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Name: Tom Yodorigi

Age: 25


Species: Human

Occupation: Doctor/Swordsman

Allegiance: Marine/WG

Home Village/Ocean: North Blue

Appearance: [img][/img]

History: Tom was born into a kind and thoughtful family, his father was a succseful agent and his mother was a skilled doctor. Tom in his free time enjoys to follow animals and see how they behave, it makes him happy in some way. Tom always looked up to his father and aimed to be a great agent that worked in the CP9, his father was also a skilled swordsman. Tom's father in his free time would train Tom in how to wield and use a sword skillfully and correctly, Tom was a fast learner and learnt many useful moves that could be used in combat.

When Tom reached the age of 12 his father was killed by a very skilled pirate, once Tom heard the news of his father's death Tom was furious and decided that when he became a CP9 agent he would kill any pirate he saw. Tom then decided that he should learn some medical skills so he went to his mum and she trained him for around 5-6 years.

When Tom reached the age of 18 he decided that it was time to join CP9 so he set off to the WQ HQ. Once he arrived at the HQ he was told to wait for 2 years and come back when he was 20. So he went back and trained for 2 years however decided that he should train for another 2 years, during those 2 years he discovered and learnt the move soru which took him 1 year to learn and learnt another technique which didn't take that long to perfect and learn , after this he decided he should go back to the HQ so he came back to the HQ and asked them for a position once again and now he is now waiting for a positive or negative response from them.

While waiting for a response Tom decided that he should take this opportunity to somehow train more, the more he trained the more his techniques improved, Tom felt confident that one day he could avenge his dad and become as brave and strong as him. Also Tom is very close to perfecting his first rokushiki technique "Soru".

Personality: Tom is serious at most times but he can be quite humorous and kind. Tom enjoys jokes but not all the time, In battle he is focused and serious his intention is to only come out victorious. Tom can also be quite lazy and annoying at some points however he always finishes tasks that he is sent on even if it means complete failure, in other words he always comes back with a detailed report. He is a very reliable and honest person he is also very dedicated to the marines.

Ship: Normal WG Ship

Ship Flag

Special Abilities:

Skilled Doctor

Skilled Swordsman

Accuracy is Great at most times

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-15):

Soru: Normal Soru (Still needs a little perfection)

Rising Tiger Technique: Gets out one sword and leaps towards enemy, slashes upward
causing a great deal of damage if enemy is hit

Air Blade Frenzy: Sends out 10-12 air blades at enemy

Cheetah's Pride: Similar to Shishi Sonson but uses 2 swords

Weapons/Items: 2 normal katanas

Goals: Become a famous and skilled Agent
Take out all pirates possible
Avenge his father
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