The user can Absorb the minerals in enemy weapons now, including steel. but it takes 2 posts to assimilate steel into the body
70% The user can now heal minor wounds instantly and Major wounds in 1 and life threatening wounds in 3. The user can now Assimilate steel into their body instantly like any other weapon or mineral
80% User can now double in size by absorbing surrounding Earth, thus multiplying their Strength and Endurance by 200%. Sadly, the user can only access this form for 5 posts before retreating towards Were-Golem form for 10 posts. The user is also stuck at 50% their normal Endurance during this time.
90% The user can now raise their Strength and Endurance by 50%. They can now heal any wound that they receive in just 2 posts, including life-threatening ones.
100% Full mastery of the fruit. The user can absorb and manipulate an entire island's worth of earth. Can use all techniques that my level can allow.
Ability Points Cost: (a mod will add an ability points cost after approveing the fruit)
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Kumo Kumo no Mi: Golem Model [Finished]
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