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 Raven reyens

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PostSubject: Raven reyens   Tue Aug 07, 2012 9:47 pm

Name: Raven "demon child" reyens

Age: 24

Bounty: 25,000,000

Species: Human

Occupation: Cook

Allegiance: Snowflake

Home Village/Ocean: unknown


Lets start at the begining shall we?
A child crys loudly, hungery and cold, the lifeless body of its mother holding onto it was no longer providing warmth, but instead a foul stench that filled the ally that they reside in. People walk by, ignoring the child as it cried and hurring away from the stench. The clouds above threatened break free and release a storm the could ensure the childs death.
though before the heaven could rid the world of the small nesence, one stranger aproched, speaking words that the child could not under stand, and shaking the one whom once had warmth but now only caused unplesentness. The child cryed louder, screaming in fear as it would feel the cold one fall over with them still in its arms and the percing scream of the stranger fill the ally. and then, it was dark....
The men nodded as the women dressed like a penguin thanked them and watched them place a small girl into a car. Her hair was strawberry blond and she had bright blue eyes, they would watched as the place she once called home became farther and farther away. When it was finally out of site, she would look back, examining the car full of men, they where all dressed very proplerly, she wondered which she would call her father, maybe all of them? But where was her mother? would she even have one? so manny quetions spun in her mind about what was going on.
She cried, her white cell had stains of all over it "LET ME OUT" she could scream and cry, falling on her knees as the tears ran down her face. Her daddies stood outside the room, watching her though a two way mirror and writing down things on their clip boards and nodding to each other was they watched what the latest affect of something they created affected her. She would stand up only to scream and fall over agian, her legs a unnatural white as she had black spots spiraling up her legs and going all the way to her neck, going down her arm as well as she roll around. It was almsot like she was possed "thats enough" the head doctor said as he pressed a button, the room filling with gas. Her eyes widend as she saw it staring to fill. "NO!" she screamed, her body twiching as she started to have some kind of animal like reaction. She would grab a compleatly white chair in the room, it was the same side as her and had her bloody hand prints all over it already "NO!!!" she would scream agian and throw the chair, cracking the two way mirror and scaring some of the men. She was panting hard and evenually fell over, the gas taking over and forcing her to sleep. Men rushed in after the room cleared, picking her up and restraining her before carring her back to her "room". The head doctor just watched her with a bright smile on his face....

The IVs covered her arms, her wrists straped down to the chair as her ankles rubbed agenst the belts that kept her in place. She struggled back and forth, as she yelled and screamed even though she knew it never did any good. one bag from the IVs was keeping her from going to sleep, other other's where filled with a blue, green, and red liquids. She figered the red must have been blood for a just in case problem. The head doctor stood in the room, watching her struggle, his arms crossed as he held a great smile. "begin" he said cheerfully. She gasped as sharp pain in her spine, a neddle coming from the back of the chair and going straight into her. Her voice let out, she wasnt able to scream loud enough to exsprese the pain as a liquid was pushed into her. Her body was suddenly hot, like fire was the liquid rushed though her vains, taking over her body. Her Nails grew longer and more sharp, the tears that came from her eyes went from clear to being a deep red, almost blood like as her hair changed, the roots going from a strawberry blond to a silvery gray. The doctor watched, her smile now gone and only holding a look of shock. "it worked" he said soflty, before laughing with great pride "IT WORKED!" he shouted and started laughing and cheering. The other doctors stood behind the protective glass, their faces pale and fearfull. "what have we done"....

She lay on her bed, her room filled with stuffed animals, happy pictures, games and tea sets. Her eyes locked on an old picture of her self when she first was brought her, she saw the confuzed little girl nerously smiling as the picture was taken with the group of men looking proper. She sat up, looking at the two way mirror, before smiling slowly. It turned from something innocent to a wicked and evil smile as she started giggling. The men on the other side could feel a warm liquid going down their legs just from that smile, that giggle, and those eyes...the once innocent bright blue eyes now changed, her pupils where slitted and her irises where an unnatral red as she watched them, as if she could see though the mirror. "i will kill all of you, and it will be long and painfull" she said as her head tilted to the other side as she had started picking up the stuffed animals, tearing them apart and grabbing the camaras that where hiddened inside, breaking them in her bare fist as she laughed, the blood of the camra's cutting her hand only made her seem more insane. She could slowly run her tongue up her arm. "s-subject 16, p-please calm your self" said a scared voice from behind the mirror as they talked though a speaker "raven" she said as she looked at the mirror. "w-what" it said back to her "my name is raven, i've grown bored of subject 16" she said smiled " and i want to make sure you know it for when i'm taking a bite out of your heart when i rip it out of your chest" she said and giggled agian. The room started filling with the gas agian right after that. She yawned softly, going over ot her bed and laying down, seeming letting the gas take over "get her to the black room, we dont need her any more" said one doctor as he was shaking. "but sir" said another "no buts, dont tell the boss, we're say she had a heart attack" he said and looked back at the girl on the bed "after that day, her body has almost stoped growing, its been forteen years but her body has only gotten two years older" he said and side "may god have mercy on our souls for what we have done to this girl" he said and watched as some men walked in, getting ready to put her in some kind of pod.
But the second one touched her, his arm had been riped off and splatted agenst the mirror, blocking the veiw of the doctors. "w-what the!?". Screams could be heard from in the room "we're all doomed" spoke one of the doctors as they moved away from the mirror, only second before it shattered, the limbless body of one of the men crashing though....

Fire decorated the falls of the building, bodies linned the halls as some screams could be heard, most to be cut off before they finish. She turned the corner, her bright smile plasted on her face as she giggled, one man's head in her hand as she swung it back and forth while walking. "hehe" she could say as she checked around, seeing if anyone was still alive. She could hear people down stairs, screaming as they tried to get people out.
something caught her eye as she walked. It was the room where they held most of the things that they had put into her. She smiled, droping the head and opening the door slowly, her eyes widening with joy as she saw all the test tubs of differnt colors everywhere.

She giggled as she on a chair in the room, a stench unlike any other filled the room as after reading the name of the thign in the test tube, she would simple throw it, causing it to break and spread, mixing with everything eles on the floor. She stoped as something caught her eye "Extract of clear clear fruit" she blinked as she wondered what it might taste like, with a shrug of her shoulders she took off the top of it and down it, letting it slide down her throat and into her stomic. "hm, not bad" she said before blinking as she heard the police coming in. She sighed as she figered this was it. She droped the rest of the test tubs on the ground and got off the chair, walking though the glass with out even flinching. She stoped and looked at her self in mirror. she closed her eyes for a moment, feeling a strange feeling in her stomic before opening her eyes agian, she blinked a few times as she rubbed her eyes. she could only see the blood that stained on her body, her hold self was missing. she reached out and touched the glass, gasping as she realized she really was gone, the surpize making her body suddenly apper agian in the mirror. Her eyes where wide as she realized what was going on. She slowly smiled that wicked smile agian as she looked her self in the eyes before dissappering, leaving only a small giggle behind....

Personality: Raven, is a sadistic twentyfour year old women traped in the body of a twelve year old. She rarily shows kindness, and when she does it is usally only to get something she wants. She will kill you for the fun of it, if she likes you it will be quickly, if she dosnt....just dont get on her bad side...
Ship: Falling flakes
Ship Flag: The jolly roger is a skull a bowler hat which casts a shadow over the top half of the skull and only allows a small button like nose to be shown along with a bunch of shiny teeth. Behind the skull is a large icy blue snowflake.

Devil Fruit: Suke Suke no Mi
type: Paramecia
effect: Allows the user to become invisible, and turn whatever they touch invisible, including people.

Special Abilities: Raven is very strong, and very flexible, she can lift a man three times her size and can dodge things easily. Thus making her a deadly killer.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
Skatting: When she makes her self and her sword both invisible..

Weapons/Items: She carries a large stainless steal sword that she shapens offen and a belt that hold bottles of different type of alchohol.

Goals: To live and kill others...
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PostSubject: Re: Raven reyens   Sat Aug 11, 2012 10:40 pm

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Raven reyens
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