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 Julius Walker

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PostSubject: Julius Walker    Sun Sep 02, 2012 11:02 am

Name: Julius Walker (Mostly referred to as Walker)

Epithet: Dog Tag, Warmonger

Theme: Midnight Rodeo

Age: 41

Bounty: 15,000,000B

Species: Cyborg

Occupation: Captain, Shipwright

Allegiance: A mercenary, will do any task for the right amount of cash

Home Village/Ocean: Cactus Badlands, North Blue

Appearance: Walker is best described as a human mountain. With his heavy duty cyborg modifications, he is easily weighting around 500 kilograms, and stretches for at least 3 meters. Walker's abdomen is extraordinarily large and round in shape, giving him a large stomach and a broad chest. Nothing about him is anything less than massive, from his limbs to his jaw line and neck. His mechanical arms are as thick as tree trunk, and aside from the abnormal size of the forearms and hands that give their cyborg origin right away, seem like normal human arms with fake skin covering them. His shoulders would have seemed normal as well if it wasn't for their abnormal size even when compared to Walker, and the fact that they are basically two large cubes. The only part that might not seem so big are his legs, which are short in comparison to his body, but still do the trick. He has a red patch of hair on his head, that stopped growing ages ago due to his cyborg modifications, and a short red beard to go with it.

Walker's attire consists of an old black peaked cap, with the symbol of his mercenary crew displayed on the front. The cap covers his hair and never comes off, not even when he is sleeping, trying to remove his cap is a task saved only for the bravest souls. In an attempt to keep his cyborg parts free as possible, Walker chose a set of weird clothing. He wears a black leather jacket that barely fits him, and will never encase his abdomen without tearing. The jacket's sleeves are cut, so they won't interfere with the shoulder mechanisms. Walker wears a pair of dark jeans on his legs, with zippers along the thigh area to allow the mechanical hands hidden within to pop out. His pants are held by a long leather belt that also carries his pair of cutlasses. His attire is completed with a pair of heavy military boots, with well placed holes in the back of each sole to allow the jets in Walker's feet to operate.

History: Walker's life were a hellish nightmare from the very beginning, but his life were normal when compared to every other man who was unlucky enough to live on the infamous Cactus Badlands. The island, famous for the fact that no one in his right mind will ever have any reason to set foot on it, was nothing more than a gigantic hoodoo in the heart of the North Blue, with desert climate occupying it throughout the year. With an impressive variety of nutrients, ranging from cacti to cacti, the island managed to turn its people to desperate workers, who'd do anything for a decent meal and water, or better yet a chance to leave their rocky home. This fact effectively turned Cactus Badlands to a greenhouse of workers, and a hunting ground for every man in the neighboring islands who was looking for cheap employees.

Born into such a horrible home, Walker was educated to work for his meals from the moment he could carry himself, since nobody had anything to handout for him if he didn't take care of himself, not even his parents. He worked at any job he could get his hands on, from cleaning dishes to digging ditches, anything that offered a loaf of imported bread was fair game. He grew to hate the island, dreaming of leaving it behind him every time he caught a glimpse of the horizon, but much like everyone else on the hoodoo - his chances of ever leaving were slim. His life style of backbreaking nothingness continued until he was 7 years old, when a very unusual visitor arrived at the island.

Her name was "Jadehair" Vanessa, fitting her unique hair color. Vanessa was a rising revolutionary, tired of the World Government and hoping to reach the Grand Line and join the major league of revolutionaries over there. But, other than a ship - which she already had, every revolutionary needed a crew of followers, and who would be better than the desperate, change-hungry people of Cactus Badlands. As expected, when she arrived at the island and offered to take people off of it, she had its entire population flying through hoops just to be selected for the job. Vanessa had a heart full of mercy, and seeing all the hungry families that lived on the island pinched it hard, turning her recruitment quest to a salvation journey. She wanted to save as many as she could, but her ship couldn't carry entire families. Eventually, she decided that it would be better to take children with her, since they both had fewer chances of surviving on the island, and were naturally smaller and lighter, allowing her to save more of them. With luck on his side for the first time in his life, Walker was among the children that climbed aboard Vanessa's ship.

As a part of the "Jade Revolutionaries", Walker received the role of shipwright, mainly because he was one of the only kids who were strong enough to handle heavy machinery and tools, with the stronger kids busy practicing weaponry. That's where Walker's inexperienced hands made first contact with machines. Unfortunately, as expected from a crew consisting mainly of inexperienced kids, the Jade Revolutionaries didn't last long, and never made it past the North Blue before Vanessa was captured for stealing a ship, which was confiscated. Albeit that, Walker already managed to achieve his dream, he left Cactus Badlands, but what now?

Without anyone to take care of him, Walker once again had to work to survive, but now when he was armed with some experience in handling cannons and machinery, and the fact that he wasn't trapped on a giant hoodoo anymore, conditions were a lot better. He became a wondering chore boy, traveling with any ship that welcomed him, handling their machinery for food and shelter. It wasn't a glamorous life style, but with was better than the hoodoo, and Walker managed to collect friends, skill and knowledge from his many voyages, along with a slowly growing criminal record from his adventures with random pirate crews. The life among the scourges of the sea changed him as he adopted their life style. After working for scrapes for his entire childhood, he was thrilled to finally earn something off his work with the pirates, regardless of the fact that it was illegal.

After 20 years away from the hoodoo, Walker could be considered a pirate at every sense of the world. He roamed with the worst the Blues had to offer, ready to anything that was against the law, yet do nothing for free. His poor childhood sprouted into greed within him, and his bounty grew accordingly. With a few uncomfortable encounters with swords and guns under his belt, Walker carried a respectful amount of wounds that were taken care of by his mechanical knowledge as he slowly turned into a cyborg, one bolt at a time. He stole, attacked, pillaged and even killed during these years. Eventually, when he was 27, his latest crew entered a battle it couldn't win, resulting in the destruction of their ship, imprisonment of their captain, and separation of the crew. Walker, now once again on his own, decided that he had enough: He was tired of working himself off and only receiving a cut of the profit, and was tired of working under people with goals that were so different form his. It was unbelievably difficult to find a captain that didn't have a goal other than money and power, and Walker was tired of having their goals and mental blocks standing in his way for more money and power.

With these thoughts in mind, Walker reached a conclusion. It was time to stop jumping from crew to crew and take business to his own hands. If he was to ever work for a man with "goals", it would be under his terms and his terms alone. It was time to make real money, not just a cut of it. He got his hands on a ship and returned to doing what he did his whole life, working. Only this time, it was by his terms alone. He was willing to do anything, from shipping to killing, as long as money was involved. He recruited men to work for him from time to time, but never for too long, since sharing the wealth with them was too demanding, and stood in his way towards power and fortune. Without any moral captain or supervision to watch over him, his bounty started racing up as his actions became more boundless and illegal, and his cyborg modifications became more dominant with every mission he performed. He shifted over to the Grand Line when he was tired of being a small fry, and until this day runs a company famous for doing anything and everything, at the right price.

Personality: The only things that might actually run in Walker's head are money and fire power, that's pretty much all there is to it. Apart, each of these can make a person a respectful psychopath, but together all they do is put Walker and whoever might follow his idiocy into an endless loop of getting money for fire power to help get more money for more fire power. As a war-crazed greedy cyborg, Walker doesn't really have a meaningful screening process when it comes to what jobs to take, anything with the right price on it will do, from stealing a medicine for a dying girl to killing marines and sinking ships, he'll do it all for the right amount. Unfortunately, the "right amount" can't buy Walker's loyalty, since he'll always choose a higher amount than staying loyal to his original client, since loyalty doesn't get you any fire power. His greed makes his a hesitant spender, making any buy that doesn't involve guns a painful event either for Walker or for any poor store owner that'll happen to have his store bombed to pieces for "over-pricing", which is the main reason why anything that Walker owns other than his cyborg modifications is never in top shape. Perhaps the only red line that Walker has is betraying his crew, since a good employee is a source of more money, but even that line can be crossed with the right size of moneybags. The only food and drinks he enjoys are the cheapest ones, and that also applies for anything else in Walker's possession, except guns of course. Overall, Walker is a hot-tempered man with an extremely low toleration for pretty much anything, who is both obnoxious and kind of silly and dumb in almost every hour of every day.

Ship: The Moneymaker

Ship Flag: A black smoking paw imprint on a red background

Devil Fruit: None

Special Abilities:

Great Mechanic: Thanks to his refusal to pay any real mechanic, Walker was forced by his cheap self to handle any repairs and upgrades his ship or equipment ever requires on his own. After doing so for a good portion of his 41 years, Walker became a decent mechanic, possessing more bitter-gained experience than actual knowledge. He is more than capable of handling any repairs and upgrades his own cyborg body or his ship will ever require.

Cyborg Modifications: Aside from turning him into a living death machine, Walker's cyborg body provides him with a few added perks. He is almost completely immune to traditional bullets, as his sturdy metallic frame and structure will simply block the incoming fire, and is also capable of blocking any attack that is not strong enough to damage metal with his bare hands, protecting his actual living parts. His body also provides him with added strength, allowing his reinforced limbs to crack stone with punches and kicks. Unfortunately, these advantages come with a weakness, as his metallic body makes him even heavier than he would have been without it, turning him into a slow tank. This problem is partially solved by his rocket-soles, but the sinking-in-water problem is yet to meet a solution.

Artillery Expert: Thanks to the long time Walker spent with cannons for arms, he developed a higher understanding of trajectory that is quite similar to his mechanic skills: Heavily-based on experience rather than actual understanding. Walker can practically predict where every bit of dirt will fly to after any kind of explosion, and aim his bombardments with exceptional accuracy.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):

Paw Cannon!: Walker will fire all five of the barrels built into his arm, causing a massive explosion and leaving a large paw-shaped crater in the impact area. The resulting blast is powerful enough to reduce houses and small ships to dust. The central explosion has a 4 meter diameter, and each of the four minor explosions has a 2 meter diameter, resulting in a devastating attack.

Paw Salvo!: Same as Paw Cannon, only performed with both hands simultaneously, resulting in twice the fire power and destructive potential.

Paw Blitz!: Instead of firing all of his barrels at the same time, Walker will fire a single shot from each, allowing him to both spread his shots around and fire at a steady pace without needing to stop and reload all of the barrels at once. However, by doing so Walker's attacks become less destructive, and his cannons are more vulnerable to excessive heat.

Surprise Armory!: Walker will release the pair of long arms hidden within his thighs, who will in turn draw the cutlasses that are held on his belt and slash at an incoming threat in blinding speed. This technique can be used while in Turtle Tank Mode.

Apache Fan: By rotating the hands of his hidden arms on their wrist axis, Walker can turn his cutlass-holding arms into bladed fans. While serving as an intimidating weapon, the rotating fans can also protect Walker from gunfire by deflecting bullet, and blow away fire and gas-based attacks away from him.

Blast Off!: Walker will activate the jets on his feet, launching himself upwards with great speed. The jets are not strong enough to make him fly, but are strong enough to allow him to dodge incoming attacks despite his heavy weight.

Propaganda Storm: Activate!: Walker will open his right shoulder, and release a seemingly infinite amount of pamphlets and business cards advertising his crew. This move is capable of covering the aerial space of an entire village into one big commercial, and when released in close range, can be quite painful.

Bunker Dive: Retreat!: Using the special mechanisms in his neck, Walker can fully tuck his head into his torso, protecting it from harm. Unfortunately, this allows Walker to look nowhere but above him.

Iron Curtain: Deploy!: Walker will expand his back, creating a large metallic shield capable of covering his entire body. From there, Walker will simply dive to the ground, allowing the shield to cover his entire body while his front is buried underneath it, and his head is tucked into his torso.

Turtle Tank Mode: Engage!: After expanding the shield on his back and dropping to the ground, Walker will point his arm cannons out of the shielded area, and direct the jets on his feet backwards. Then, he will turn both of his knees and both of his elbows into wheels, effectively turning himself into a tank. In this form, Walker is protected from almost every angle, and can travel at great speeds, although turning becomes more difficult for him.

Weapons/Items: Mecha-Walker, A pair of standard cutlasses, A surprisingly large supply of cough medicine

Character Flaws: Walker is forever to be trapped in an endless loop. He works for money to buy power, that will in turn help him get more money for more power, leading to a cycle that prevents him from achieving any meaningful goals (Not that he has any). He has next to no morals or codes of conduct, and anything that offers enough money is fair game to him. This does not mean that he can't do any heroic stunts, but he'll have to be convinced that there is money to gain from them, either by someone else or himself.

Goals: Money and power, and more money for more power for even more money and power, cause what else is there to wake up in the morning for?

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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand Done
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PostSubject: Re: Julius Walker    Sat Nov 10, 2012 1:01 pm

A very well-written character.


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Julius Walker
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