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 Kaosu D. Ragnorak

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PostSubject: Kaosu D. Ragnorak   Sun Jul 29, 2012 12:47 am

Name: Kaosu D. Ragnorak

Age: 28

Bounty: 25,000,000

Species: Fishman

Occupation: Captain

Allegiance: Pirate (no crew yet)

Home Village/Ocean: Grandline

Appearance: He is a starfish fishman that is a few feet taller than most fishmen. He has three blue stripes running down his arms. He has black, smooth, shiny hair down to his shoulder blades, and is rather muscular. He has light blue skin, and spikes on his wrists/collar bone. He has shark-like fangs. His eyes are solid black, as are his teeth and nails.

Young Life: He is the cousin of Lucien D. Ragnorak, and was pampered by Lucien's father and his uncle (Kaosu's father) for being a pure fishman. He always liked Lucien enough, but never became close. As a child, he was trained harshly to become a master of fishman karate, and other sea arts. When he was 11, he mastered ship and weapkn repairs, and navigation. He, unlike most fishman, or people for that matter, has a perfect memory.

Teen Life He left home at 14, after becoming an expert of fishman karate (as in, he became better than the teachers and had to make himself better from there on) to become a pirate. He jumped to and from several crews, and eventually realized he could easily go alone. As he went alone, he killed several navy soldiers and sunk a few ships with his karate. The navy and marines didn't bother him much, because he didn't attack them unless attacked, and attacked pirates often. He eventually decided to look for Lucien. This lead him many places, including skypiea, where he learned life return.

Adult Life: At age 19, he found Lucien, and used his knowledge of dream therapy to teach lucien fishman karate. Lucien could only learn one technique, but an expert level one. At age 23, he left to search the grandline for grand treasures. He found a bow that was so strong, he couldn't pull the string. He found a way to pull it, when he destroyed several pirate ships, and found two gauntlets sinking that made him stronger and gave him a sheild/sword. He never takes them off. He practiced marksmanship for 5 years and became a skilled marksman, but not a master by any means. Now 28 years of age, he has setted out to find adventure.

Personality: He cares for anyone who has ever been nice to him. He uses brutal tactics, but only attacks evil men for anything but survival. He has pride in all honorable men, and will seek to assist anyone who needs it and is either good or honorable. He enjoys himself, but often seems cold, and cocky. He wouldn't hesitate to help a man accomplish his dreams, and he truly cares for family as a whole.

Ship: none

Ship Flag: none

Special Abilities: He has quality regeneration that allows him to regenerate any number of times for skin, bones, muscles, and tendons. Muscles, skin and tendons regenerate immediatly. Bones regenerate after two posts. Minor organs can be regenerated in 5 posts. Major organs (besides brain and heart) in 20. He can only regenerate organs 5 times per thread, His brain can be regenerated up to half; anymore damage, and he will die. Heart and Brain shall be regenerated when he moves to the next thread. Like his cousin, poisons and acids are eliminated by the regeneration, but unlike his cousin diseases are useless to, due to having pure starfish fishman blood, not just half. He is a master of fishman karate. He can see anywhere, up to 2 kilometers as long as there is nothing in the way (light isn't necessary for this sight), and he can't go blind. He has perfect memory.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
1: Grand Execution (taking aim and firing as fast as the sting of a wasp, Kaosu strikes almost 100 targets in just a moment)

2: Master Sonar Push (The user pushes his palm out, sending a powerful sonic wave all over the water. This sonar can be used to find a specific target, or densified to cause everyone that is touched to gain a headache)

3: Master 1000 island punch (This punch uses the water all over earth and in ones one body, and make a mountain crushing punch that is ling range, and extremely difficult to control. It is said the fishman who originally invented it used it once to destroy a mass of land the size of 1000 islands, hence the 1000 island punch)

4: Master Water Cannon (manipulating water to form a powerful beam of water to be propelled at high speed/pressure from any part of the body with the slightest motion)

5: Expert Water Shield (Manipulating water to form a sheild of pressurized water, until it became warm ice that absorbs a lot of impact, but immediatly melts upon impact due to pressure release and temperature),

6: Expert Water Dragon (Manipulating water to form many dragons that bite or stab the target. After the first attempt, the fall as regular water)

7: Advanced Underwater Slam (Manipulating water to open up for half a kilometer in diameter, raise above the target and slam him with extreme water pressure. Only one can be used at a time with only advanced level)

8: Advanced Blades of Rain (collecting water at the end of hair and libs to turn them into sharp blades that launch upon swing. Only two limbs can be used at a time at only advanced level)

9: Great Mist (Thins water to create a large, thick fog for kilometers. At basic level it only lasts 2 posts)

10: Rain Dance (manipulating water to launch the user at high speeds. At basic, it can't reach sonic on top of water, and is bullet fast underwater)

11: Life Return: Blue Fire (manipulating the bodies desire for water to make a wet, cold fire that freezes instead of burns)

12: Life Return: Camouflage (The body's natural desire to survive along with starfish DNA forms a camouflage that casts the body with the ojbect(s) trying to blend with. Using this technique gives the user the general proerties of the object(s) due to the object actually molding over the body slightly)

13: Life Return: Sacred Flame (The desire for survival makes a bright flame that can light paths, set things on fire, and even heal minor wounds in allies)

14: Life Return: Absorb (The body's desire to survive allows one to absorb the calories and life in other living organisms. Animals, plants, fungi, etc., shall be absorbed until they crumble under malnutrition. This works on some humans {NPCs only} but not most. Absorbing life forms' nutritien like this gives 500 calories for plants and fungi, and 1200 calories for animals. Humans give 2000 calories. Against the majority of humans {regular characters} it only drains 250 calories a post no matter how many times contacted during that post.)

15: Life Return: Pump (Using the body's desire for survival, the user temporarily forces all the bodies ATP to strength, doing extreme muscle damage, burning many calories, and giving extreme strength. This can be used a total of 7 posts a thread before needing to eat. The increase is triple strength.)

16: Life Return: Restore (The body's desire to eat manifests by using energies such as heat, water in the air, and etc., to produce a sort of editable mold. This cannot be used without water (desert) or heat (tundra/taiga). Forests, plains, and the oasises/rivers/lakes/oceans accelerate the production to produce 500 calories of material. Other unspecified places produce 200 calories)

17: Life Return: Escape (The body's desire to escape danger temporarily gives someone triple speed, and triple grip to climb, jump, and run away at 5 times the normal efficiency)

18: Life Return: Protect (Using the body's natural desire to protect allies and cared ones, the body gives the user the ability to think three times faster, and twice as effective as usual to find the weaknesses of allies and opponents to defeat enemies and protect allies)

19: Life Return: Static (Using the body's reaction to defend itself, the user increase the effect of static attraction and shock to produce a large amount of electricity on contact)

20: Reverse Life Return: Submission (Using the body's natural desire to eleminate threats, the user gains great negotiation skills and tactics to use the opponents body against them through life return techniques, and weaken them until the user can make them submit to them)

21: Reverse Life Return: Seduction (the body's natural desire to mate and bond creates an effect that on contact, the user can induce this effect on the target as well, and force them to find you attractive, allowing you to make them do as you please through seduction)

22: Life Return: Reverse (The user activates their body's natural desire to destroy threats to reverse or cancel another target's life return techniques)

23: Fencing Style: 1000 stabs (The user blocks an opponents close range weapon with a parry, and absorbs the weapon's force and redirects it to make his sword stronger an faster, so that a master could make 1000 stabs with but one single visible motion. Kaosu is only able to do 10 as of now)

24: Fencing style: Counter Stab (The user blocks a mid-range weapon attack, and deflects it towards a different target. Then, the user of this technique adds their own powerful sword stab to triple the damage of the original user's attack)

25: Fencing Style: Grand Reaction (The user makes a quick parry to redirect the long range attack at the target before them, and then dash after it using the force of the attack to keep up with it, hidden. When the target is reached, the user becomes visible and makes a stab 5 times stronger and twice as fast as a normal fencing stab)

15x knives
Goals: To help people of all kinds make history from behind the scenes, and to live a long prosperous life after his pirating days.

Last edited by Lucien D. Ragnorak on Thu Aug 02, 2012 12:22 am; edited 10 times in total
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PostSubject: Re: Kaosu D. Ragnorak   Sun Jul 29, 2012 4:32 am

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PostSubject: Re: Kaosu D. Ragnorak   Sun Jul 29, 2012 2:47 pm

I editted because I forgot to list my other weapon in the weapons section, but talked about it in my history.
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PostSubject: Re: Kaosu D. Ragnorak   Sun Jul 29, 2012 4:28 pm


Me and several mods have discussed and are therefore disaproving this character

the weapons are just not done, I will post my opinion on them in a bit

the regeneration just doesnt work and is way way way way too much

also seeing 10km is way too much again,

this char will need lots lots lots of nerving if you want it approved ill go by all weapons one by one next

remember the df weapons cant be used underwater either

also appearence and personality are too short
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PostSubject: Re: Kaosu D. Ragnorak   

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Kaosu D. Ragnorak
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