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  Shinichi Tritant (Finished)

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PostSubject: Shinichi Tritant (Finished)   Fri Aug 03, 2012 7:33 am

Name: Shinichi Tritant

Age: 22

Bounty: 10,000

Species: Skypeian

Occupation: Swordsman

Allegiance: Pirate (No Crew Yet)

Home Village/Ocean: Skypia


History: Shinichi was born in the land of Skypia and was also raised there. His parents were always nice and kind towards him, Shinichi also had a brother named Jake, Jake was a talented swordsman who perfected the way of the sword. All was well until Shinichi reached the age of 3, his parents were killed by unknown people and he was left in the care of his brother Jake. Jake raised and trained Shinichi the way of the sword until Shinichi was around 10 years old, Jake then mysteriously dissaperd leaving Shinichi all alone. Shinichi started to grow alongside the hatred for those mysterious people who killed his beloved parents. When he reached the age of 15 he decided that he should search for those mysterious people and for his brother so he went out the land of Skypia taking a flame dial he had found with him and started to explore the world of pirates. While he was exploring he encountered a strange looking fruit which looks like it had been dropped not so long from now. Shinichi ignored it and just carried on to explore but a few minutes later he started to grow hungry so he turned around and started to eat this "weird" looking fruit. It tasted horrible but food was food so he ignored the taste and just continued eating it. When he was finished he continued his journey. Suddenly he was attacked by a famous pirate, Shinichi didnt hesitate to kill the pirate however while he was fighting he discovered the power of the devil fruit. He was surprised yet excited at the same time, Shinichi spent 6 years training this power of his. After training he resumed his search for his brother and those mysterious killers.

Personality: Shinichi is a emo kind of guy who dosent really converse with others and stand-out. However Shinichi gets crazy over the sight of blood it warms him and makes him feel "special". Shinichi always loves a good fight and cares only for himself and his family. He hates people who have BIG dreams for some unknown reason and hates to be involved in big crowds for it annoys and disturbs him in numerous ways, he spends most of his time training for new techniques.

Ship: Mysterious Fish (Used to explore)

Ship Flag: A skull wearing a fedora and two swords

Devil Fruit: Drill Drill Fruit
Type: Paramecia
Effect: Allows user to turn 2 body parts into drills.

Special Abilities:

Has knowledge of Sword Styles

Has great running and jumping skills

Great awareness in battle

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):

Sword Techniques

Soaring Lion Slash: Once in-front or close to the enemy he draws his 2 swords and holds them out to the left he then turns them so the sharp side is facing the enemy and slashes up-wards

Quick Stab: A quick stab to the enemy's gut

Air Blade: Slashes the air causing an Air Blade

Bull's Pride: Takes out 2 swords and bends down, he then charges to the enemy using the swords as horns

Aniaml Party: Many slashes that cause a great deal of damage

Flame Wheel: Picks up the weapon named Tiger's toy and places inserts fire dial in one side he then spins it above him causing a wheel of flame

Devil Fruit Techniques

Rocket Drill: Turns his right or left hand into a drill and stabs the enemy with force

Death Stance: Turns both of his hand into drills and hits or smashes them to the ground causing a mini earthquake to take place around the battle area

Sharp Kicks: Turns his left or right leg into drills and kicks with an intention to kill

Body Shredder: Turns both of his arms into drills and lets out a chain of punches that could be life threatening

Drill of the bull: Turns his head into a drill and charges to the enemy using his head as a horn

Weapons/Items: 2 normal katanas

Goals: To find out why his brother suddenly disappeared and find his parent's killers

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PostSubject: Re: Shinichi Tritant (Finished)   Wed Aug 22, 2012 10:20 am

Personality could be longer. Also, on a side note, drills can't really slash, they don't have a blade just a pointy end, so they're more of a stabbing tool, so the Air Blade technique would be better off with a sword or as an air-bullet sort of projectile, or just have no link to any of your weapon like Rankyaku.
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PostSubject: Re: Shinichi Tritant (Finished)   Wed Aug 22, 2012 6:15 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Shinichi Tritant (Finished)   Mon Sep 03, 2012 8:34 pm

I guess now everything is in order. Remember that the attacks that have "intention to kill" are kind of tricky, bcause you can not kill another user's character without their permission.

APPROVED, unless stated otherwise by a senior mod or admin.

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PostSubject: Re: Shinichi Tritant (Finished)   Sat Apr 13, 2013 9:03 pm

I am going to retire him for now. Sad
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PostSubject: Re: Shinichi Tritant (Finished)   

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Shinichi Tritant (Finished)
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