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 Erica ''eric'' Alessi

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PostSubject: Erica ''eric'' Alessi    Sat Aug 18, 2012 2:20 pm

Name: Erica Alessi, ''eric'' mostly called eric by everyone, since her parents rather had a boy, also often called useless child.

Age: 7

Bounty: 0

Species: Human

Occupation: Cook in training, maid

Allegiance: Pirate

Home Village/Ocean: grandline

Appearance: A short and thin girl, being 10 cm shorter then avarage for her age, she is also very thin and weighs around 15 kilo, which isn't a lot. and certainly unhealthy, she wears her hair like boys do, her hair is cut short, to her ears. her skin is very pale, and their is no fat on her face, she is skinny, her blueish eyes are deep and look mysterious. She looks just like a boy, and people thiknk she is a boy, because of her face and her clothes.

the clothes she wears differ with what she wants to wear, since she is a daughter of a mafia family, she has to wear a tuxedo, she would prefer to wear a skirt, and girly clothes but she isnt allowed, she is forced to wear tuxedos, even with a bow tie, and shoes she has trouble to walk on,

her body is filled with scars, from her dad who had hit her lots of times, even knive wounds etc, her short hair is brownish, and she hopes she would be able to let it grow someday, she has a small and somewhat pointy nose,.

After being adopted by Karasu and saved by him her body began to heal, leaving her right arm and left arm, still wounded and unable to use just yet, but will be moveable again in near future (1-2 thread)

Erica was born to the rich and great alessi family, a mafia family that ruled the whole island, for most people it would seem like an ideal place to be born, since she would have lots of maids and people who cared for her, but this wasnt the way it was, her parents had dreamed for a boy, when a daugther had arrived they were so dissapointed they couldnt love their daughter they even gave her a boys name, to make it look like she was a boy, but it didnt ease their pain, it felt like the girl was a demon, ruining their family, not if she had done anything wrong.

the one person she loved was her grand dad, he was the sole person that accepted her how she was as a girl, and wanted her to be a happy girl even if her parents didnt allow it, sometimes he would meet erica, to give her small presents, and to talk, those were moments erica really enjoyed. back at home erica was mostly treated by maids, they were ordered to treat here in a cold way, '' dont give her too much love,, the demoon doesnt deserfve it '' her dad often told the maids, so they didnt, scared to be fired,

At the age of 3 the maids were ordered to train the girl to let her become a maid, she got to do things, she had to cook. at that young age she could barily even carry the plates, but she had too, the first time she cooked, it wasnt too good, not enough for her parents standards, when they taster her food, she wasnt allowed to get food for 2 days, and also got a lot of punches and kicks from her dad, she had no idea what she did wrong, and it felt very strange to be treated like that, she was her daughter she should be loved by her parents but this wasnt the way it was, they hated her, but why she didn't know and she was way too scared to ask,

At the age of 4, her grandpa gave her a slingshot, which she started using by firing acorns, at a course she set up, she loved to shoot with the slingshot, she was proud enough to show her dad, it was the only time he smiled. with her around about her, being proud of his daughter that she did something with a slingshot. but this changed fast, when her next dish wasnt too good, her slingshot was taken away,''you should focus on cooking, you useles piece of sh*t'' her dad said, those things made her very sad, not knowing why this was happening.

Everything went along with this for years, it got worse, her dad used her for other things then just cooking, getting more and more beat up, when failing something minor, she really became scared to fail, when her grandfather fell sick, and was taken to an hospital somewhere out of the island, she couldnt take it anymore, she was to scared and she couldnt tell it to anyone, her granfather was someone she could talk wiith, but he was gone now, she ran away from home, but soon her dad saw this and followed her,

A few days before she fled the island the young erica was so hungry when cleaning the treasure room that she came acros a piece of fruit, she found it strange that someone left it in a treasure room, not knowing about it special powers she brought it to the kitchen, but halfway there in the big hallways she couldn't bear the need for food and ate it, when her parents found out the fruit was missing they obviously blamed the young girl, after getting beaten a lot, they left her thinking she hadn't eaten it nothing was changed in her body, she had told her parents she brought the fruit to the fridge, erica didnt know why her parents did make such a fuss of a piece of fruit.

When her dad catched up to her he slammed her against a fence, hitting her a few times, it hurt, she even bled, ''you useles child' he said, while removing the girls shirt ''no not again, please no'' she said, she didnt want it to happen again, it hurt so much and it felt so bad, her father seemed to enjoy it, but it hurt so much, the struggle continued for a minute, then she heard a gun shot, and another and another, she ran away and saw her father falling to the ground, seeing only a glimpse of who shot the man, that hated and hurted her, she felt happy and sad at the same time,

When she came home, she inmediatley ran to her room, where a maid tried and treated her wounds, after half an hour her mom stormed in with a few guards, her angry voice yelled '' you killed him didn't you, now you should die too'', her mom who somewhat felt sympathy for her being treated so bad, now was angry like she never was before, erica ran as fast as she could, running from her house, falling from the stairs being chased by a few off the members of the family, would she even be able to escape

She was saved, by the man that killed her father, and that man was karasu, she was taken to the dark isle, and was treated in the submarine and in the dark isles hopsital, she was treated like a princess, and was asked to become karasus daughter, ofcourse she accepted. her body still needed lots of rest, and she wasn't able to walk since her left leg was unusable and still needed to heal, this was the same for her right arm,

Personality: Erica forces herself to be a tomboy, she knews her parents would prefer a boy, and tries her best to live up to that, making them even angrier at her. She is a child with lots of feelings that wants to bee accepted by her parents, by the people around her, and most of all wants to be apreciated, due to her being tortured and being slashed a lot she turned into a very shy and silent girl not talking a lot most of the time scared for things that can happen, she is a wise thinker, and loves to dream, in her dreams she doesnt have the pain, she has in her real life, though she wakes up from nightmares screaming and sweating once in a while,

Erica was forced to cook for her parents from a very young age, being teached by a maid, in how ro cook and how to serve food she was serving her parents from when she was 5, she really had to do her best at it, since if the food wouldnt be good she would feel it, and she would be left without food for the rest of the day.

It hurts her a lot that she is disrespected by her mom and dad, and wishes to be accepted by them, its not her fault that she is a gir, she does her best to hide it, and hopes she would be accepted that way. When cooking she does feel enjoyment, even though she has to make the best she can, if she wants food to eat, it gives her a good feeling if she acomplished something good and is finally apreciated.

Erica has a great bond with her grandfather, who is sad that she gets treated that bad, so once in a while he takes her to do something good, her grandfather is the only person she trusts, she loves him, when with her grandfather she can be very huggy, since she doesnt get love from others. she became scared for lots of people so doesnt open up fast,

Erica is a brave little girl, who doesnt complain easily, she dresses as a boy to be accepted, she likes her grandfather, the candy he buys for her once in a while, she cant take it home since her father doesnt want her to be spoiled, she dislikes being beaten and being talked bad about, she is scared of her own family and the mafia comunity she lives in, her dream is to leave the comunity and find someone that relaly cares for her,

when her dad was killed by a unkown man, when he tried to beat her up in the town she felt thankfull but angry, who was that man and why was her dad killed, it felt strange, when she came home she was accused for murder there was no one left to run the mafia family but her, since her mom didnt want her to be the leader, she decided her daughter had lived long enough, and should be an offer to please the gods, hoping she could get another child which was to lead the clan. not a cursed girl. when Erica heard that she was shocked, becoming less and less convenient about herself, maybe thinking it was good to let it end

Ship: name of ship

Ship Flag: describe

Devil Fruit: Miso Miso no Mi
Effect: he Hiso Hiso no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to understand the heart of an animal; in other words, allowing him or her to "speak" (without words, telepathically) to animals.

Special Abilities: Basic cook, some slignshot training,

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):

Weapons/Items: A slingshot and a cooking knife, and her stuffed plushie bunny which is pink, and she got from karasu, she calls it mr cuddles

Character Flaws: Very weak body, sick often due to not being treated well and not eating healthy/ often, also is shy and scared for people

Goals:Prove her mom wrong, become happy, find someone who cares

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PostSubject: Re: Erica ''eric'' Alessi    Mon Aug 20, 2012 5:25 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Erica ''eric'' Alessi    Fri Aug 31, 2012 6:27 pm

added the devilfruit, and in history something that happened in the prev thread, and how in her history she got her fruit
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PostSubject: Re: Erica ''eric'' Alessi    Fri Aug 31, 2012 11:15 pm

APPROVED, unless stated otherwise by a senior mod or admin.

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PostSubject: Re: Erica ''eric'' Alessi    

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Erica ''eric'' Alessi
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