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 doug k rick

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PostSubject: doug k rick   Mon Aug 13, 2012 4:46 am

Name: Doug K. Rick (nickname: rick)


Bounty: 500

Species: Human

Occupation: would like to be first-mate, no real sea occupation, very good with managing money, also good at hand to hand combat

Allegiance: wants to be a pirate, doesn't care for any other organization

Home Village/Ocean: west

Appearance: spike black hair, most of the time wears it down maybe 2 inches max, white skin tone, blue eyes, brown eye brows, big nose (not like usopp) its big overall, a mix of zoro and cricket from jaya arc body type, 5 foot 8 165, wears a shirt with a rainbow on it on top the rainbow says gangsta-ish, sometimes wears a red checkered dress shirt, black dress pants, mid top tennis shoes, no hat, X tattoos on his shoulders and an om sign on his back, has a belt that carries 2 pistols both on rightside, left handed

History: he grew up with his grandpa in west blue both his parents where in the marines so they didn't see him much but they still loved him and he knew that, they died one day in a ship explosion (when he was 10), also his mom was a DF user but he never knew or found out what DF, the last thing his dad said to him was "it never matters about the quantity of friends it matters the quality" so he believes well in that and lends his trust easily. his grandpa trained him in hand to hand combat and disarming opponents and had him join a dojo too where he was ranked in the top 10 in the dojo. his grandpa also showed him how to shoot a pistol within 40 feet after that it kinda iffy. he has only seen 3 devil fruits in his life, all 3 came to the island and were auctioned off, 2 of them being zoan fruits both fruits were eaten immediately one girl turned into a eagle hybrid and the other guy turned into a lion hybrid which made him hope the fruit he won in the auction wasn't a zoan fruit, and indeed it wasn't he was about 12 when he eat the fruit and at 14 he set sail in the open water of west blue.

Personality: he takes a no for an answer very hard, when he speaks his voice is usually loud (atleast louder then an inside voice), he talks non-sence alot, also says random stuff, he is very loyal to his friends, smart-mouths and back-talks. insulting his friends ticks him off, enjoys the open sea and bar fights, very optimistic and laid-back, doesn't like to kill but will do if needed, he is very lively and out going he will try to make friends with as many people possible he also hate seeing people sad, if he does he tries to help then through or just even listen to there problems. he also sometimes can be very very cocky but most of the time its all just talk, it is easy to tell when he is mad because he in not as lively anymore and stop to talk or if he does he is quite about it.
name of ship: none

Ship Flag: none

Devil Fruit: suru suru no mi
type: paramecia
effect: allows you to adapt to survive and live
Special Abilities: ok/well at hand to hand combat or disarming opponent, can hit anything with in 40 feet with good accuracy anything past 45 feet is like a blind shot haha

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
flying knee: run and jump knee first towards opponent's head
suru suru hands: damage done to the hand region is very low, hands adapt quicker to what about to hit them, sometimes arms will to if need-be
suru suru hands disarm : does suru suru hand then try's to disarm opponent
flying elbow: run and jumps up and attempt to fall down on opponent elbow first
crazy fists: punches repeatedly many times while walking or running at opponent
downtown smash" arms making 90 degree angle, forearms are near the face and or in front of the body, and comes slamming down to the ground on either someone lying down or someone on the ground or just the plain ground(ouch)
2-shot: both pistols out both fire at the same time
delayed 2 shot: both pistols out 1 fires then the other 3 sec later
1 shot: just shoots 1 pistol

flaws: sometimes is to reckless

Weapons/Items: 2 pistols on the left side, (not sure if this is would be a custom weapon but a 5 inch shield he would carry on his back if it is nvm)

Goals: Make friends, help them with there dreams, find out what might have caused the explosion for his parent death, wants to try a rumble ball to see the effect but is very scared of after effects)

questions what the difference between regular role play and advance also were can i begin my journey, and do i have to summit a devil fruit registry ? i got the fruit approved in general

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PostSubject: Re: doug k rick   Mon Aug 13, 2012 1:26 pm

Personality needs to be much longer...

((regular roleplay and advance roleplay are two different sections completely))
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PostSubject: Re: doug k rick   Mon Aug 13, 2012 7:46 pm

there i changed it a bit
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PostSubject: Re: doug k rick   Mon Aug 13, 2012 8:13 pm

The personality should still be a good one to two lines longer
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PostSubject: Re: doug k rick   Mon Aug 13, 2012 8:59 pm

changed his history and added to personality
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PostSubject: Re: doug k rick   Mon Aug 13, 2012 9:20 pm

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PostSubject: Re: doug k rick   

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doug k rick
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