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 Asura Tenku [Finished]

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PostSubject: Asura Tenku [Finished]   Mon Aug 20, 2012 7:24 pm

Name: Asura Tenku

Age: 21

Bounty: 10,000,000 Beli

Species: Human

Occupation: Captain/Swordsman (Red Cog Pirates)

Allegiance: Pirate

Home Village/Ocean: Grandline


Asura is a tall, muscular rather viscious looking man who stands around 6'9 and weighs 130 pounds. He has red, glistening hair which frames his face and brings out the colour of his eyes. His eyes are a rich green in colour which really tend to shine under the rays of the sun. They are perched upon a rather pale, horrendous face which doesn't really attract many people. Asura normally wears a long, black coat, crimson pants, a pair of red shoes and a black captain's hat on a normal basis as he is the captain of a crew called "The Red Cog Pirates". Along with him, he carries a cutlass as his weapon and normally hangs it on his belt. He also wears an eye patch to cover his battered eye due to an accident that he had got into during his young ages. He also has a scar which is the shape of an "X" crossed on his chest, he had gained this during battle.



Asura's birth took place in an old house which was slightly burnt down by the marines in search of his parents. His parents were viscous pirates whose bounties continued to grow because of the chaos they would cause upon villages and towns.Unfortunately, Asura's father was tracked down and killed by the marines before his birth, which means he will never get to meet him in person. But, his mother still continues to terrorize other places and she wanted to someday meet Asura as a wealthy pirate in person, so she figured she would need something to identify him with. She got out her dagger and made deep cuts on his arm. She wrote: 'Tenku X'. His mum didn't want him to die, so she wrapped him in a clean cloth for warmth, left him her cutlass for defense, and set a fruit basket next to him in the forest.


As Asura grew, he encountered many ways on how to stay alive, but only 3 of the most viscous ways stood out to him- Killing, stealing and threatening. These were the ways he found the easiest and funnest. During his free times, he trained himself on the cutlass that he had found set behind him. He noticed the blood on it and knew it was used before. He had no clue who could have done it, but he still suspects it may be somebody close to him. He is even more suspicious about the mysterious comfort he had been given during his younger ages. All these thoughts remained as mysteries that buzzed through his head, but he had thought most about being abandoned. This was really upsetting him and caused his feelings to shatter. He wouldn't trust anyone that has loved ones and would go insane around the sighting of blood. He continued this way for long and soon began to kill innocent ones for training, terrorize villages for money and steal for food.


Asura soon became a threat to the marines and his bounty began to grow faster than his parent's. The training got him to quite a high stage- the cutlass was his main weapon, and it was the reason the people wold run from him. It was covered in blood, dirt and the point was amazingly sharp. He became more viscous and insane as he grew older. Death really brightened up his mood, and he wanted to increase the numbers of deaths around the world. Asura already began trying this, and took down a number of villages, also, the marines had no choice, but to rise his bounty. This process continued and bigger groups of marines came chasing after him. He took them down with ease, and took this as an advantage to learn new moves. Then, he thought...The best way to increase deaths is to do it with a group, a few is better than 1 anyways. That's when he thought of making a crew, the red cog pirates. He would recruit people aboard his ship and battle through his hatred.


Asura has gained great power and soon, people began to notice him from all around the seas. As he continued his journey, he had got into many battles, and got the chance to see blood almost all the time. As he sailed on his little raft, he noticed that this wasn't enough for a crew. He stopped at an island, it happened to be crowded by pirates, he found this as an opportunity to gain a bigger ship. Asura ran to the port, only to find a ship 8 times bigger than his. He didn't bother to waste any time exploring, he got into the ship, and immediately set sail. He stopped at the next island to explore the ship and figure out how it was going to be set out for his crew. He found this one much more fascinating than his and swapped the old flag for the one he had carried along with him. Now, all he needed was the crew members to complete the ship.

Personality: Asura is a blood-thirsty pirate who always tends to take part in battles and murders. He is normally careless about his surroundings and is always grinning at the sight of blood, sometimes even if it is his own blood. He prefers death over life and normally trains himself on the bodies of the people he had managed to kill. He will always take things the bloody way and refuse to do things steadily. Once something is under his property, he will murder or threaten anyone who gets near it. Full trust will not be put upon anybody but his crew mates, and nothing can make him smile more than when he has blood in sight.

Ship: Sailing Machine

Ship Flag: A jolly roger wearing a captain's hat which has a red cog on it and two cutlasses crossed behind it.

Special Abilities:

Skilled with swords

Very keen instincts

Very tactical

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):

Slashing spree: Continuous slashes towards the enemy's chest.

Devils's mark: When close to the enemy, he would stab the enemy in his shoulder blade, and bring the sword lower.

Blood feast: Send a cut straight to the enemy's neck leaving the blood spray out.

Killer slash: (Used when surrounded by 2 people-one in front one back) He would jump out to the side, attracting the two enemies, then he would run up towards them and give them a slash towards both of their bellies.

Weapons/Items: A cutlass

Goals: To increase the deaths around the world and become filthy rich.
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Asura Tenku [Finished]
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