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 Archer D. Laruko

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PostSubject: Archer D. Laruko    Wed Jul 25, 2012 11:56 pm

Name: Archer D. "Hero" Laruko

Age: 16

Bounty: N/A

Species: Human

Occupation: Ship Wright

Allegiance: Pirate

Home Village/Ocean: Syrup Island


History: Laruko was born in the late summer where his mother held him in her arms wearing her Archer Uniform. With a grim smile from her mother, Laruko began to cry like any other new born. Laruko's father came into the room with a grin on his face placing his hand on Laruko's mother's shoulder, "Did ya name him yet" he said. The mother smiled towards him looking down to Laruko where she said, "How about...Archer D. Laruko". Laruko's father began to laugh, "I see, Laruko Jr. He takes his name after me". Both of the parents began to laugh, when they finished Laruko's mother held Laruko tightly smiling.


Laruko at the age of 6 studied many things but hardly liked any of them, he then seemed to be greatly interested in the art of ship wright. Laruko tried to help his father make a raft, they succeeded. Laruko loved the raft he made with his father, later he helped many marines with there ship. Laruko never liked marines, he always wanted to set sail towards the sea. As for, Laruko grew to the age of 10 he began to save many villagers from danger. The town was attacked by pirates and Laruko cleared the village into a secret hiding spot. As for he was nicknamed "Hero" by the marines, his parents then told him he should become a marine. Laruko was furious with this, he packed up his things and ran away from Syrup Village. He lived by the shore where many animals attacked him. He couldn't go long at all, he then sailed across the sea on the raft he frequently made. Laruko searched for food and caught a few fish along the way.

Laruko starved on the raft as it felt like his stomach was eating it's self away, he then tripped off of his raft plunging into the sea as he fell he then saw a strange fruit drifting in a current. Laruko griped the fruit as his raft was sucked into the current, Laruko didn't think of anything at all. He plunged his teeth into the fruit as it tasted bad. He puffed his cheeks thinking of how horrible it tasted, Laruko fell deep into the current. He tried to swim out but he felt like a complete hammer in the sea.

Laruko drifted along the sea line as he fell onto the shore of a beach, he awoken knowing that the island he had gotten to was nothing like Syrup Village. As a reminder he made came across the village spotting a lion where he pictured it in his head, he then remembered how hungry he was as he yelled out 'FOOD!' it came out as a lion's loud prideful roar. Many sheep in the location ran away as Laruko pictured the sheep he then tried to call out 'Hey I'm sorry!'. The sheep stopped as they came back slowly bowing there heads to Laruko, they had understand him. Laruko smiled as he went to a small food market he wanted to have a few bits of corn but he had no money.

Rejected, he had seen a mouse where he pictured it in his head. Pointing to the mouse he cried out, "RAT!". It was a loud powerful squeak that blew the register man away. Laruko swiped a few pieces of corn and ran away from the store. What had happened? He had thought he returned to his raft setting out before anyone could have captured him.

Personality: Laruko is a questionable not very wise boy who would rather fight then eat or attempt to fight before training at all. Mostly his mind is full of fighting and getting stronger from losing his grandfather who had died during his early childhood. So Laruko really had that drilled into him as a kid which had led to him to his out standing cause of will. But when he see's someone dressed up 'unfamiliar' or 'funny' he tends to burst out laughing loudly. Laruko is a happy sighted boy and he doesn't let emotions get the best of him. To himself he carries a bright pride of himself that has left him to keep going on and on.

On the other side, Laruko has a thing for saying bold words as, "Everyone has somewhere to go, and there's no one being able to stop you". He comes up with many of his quotes from the heart when he has to say it. He doesn't like being underestimated because he doesn't have a bounty, once he sees that someone else is in danger he can seem to yell and try to command the enemy as if they wanted to stop. On other things as if someone was scared of the sea because they had eaten a devil fruit he would say, "Those who are afraid of the sea do not deserve the title as a pirate!".

Ship: No Ship

Ship Flag: A plain black flag with giant white letters printing PK and a pirate hat above it.

Devil Fruit: Roa Roa (Roar Roar)
Type: Paramecia
Effect: Roa Roa fruit is where the user is able to be full in tact with an animals voice. But to do so the user has to keep the animals face and appearance in there head. The user is also capable of talking to certain animals with the certain voice that they have picked to use, and are also able to summon animals by calling out to them to come forth towards him.

Special Abilities:

*Extremely Enhanced Strength- Due to his many training and running away from home, Laruko has developed large like strength which was led to him from fighting the white tiger in the jungles. At this time he had never had a devil fruit. Laruko fought the hard ships of the jungle trying to not be eaten from predators and trying to find a abandoned territory to stay at. During those nights he had nothing to eat and had to bear and pray for banana's to turn ripe before a storm of monkey's came and beat him down for the banana's.

**ShipWright Knowledge- When Laruko spent time with his parents he had learned majorly on building and repairing ships. Just like his father, he turned out to be intelligent with the subject.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):

Lion's Roa: A loud prideful lion's roar that alarms those who are around Laruko.

Sheep Roa: A calm sheep-like voice which is meant to soothe the hearts of enemy's.

Sea Gull Roa: A loud prideful squeal meant to contact any sea gull's near by.

Mouse Roa: A screech typed roar which nearly breaks the ear drums of those around Laruko.

Weapons/Items: A Raft

Character Flaws: As stated in the personality Laruko can get rather GREATLY cocky.

1/To Become The World's Strongest Fighter.
2/To become The World's Greatest Adventurer.
3/To learn every voice of every animal.
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bump for those great admins out there.
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Archer D. Laruko
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