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 Huli Jing [ The multiple faced fox ]

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PostSubject: Huli Jing [ The multiple faced fox ]   Mon Jul 30, 2012 5:20 pm

Name: Huli Jing ''the multiple faced fox. kitsune''

Age: ?? he has two tails meaning he is not too old would be between the 10-20 years old.

Bounty: 12.536 thievery. selling secret information from the marines.

Species: ex-Human now kitsune (red fox)

Occupation: Thief, spy, intel gatherer. pet

Allegiance: Pirate.

Home Village/Ocean: Grandline


since a year his second tail has grown. this is not yet see-able,in the picture, he looks like a normal fox but he wears a small pouch around his hips, and he has the ability to talk like humans.

in the form of anne, which is the form of a black haired girl with his fox tail and ears, he is seen quite a lotint this form. he has the age of 8 and walks around in a school uniform, he met ella who was on a trip and let her walk on a stone, he knew it be good to have a form of a kid to let people to things for him her eyes are blue and she wears her hair in two tails.

History: must be detailed

the first 3 years and a half of his life were good, his parents treated him well nd gave him lots of atention, at the age of 1 he already began to talk, he seemed like a very smart child, his parents adored him till his mom got pregnant of twins, when the twins were born all the atention went out too the new born kids, at first he understood it but at a later time he thought that he could gotten some atention, but it didnt happen all the atention went to his twin brother and sister, When he went to kindergarten it was the same no one really saw him and he just blended in with the group since he was smarter then others he just was done with stuff fast and got bored at school and at home. he started playing tricks on people just to get atention.

His parents got mad at him, he should ve understood that the twins needed more atention, even though he knew there was some time for him too, but he just didn't get it, he wasnt treated well in his eyes, he got food but nothing much more then that, he used to walk for years in the same clothes when his siblings would get new clothes every now and then. at kindergarten he was getting bullyd because he was smarter then others, and because he didnt fit in the group.

After a few years of being bullyed and the situation at home he started to change, the small tricks he played on people increased, he started stealing, and the pranks became bigger, laying needles on peoples chair or shooting a ball trough a window, things became worse and worse, in the end he just wanted atention, his parents didn't seem to care they just got more fed up with him, they didn't understand that he just wanted to be loved and that he didn't wanted to be forgotten , when his parents couldnt handle him anymore he was sent to an orphan house, he stayed for exactly 20 minutes and sneaked out.

When people found off his escape the marines in the town started searching for him too, he was hiding in the back alley near the docks, he sneaked on a ship that would bring him somewhere else, he landed on a merchants ship, when the merchants first found him they were suprised and wanted to kick him off, but when they saw he was underfed they heard his story and took him a long for a while, he started to open up on the ship he didnt have to do mischievous things for atention he just could be the person he wanted to be offcourse he pulled pranks at times but the merchants didnt care they enjoyed the livelyness on board.

When they landed in the next town there was a big pirate ship docked next to the merchants ship, the merchants told him to stay out of trouble but he just couldnt refrain from it. he went onboard, and after a bit they found out, it became a chase trough the ship till he acidently found the captains room, he barred the door and saw a small tresure chest, and even a few bags with gold, he didnt know how to escape he tried to break out of the room, without being cathed, he broke the window and jumped in the water, when he returned to the merchants the merchants were mad at him, he could v brought them into trouble, while he just wanted to help them while they were in bad financial times/ they left the young boy in the town

It didnt last long till he opened the small chest, he kept the chest while he gave the gold to the merchants as a thank you, he had hoped for lots of treasure but there was a strange fruit inside, he decided to wait for eating it and maybe he could sell it, but it didnt took long before he got hungry and started eating it, the next thing he rememberd was that his hands turned oranged he had turned into a fox. it was suprising for him, and it really took some time to adept to it.

a year had passed sicne he had become a fox, he had learned about his powers in that while, he could turn invisible for a short while, or turn into other people, but turning into other people was hard he needed a stone or a leaf where they had stood on, or touched before he could transform into them, and it didnt last long, also sometimes his tail would appear too, and he could only tansform if he hold the item over his head. He used this fruit to survive in the city, stealing apples and fruits, earning money by selling information from the marines to pirates and by pickpcoketing people. the people made a rumor of the legendary ktsune, the demon fox, they started a hunt for him.

A few years later the hunt was still going on, but it seemed more like a story then a real happening, people were telling each other the fox now had two tails, but the fox wasnt seen so regurly anymore, it was strange. the rumor was in the town things were stolen, even the marines were after him, for selling information anf ofcourse for the piracy he had gain a bounty of 256.432 after those years in the city he didnt know where he should go enxt, he knew how to survive in the city but he did know it was getting harder for him to stay/ After eating the fruit he actually couldnt remember his real name, lots of people called him the fox, or kitsune which was an old folklore, He was also named the huli jing because of people thought it was a spirit causing the mischieve more then a real fox. When other people ask for his name He tells them his name is Huli but he would use any better name someone would give him


Before he became a fox he was always a inteligent boy being smarter then most people off his age, he didn't have any trouble with people and didnt really got entertained by anything he was just the bored kid that started to do things that werent allowed to pass time, he didnt like to do bad things but it was his only way to get atention from the people he wanted to catch atention from. he just wanted to be friends with people and to have a good time with everyone.

After he ate the devilfruit he became afraid at first, he wanted his body back and it felt like a curse for the ifrst week he hadnt done anything mischievous but when he saw he couldnt live like that he stopped caring, he did still like people who treated him well, and wouldnt hurt friends or steal from the poor but he started to enjoy stealing from the rich, he also learned how to use his fruit to turn into others, using thos forms to trick others.

He is a mischievous fox, but he cares for friends , he would try to pull pranks on everyone including his friends but not with the intention to hurt them, he likes to play around and to have fun, he doesnt take orders from those who he doesnt like. he dislikes bullys and would do anything to stop people from getting bullied he loves apples, he cant live without apples, well he can live without but he just likes them so much that he tells others he needs apples to live, he is someone that is trusted quite fast but then breaks the trust right after.

Althoug he is a fox that can talk, he wouldnt really talk a lot to strangers, just to protect his indentity he became a wanted creature by people because they thought he was the start of all the decay

Ship: name of ship

Ship Flag: describe

Name in Japanese :Kitsune Kitsune no mi (Red fox/Spirit fox)

Capabilities: After eating this fruit the user takes the form of a kitsune, a spirit fox from the japanese folklore. the user would turn permanently in a fox losing his old human form, the kitsune cant die of age, but can easily be killed if wounded. The older the kitsune gets the more tails he grows

The kitsune may take on a human form, an ability learned when it reaches a certain age, As a common prerequisite for the transformation, the fox must place reeds, a broad leaf, or a stone over its head. The Fox can only turn into humans that have touched the stone, reed or leaf. when a human form is obtained and the item that is used is kept, the user can then again transform into that human. It wouldn't mather in what way the human touched the object,if it would step on it or if it would grab it, if it gets contact with the human the fox can then change into the human

The fox can only be in a human form for 8 posts as a young fox and for 16 posts when being grown strong and old and when having more control over the fruit. The fox has a dificult time to prefent his tail from getting out of the transformation. So when the user transforms he might still have a tail

The Kitsune can turn invisible for a short period of time. as a young fox this will be around 1-2 posts, when getting older it would be a maximum of 4. The kitsune can only become invisible when in the fox form

The kitsune has the ability to shoot fox fire from either its tails or its mouth, this fire is a whitish fire. the fire has a temprature of, depending on the amount of tails the degrees of the fire vary from the 1000-1500c. depending on the skill of the user and the amount of tails he has.

The user would gain the quickness of a fox too

Type: (Mythical Zoan)

Special Abilities: being very inteligent and smart. fast reflexes (given by his df) the other abilitys given by the fruit such as transformation in other people, turning invisible for a short time, and the ability to shoot fire from the tails, the older he grows the more tails he grows

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):

1. Fox Fire: the user shoots fox fire from the tails or from his mouth, the mouth attack is more a fire breath, the fire is white coloured
2. Fox Fire combined : shoots a white coloured fire from both his tails , who he places against each other creating a bigger flame then he normally would, then he shoots it at his target
3. Fox Fire rapid: shooting from both tails small beams of fox fire at the targets

4. stone throw, after throwing a stone at someone in fox form using his mouth he puts it on his head to gain the same form of that person.

backstab, he turns invisible, as a fox appearing behind someone as a human and uses his dagger to stab the target in the back

Weapons/Items: take what you want from the approved weapons list but custom weapons must be registered and approved

A dagger, a few apples. some stones a few leaves and a 2 reeds touched by others caried in a bag he can use to change in others.

Character Flaws:

The user is turned into a fox after eating the devil fruit, the user cant return to his original form he has his speach and his inteligence but lost his own body for ever

The user can only use his transformation to other people after putting a leaf a reed or a stone over his head.

has zero to none trust in people

Goals:To find someone worth fighting for, to flee from those who wish to hurt him, to survive, to have a good time,

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PostSubject: Re: Huli Jing [ The multiple faced fox ]   Tue Jul 31, 2012 6:47 am

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Huli Jing [ The multiple faced fox ]
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