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 Sage (deleted)

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PostSubject: Sage (deleted)   Wed Aug 08, 2012 9:20 pm

Name: Sage D Strait

Age: 17

Bounty: 70,000,000

Species: human

Occupation: Fighter

Allegiance: Pirate

Home Village/Ocean: Impel Down/Calm Belt

Appearance: Sage is a average size human about 5'8 with a strong but not overly muscular figure. He has purple hear long flowing hair past his waist. Sage wears various face paint aroun his face. There is a black cross on the top of of his head lines going from his face to his chin, and six circles on top of his eyes. He wears a black cloak where he has straps on the back where he keeps his scythe. Sage never wears a shirt. He wears long purple chained jeans. There red beads across his neck. There are assorted gem ring across his fingers on both hands.

History: Sage was born in level six of impel down from a pregnant female criminal, Caruiss "The Mistress" worth over 500,000,000 beli. As a young child, Sage had to learn how to survive in a cell full of the greatest criminals. This caused him to become resilent and extremely strong as a result of the harsh treatment. His mother certainly didn't help him a bit, so Sage had no choice but to do things on his own. Then at the age of 17, he was kidnapped for a secret government experiment named "Project COPYCAT" lead by Vice Admiral Darnel Warshack. The world government would force a choosen few to consume devil fruits and then be experimented horribly in order to replicate their power. Though Darnel only wanted level six prisoners from impel down. Sage had slipped through the cracks and the unfortunate luck to be selected. As a child, Sage was fed the Numa Numa no mi allowing him to control, manipulate, and become swamp. One day the government base had a breakdown in security and the prisoners broke out allowing the world's worst criminals with devil fruit abilities to escape. Darnel was furious when he heard this and declared all criminals to have active bounties on them. Sage sneaked out by stealing a marine battleship from government island. Most of the criminals went in seperate directions. The manhunt of these criminals was almost succesful since almost all the criminals were captured only ten managed to escape. Sage had to live as a criminal on his unable to escape due to the high bounty on his head. With little options to have a normal life, Jay had to turn to a life of piracy. In order to gain power quickly he turned his sights on the strongest pirate alive, Anubis.

Personality: Sage is a quiet reserved individual despite his brutal upbringing. He is calm and usually very polite even to his enemies. Sage doesn't like to resort to violent most of the time either being very passive or just avoiding unnessary conflict. As with all D's, Sage heavily believes in fate, luck, dreams, destiny of men. As such he literally doesn't function without the use of his crystal ball or his cards to tell him what to do. Sage has such a strong belief in fate he always tries to fortell the future before making any strong decisions. Due to his experience in Impel Down, Sage always believed in the survival of the fittest. He doesn't show any mercy to those he considers too much a threat to let live. Enemies who get in the way of his goals will be tortured prior to capture. Sage is very brutal and kinda sadistic impaling his victims to death. He loves to sail around the world having a great sense of adventure and bravery.

Ship: Raft

Ship Flag: None

Devil Fruit: Numa Numa no mi
type: Logia
effect: the user can control, manipulate, and become swamp

Special Abilities:
Foresight: Sage uses the help of his crystal ball and fotune cards to predict the event of the future. Because of his belief of fate and destiny, Sage usually carries on of the two on his person at all times to decide on important decisions. His accuratcy his probably 50% since most of his predictions is based on deduction and common sense

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
Mudslide: Sage cover the area about 10 feet with swamp trapping anyone within range. If the opponent gets trapped within the swamp they are stuck and any struggle will force them sink faster.

QuickSand: Sage open a vaccum in the swamp after he uses mudslide causing everything to sink. Depending on the object somce thing make take longer to absorb like bullets and cannons are one post, living things and people three post, and large creatures and large objects take about five.

Mudfacial: Sage covers the opponent with swamp from his hands chocking them in his grip.

Repluse: Sage releases everything he has absorbed from his body back toward the opponent.

Weapons/Items: Crystal ball, fortune cards, sycthe

1) become the strongest pirate alive

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Sage (deleted)
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