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 Sambad Rhyme

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PostSubject: Sambad Rhyme   Sun Jul 29, 2012 3:23 am

Name: Sambad Rhyme

Age: 23

Bounty: 5,000

Species: Human

Occupation: Tracker

Allegiance: Pirates

Home Village/Ocean: Rimba Faults Village, on Kauto Isle in the Grandline.

Appearance: Has a shaved head, but he is not truly bald. Stands roughly at six feet tall, and twice that in his hybrid form.

http:/ / img546/7860/tek5014d1202ce2c2831525. png (remove spaces)

History: Sanbad Rhyme was born on Kauto, an island so strange it only could make sense on the Grandline. From an early age he was taken under the wing of Kauto's last pirate and his great-grand uncle, Usten Rhyme, who taught Sambad Noisy Wushu and how to hunt. At only ten Sambad Rhyme was out tracking Kauto's giant crabs with his uncle to earn money for his village. At thirteen he was hunting alone, and by fifteen he was already taking the younger children of Rimba Faults hunting. For these reasons, his skill with tracking and fighting, Rhyme was considered a prodigy like his uncle and expected to become the island's next champion. A hope that would soon be tested.

At the proud age of nine-teen, Kauto was attacked by fishmen pirates, lead by a blowfish fishwoman named Lord Pride; she lead her crew in an assault on the island, and with her 'ship' (a captured Sea-King forced to carry a fortress on it's back) she quickly began to sack Kauto. Usten formed a attack force to counter Pride; for it he recruited many of Kauto's strongest, Sambad of course included. They slipped onto the fishmen's ship at night to kill the horrid captain. Sambad was the one who found her and challenged her to a fight; Rhyme was beat with little effort. However, he did distract Pride long enough for his uncle to free the Sea-King. The attack force managed to escape but Pride was killed by the newly freed sea monster as it took its revenge on her crew. The surviving Lord Pride pirates fled and Kauto celebrated, except for Rhyme. His fight with Pride had left him traumatized of fishmen and bitter about losing. He asked his uncle to form a new crew and take up sailing again so that they could hunt down Pride's old crew and kill them in the name of revenge. Usten said no to his request, telling Sambad they needed to forgive and forget, and get on with their lives. Not ready to give up, Sambad decided to secretly form his own crew, right behind his uncle's back.

However Usten found out a year later. Both Rhymes furious with each other, they agreed to a duel. If Sambad won Usten would have to let him go off as a pirate to hunt down fishmen. And if Usten won Sambad would have to stay on Kauto forever. The duel began with Usten taking a early advantage do to his years of experience. But things soon changed as Sambad was caught by a moment of pure rage and he struck his uncle with a lethal blow. One punch and many of Usten's organs ruptured do to the style of Noisy Wushu. Sambad won the duel but at the cost of his uncle's life.

It took three days for Usten to die. For all three days Sambad stayed next to his mentor and uncle. In those three days Usten did two things: he told Sambad he had only one lesson left to learn, one he'd need to teach himself. And he gave Sambad a devil fruit, the greatest treasure the Kauto Pirates had ever claimed. He then told Sambad with his final moments he was proud of his nephew and that he wasn't angry with him at all for what happened. Usten's final words and gifts deeply shook Sambad who was overcome with guilt for what happened. Now ready to leave Kauto, only now on to learn his last lesson instead of chase fishmen, Rhyme was shocked to learn no one wished to go with him. For killing his uncle in a fit of rage, the people of Kauto now looked at him as a villain and refused to have anything to do with him. Setting out heart broken, Rhyme traveled into the Grandline alone.

For the past three years Sambad Rhyme has made a living as a tracker for hire (taking big spenders on safari, helping bounty hunters find wanted marks, or even tracking down people for pirates). He has built a small bounty up through mostly association with clients, though a portion of it did come from a time he got in a brawl with a vice admiral. He has also spent the past three years trying to improve himself through focus, dicipline, and mastering his fruit abilities; he however feels like the lesson his uncle told him about still escapes him and now he seeks a pirate crew to join to challenge him even further.

Little does he know what the final lesson truly is: how to forgive others and himself.

Personality: Calm and serious, Rhyme takes little joy in life. He holds grudges that dictate his motives but he doesn't let his anger control him (usually). Rhyme possess a extreme fear and distrust for fishmen; he won't blindly attack them but Rhyme will not stay near one. He constantly seeks challenges to be tested, even forcing himself into dire circumstances just to fight his way threw them. Believes people should be focused and disciplined, and does not take anyone serious who isn't.

Devil Fruit: Baggu Baggu No Mi, Moderu: Namekuji (Bug-Bug Fruit, Model: Slug)
Type: Zoan
Effect: Allows who ever has eaten the fruit the ability to turn into a giant slug or a large hybrid form of slug and human. While a hybrid or full slug slime can be spat or even oozed forth from the skin; this ooze can either be made slippery and slick, or thick and sticky. Extra mass of slug/hybrid modes also greatly increases strength but also drastically slows the user down. Whoever eats this fruit gains all the normal devil fruit weaknesses (water, Seastone, ect.) plus salt, which will effect the user even while they are fully human.

Special Abilities: Noisy Wushu- native martial art of Kauto where vibrations and sounds are used for various effects. Originally created to fight armored creatures by causing internal damage to bypass the shells.

Heightened Senses- a byproduct of learning Noisy Wushu, Rhyme can pick up on sounds and vibrations much easier, even faint ones.

Expert Tracker- years of tracking giant crabs and people have given Rhyme superior skills in hunting things down.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):

Noisy Wushu Techniques
Beatzdown!- a simple punch or strike enforced by devastating vibrations. Can cause internal damage or break apart objects.

Demolisher's Aura- Rhyme vibrates himself, offering minimal protection as physical blows are countered by the force generated.

Echo Effect- essentially the ranged variation of Beatzdown! Rhyme grabs a item and transfer vibrations into it; he then tosses it at a target, transferring the vibrations as damage.

Slug Hybrid Techniques
Spittle- Rhyme spits forth a glob of slug slime that can either be sticky or slippery.

Slimedog Luge- to help makeup for his hybrids modes slow speeds, Rhyme can coat his body in slime and slide around on his belly. He cannot attack while doing this other than plowing into opponents.

Slimy Samba Techniques (basically Echo Effect used on Slime)
Spitball- a ball of vibrating slime that hits like a cannon ball.

Wreaking Bell- Rhyme creates a massive goob of slime he swings around with his mouth. As it is vibrating at high frequencies it is very destructive, shattering anything it hits.

Rumble Brunt- Rhyme either sits on the ground or lays on it and begins to snore. He is not sleeping, but rather sending powerful vibrations into the ground, causing a very small but fierce quake. Careful not to touch Rhyme as he is doing this: he is vibrating with bone shattering strength.

Pop Pops- Sweating slime, Rhyme vibrates his body and then flings the sweat at his opponent. Each little drop impacts with the force of a fist thanks to the vibrations.

Weapons/Items: None but the cloths on his back.

Character Flaws: -Holds grudges that impair his thinking.

-Salt burns him.

-Cannot forgive people, even himself.

-Doesn't care how his actions may effect himself or even others when presented a challenge.

-Hates but is addicted to beer.

Goals: 1. Learn his uncle's 'final lesson' that has been eluding him.

2. Return home after redeeming his self. [code]

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PostSubject: Re: Sambad Rhyme   Mon Jul 30, 2012 10:59 am

~La bumpa.
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PostSubject: Re: Sambad Rhyme   Mon Jul 30, 2012 11:11 am

This is a very nice char overall, and even though the style has a lot in common with Whitebeard's fruit, I guess it isn't much of a problem since shockwaves are being used a lot around here. For these reasons, APPROVED, good job.

For future's sake, you don't have to space the link to your picture, it's ok to just post it as it is, and please try and elaborate a bit more about your next char's personality.
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PostSubject: Re: Sambad Rhyme   

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Sambad Rhyme
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