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 W.I.P. Nakale Nisuka

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PostSubject: W.I.P. Nakale Nisuka   Sun Aug 12, 2012 4:29 am

Name: Nakale Nisuka

Age: 24

Bounty: Non-applicable.

Species: Human

Occupation: herald

Allegiance: "Revolutionary"? (in between causes at the moment)

Home Village/Ocean: East Blue

Appearance: Nakale stands at the above-average height of five foot eleven, however, he commonly slouches in a way that makes him seem three inches shorter. He is long and lanky with broad shoulders and a lengthy neck. Nisuka's lower body is far more impressive than his chest and arms, with well-toned calves (like those of a bicyclist) that contrast with his lackluster biceps and chest muscles. Nakale is a malnourished man- his rib cage is clearly visible and his abdomen is flat without being muscular. His fingers are thin like noodles and his hands are heavily callused, especially around the connecting point of the thumb and palm. The nape of Nisuka's neck is colored a harsh red from sunburn, while the rest of his body is an untanned, greyish-white color.
Nakale has a thin face with pronounced cheekbones; his slightly jutting chin has a small cleft and his face is clean-shaven. Nisuka's face is painted snow white (which contrasts with the more realistic tone of his pale skin), however, his nose is sunburned a bright red. His green eyes display a wide range of emotion from intense hatred to complete despair that is far more authentic then the rest of his facial "tells". Unlike the rest of his face, the emotions shown in Nakale's eyes are one-hundred percent true. Nakale wears his charcoal black hair in dreadlocks swept back into a pony tail. Covering Nisuka's amazing locks is a white baseball cap with a black bill and the word "Stag" stitched into the front of it in the same black as the bill.
Nakale's back is covered by a black button up shirt (worn with open chest, rolled-up sleeves, and his popped collar) and a khaki-colored leather vest over the shirt. Nisuka wears a pair of khaki pants with the legs rolled-up halfway his shins. He covers his feet with a pair of white ankle socks and some cheap sandals.

History: must be detailed

Personality: Nakale is a rather peculiar man- the manifestation of his specific brand of curiosity is that his very character is capricious. He has a tendency to be either decisively intense or humorously energetic. When he wants to, he can appear charismatic and inspiring. At other times, Nisuka gives off the aura of an intellectual or the attitude of a violent thug. Little is known of who Nakale truly is, but he seems to fancy himself a lady-killer (though he is none too picky about gender). While someone who has encountered Nisuka more than once may take note that his behavior is nothing but a performance. Ironically, he has a habit of criticizing the disingenuous and decrying "hypocrites" or "phonies". Nakale has a shattered sense of self, and doesn't know which of his identities (if any) represent the real him. Underneath his inconsistent persona, Nisuka has a great frustration with himself, anyone and everyone, and the world itself. Nakale rarely truly bonds with people, and even his greatest friends are not people he admires on a deep level. He is motivated by a desire to see things change, whether it be for the better or the worse. He has a fondness for two things- nothingness (like the feeling of a sleep) and distraction (that which draws him away from his thoughts); though he is a bitter man, Nisuka will take any excuse to be happy (even a cheap one). He tends to become happy quickly and lose the feeling even quicker. Nakale doesn't know how much he values his own life, so he varies from being incredibly cautious to thoughtlessly straightaway. He pretends he wants people to leave him alone while longing for someone to understand him; however, he also hates people who think they understand him (it's a tall order to understand the man so illusive he doesn't understand himself). Nisuka is inherently conflicted as a person; how else could he be a revolutionary who thinks revolutions are meaningless? Nakale doesn't understand his moral code but he knows he has one that he must stick to. He views himself as a chaotic force because he's uncertain if he is a hero or a villain. Nakale Nisuka never refers to himself by his full name, instead he either calls himself his first name or his surname.

Ship: a rowboat

Ship Flag: non-applicable

Devil Fruit: NA
type: NA
effect: NA

Special Abilities: talented acrobat and hammer fighter.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):

Weapons/Items: a large wooden mallet, the telescoping kama

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W.I.P. Nakale Nisuka
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