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 Abijo "Dagon" Voreer [WIP]

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PostSubject: Abijo "Dagon" Voreer [WIP]   Thu Aug 16, 2012 6:45 am

Name: Abijo "Dagon" Voreer

Age: 49

Bounty: 27,00,000

Species: Angler-fish Fishman

Occupation: High Priest (Captain)

Allegiance: Devil Reef Cult/Pirates, the Dreaming Lord

Home Village/Ocean: Fishman Island, Grandline

Appearance: Could describe or give a picture, or both

History: must be detailed


Ship: The Innsmouth Look

Ship Flag:

Special Abilities: -Fishman Attributes: like all fishman, Dagon is stronger and faster than a typical human.

-Fishman Karate: Dagon practices fishman karate, even using a unique style of it in combination with his staff Idol.

-Prophetic Arts: Dagon has developed some strange abilities tied to his religion that he claims are gifts of his master.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25): Sword techniques, Devil fruit moves, rokushiki, anything special move wise

Weapons/Items: take what you want from the approved weapons list but custom weapons must be registered and approved

Character Flaws: -Overconfident, as he believes he has a god's will on his side.

-Honest to a fault, as he believes his words are the words of his master he will never do anything but speak the truth as he sees it.

-Is wracked by horrid nightmares and is there for very tired; will try to sleep as much as possible, unless more pressing matters exist.

-Cannot stand for his religion to be chastised, especially by heathens, who he will kill on the spot for such hubris.

Goals: Spread the teachings of the Dreaming Lord and create an empire to punish this world of heathens.
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Abijo "Dagon" Voreer [WIP]
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