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 Victor Gray

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PostSubject: Victor Gray   Sat Sep 01, 2012 6:19 pm

Name: Victor Gray

Age: 22

Species: Human

Occupation: Fighter

Allegiance: Marine (Hooded Knights/Rank: Lieutenant Commander)

Home Village/Ocean: North Blue

Appearance: A young man of about 5'9". He has fare skin and his black hair is kept short. As a marine, he wears a standard marine uniform and a cape on his back with the word "Justice" written on the back (as is standard) which is draped on his back. He wears black hand wraps.

History: Born on an island with a large marine fort, Victor was the son of a prominent Marine commodore. Growing up, he learned the ways of hand-to-hand combat. By the age of 11, Victor was very proficient in kungfu and karate. By the age of 18, Victor became a master, though he had never defeated his father in a spar. That year, Victor decided, to the joy of his father, to become a marine. After his acceptance, his father held a party at their house. At about midnight, once all of the guests had left, Victor's father presented him with a tightly locked box. Inside of the box was the most peculiar fruit he had ever seen. Victor's father described the fruit as a devil fruit, though he did not know what powers it held. He taught Victor all about devil fruits, including current users in the world as well as their weakness to seawater. Being very old, he wanted to give the fruit to a younger person who wouldn't disappoint him. He gave the fruit as a gift to Victor, making him promise to become an even stronger marine than he ever was. Victor ate the fruit and from that day on, he was a "Vector man."

On that year, the marines had gained more recruits than usual. The higher-ups decided to have some fun with the recuits, hosting a tournament to find the best rookie marine. Victor joined the tournament and showed immediate results, rising to the top 4 as the only unarmed fighter. Throughout the tournament, Victor refrained from using his devil fruit at all. He lost in the semi-finals to a skillful swordsman who played the offense for the duration of the match. Knowing he could not win, Victor surrendered the match. The officers who favored him were disappointed but the higher-ups were thoroughly impressed by his ability. With the help of his father, Victor was taken under the wing of a vice-admiral to undergo training.

For the next three years, Victor studied the way of the marines under the vice-admiral. Victor's proficiency in fighting spurred the Vice-admiral to teach his the basics of Rokushiki. He chose to teach Victor two that could easily be applied to his fighting style; Soru and shigan. Victor easily mastered shigan but had trouble with Soru. After intense training, Victor could only barely accomplish an basic level of Soru, thus abandoning the prospect of teaching it. When he was 21, the Vice-admiral believed that Victor had learned enough, he promoted him to the rank of lieutenant in hopes of having him serve under other captains to learn more about the world and the grand line. He went on to search for a specialized marine crew that he could fit in with.

Personality: Victor is always open to new things, eager to learn new things from his higher ups. As such, respect toward his superiors is a must for him. He is well versed in the ways of the Marines and the World Government though he does not adopt an extremist attitude against crime. He is a man of honor, preferring to not sneak up on an opponent but rather to face them head on. He is very charismatic toward both his crewmates and senior officers. He will only attack those who intend to do him harm, never lifting a finger to hurt women and children.

Devil Fruit: Bekuta-Bekuta no mi
type: Paramecia
effect: Allows the user to shoot vectors from any body part. The vectors move at the same speed as the body part and are very sharp.

Special Abilities:
Expert martial artist (karate and kungfu).
Above average speed and endurance (as a result of his training).

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
Rokushiki: Shigan
Rokushiki: Geppo
Rokushiki: Soru. Can be used to enhance both DF abilities and martial arts moves.
Karate Master: Uses mainly swift combination attacks with the arms and legs; fast and focused offensive attacks.
Kung Fu Master: Uses mainly counters and defensive movements using energy drawn from within the body; powerful offensive and strong defensive attacks.
Vector Martial Arts: Combines the powers of his DF with his skills in martial arts, providing him with a better attack and defense.

Weapons/Items: None. Just basic marine uniform, marine cape, and white gloves.

Goals: To rid the seas of evil.
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PostSubject: Re: Victor Gray   Sun Sep 02, 2012 6:40 pm

APPROVED, unless stated otherwise by a senior mod or admin.

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Victor Gray
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