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 Foaly Pomson

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PostSubject: Foaly Pomson   Thu Jul 19, 2012 10:42 am

Name: Foaly Pomson

Epithet: The Brainiac, The Junk Man. Dr. Prof. Pomson


Age: 36

Bounty: 10,000,000 B

Species: Human

Occupation: Shipwright, Carpenter, Inventor

Allegiance: Pirate

Home Village/Ocean: Water 7, Grand Line

Appearance: Foaly is a short man, reaching 1.65 meters and weighting about 65 kilograms. Even though he isn't so old, Foaly is already losing hair. Foaly's brown hair grows over his ears, and behind his head to form a horseshoe-like shape, living the area directly above his forehead and the top of his head bald. Foaly has a long ponytail growing from the back of his head, reaching his knees and tied with a metal ring, giving it a shape of a fox tail. As a result, if one would happen to look at Foaly from an aerial view, his haircut would seem like a wrench, which is a distinctive fact of his personal Jolly Roger. Foaly's brown eyes are almost always hidden away by a pair of green-lensed flight goggles that cover them completely. Foaly grows a short goatee on his chin and wears a pair of metallic earrings on his left ear. He wears a long brown trench coat over a black tank top, allowing him to store pieces of the useless junk he loves so much in his coat pockets. He wears a pair of cargo pants for the same reason, and the sound of various metallic pieces jiggling can be heard with every step he makes. On his back, Foaly carries a large backpack, The Gizmo, which has his own personal Jolly Roger sewed into it. Around his waists, Foaly has a thick leather belt that is used to house common building tools. It has a special pouch that keeps a ridiculous amount of nails, and has a mallet dangling from it on a rope. To protect himself from getting pocked by any random metal parts he spends so much time around, Foaly walks around with sturdy military boots, and wears a pair of fingerless black gloves.

History: Born as by accident, Foaly's parents didn't think twice before ditching the week-old toddler in one of the orphanages of the marvelous Water 7, giving Foaly a pretty bad starting point for his life. He grew in the small orphanage. Since he wasn't tall, pretty or nice in any kind of way, he remained there as kids around him were adopted every second day. But he had one better quality than the other kids, a quality that not many parents looked for, and couldn't be measured so easily by people who only came down to the orphanage to choose a human puppy. Foaly was brilliant. He made up for his lack of physical strength or height, both of which were mocked by the other kids in the orphanage, with an infinite arsenal of brilliant pranks. Every kid who mocked him would have found himself in a freezing shower, or falling into a frameless bed.

It kept going like this until Foaly was 6. In that day, a man arrived at the orphanage to look for an orphan to adopt. The man's name was Alfred Pomson, a shipwright who worked in one of the docks in Water 7. Alfred and his wife never managed to have a kid of their own, leading them to adopting. But Alfred wasn't looking for just any orphan, he was looking for an orphan who was smart enough to inherit his business when the time comes. Luckily, Alfred arrived right in time to get a front row seat to one of Foaly's brilliant pranks, and chose Foaly as his new son. The staff was surprised, they were sure no one would want to adopt a destructive kid such as Foaly, which made them act fast. The next day, Foaly found himself in a new home.

The next few years were a blessing for Foaly. He worked in Alfred's dock, assisting him in his work and becoming his new helper. He was taught by Alfred, and later by his co-workers, each being one of the brilliant minds of Water 7, with years of experience in the field of mechanics to share with the curious Foaly, who enjoyed working with machines more than he dared to imagine. He learned new things every day, spending more and more time in the docks, fixing and modifying ship after ship for years. He had a natural gift, it was as if nails and bolts were just waiting for his hands to guide them, a workshop magician, but his talent was also his curse.

After several years, the monotonous work in the docks began to bore Foaly, who craved for new challenges. He was 18 when he formed a workshop of his own, in which he spent most of the time he didn't spend in the docks. His workshop was his sanctuary, his batcave, where he could assemble his own inventions and challenge his mind. He got spare parts from ruined ships, and came up with new ideas everyday, decorating the walls of his workshop with blueprints of inventions, each more loony and insane than the ones before it. It kept going for 7 years, in which Foaly spent whole nights in the confinements of his workshop, accompanied only by his tools and the occasional explosion of an experiment that went wrong. It seemed like the more he dared to cross the boundaries, the more skilled he became, making the current invention boring and forming an infinite positive feedback that drove Foaly mad, slowly but surely.

Eventually, when he was 25, Foaly came up with an idea so insane and impossible that even he struggled to achieve. He named it The Brick, which was destined to be, pound for pound, the most powerful power source in the world. In his mind, The Brick was planned to be as powerful as a Buster Call ship, yet as small as a common brick, but naturally, every inventor and shipwright who heard about his idea had the same opinion, it was a pointless attempt at an impossible task. But Foaly failed to see it. After years of breaking limits Foaly lost the line that separated the possible and the impossible. The Brick was his ultimate challenge, his Everest, and he neglected everything else for its benefit.

His presence in the docks became sporadic, and he began stealing parts from ships he was supposed to fix because the spare ones weren't good enough anymore. He was caught more than ones, but couldn't afford to care, since he was so occupied in his impossible dream. He spent every waking moment thinking about The Brick, planning it, imagining its uses, he felt like it was only a spitting distance away from him, yet kept slipping between his fingers. Eventually, when he was 36 and about to inherit Alfred's business, it all blew up in his face. A marine ship that he stole parts from malfunctioned in the middle of the Calm Belt, and its entire crew was devoured by Seakings. The malfunction was Foaly's fault, and it wasn't long before all of the dock workers knew it. A few reported to the marines, and Foaly got a bounty as a result, but that was only the tip of the iceberg. Alfred confronted Foaly, claiming that his insane ideas were ruining him, and that he couldn't afford to have Foaly as his inheritor anymore, as it would drive his business to the ground. Instead of giving the business to Foaly, Alfred's younger brother took charge of the workshop, leaving Foaly with nothing.

With a bounty and no place to work in, Foaly had to leave Water 7, deciding to flee out of the Grand Line to prevent the marines from tracking him so easily. He assembled a ship for himself in no time, and left Water 7 with a bitter taste. Foaly took a vow that day. He swore to not only prove Alfred wrong by building The Brick, but also return to Water 7 to destroy Alfred's business and make the docks his own.

Personality: Foaly is basically insane, mad, loony, whatever you'd prefer to call it. He grew obsessed with machinery, and acts as if his tools and inventions are sentient beings. He'll talk to them and ask for their advice, and will even pretend they're talking back. Unless he is forced to do something else, Foaly will spend every waking moment in his workshop, working on one of his many crazy ideas, mainly The Brick. He doesn't enjoy human interaction that much, mostly because humans can't understand the complex relationship that he and his mallet share, and one of his main hobbies is to mock people whose intelligence isn't as great as his. He has very little mental blocks, if any, and as a result most of his thought and emotions have some sort of verbal or physical expression. During his sleep, he'll always mumble about The Brick, or his vision of Water 7 being set on fire by one of his inventions. He can't stand mockery, and the punishment for mocking his intelligence is death in his eyes.

Ship: The Gizmo

Ship Flag: Aside from his crew's flag, Foaly also bears a flag of his own creativity. A skull with Foaly's goggles and trademark wrench-shaped haircut, with a pair of mallets crossed behind it. This Jolly Roger is printed on any of Foaly's inventions as his trademark, and is sewed into the front of The Gizmo, his mechanical backpack.

Devil Fruit: None

Special Abilities:

Mechanical Genius: Foaly is a genius when it comes to the field of mechanical engineering, trained by the best minds of Water 7 and fueled by his own exceptional brilliance. His creations and inventions can be considered as groundbreaking masterpieces. His ability to create explosives, machinery and gadgetry out of about any given material makes him both admirable and extremely dangerous in any place but an empty room. His building skills are on par with the best Water 7 has to offer, allowing him to create complex creations in a manner of mere seconds, even during combat, with only the very basic materials and tools. Blueprints and planning mean very little to Foaly, who is capable of planning, calculating and analyze using his head and creativity alone, making his skills almost legendary.

Malletplay: As a shipwright and a carpenter, the mallet is Foaly's closest friend and most reliable comrade, to the point where even a basic one becomes a fearsome weapon in Foaly's possession. Given a mallet and a bunch of nails, Foaly can perform great feats of strength, skill and accuracy to battle any of his opponents.

Scrapmania: Thanks to his legendary skills in the fields of mechanical engineering and carpentry, Foaly developed the ability to plan, assemble and operate weapons and gadgetry in a manner of seconds, forming a very unique and unexpected fighting style. With his tools and the very basic materials, that mainly include anything he can come by, along with the various mechanical parts of scrap metal he carries with him, Foaly can create unstable one-time weapons, giving up on quality and accountability for sheer speed and momentum. (Basically, it's an offensive use of Franky Skywalk).

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):

Menacing Mallet: Foaly will swing his heavy mallet at an opponent, hopefully breaking some bones and send them them back.

Nail Gatling: Foaly will toss an immeasurable amount of steel nails from his pouch in front of him, before batting them towards his opponent using his mallet with amazing accuracy and dexterity. This forms a barrage of flying nails meant to both damage several opponents and nail them to nearby objects, restricting their movement.

Reverse Engineering: With his great understanding of carpentry and machinery, Foaly can identify structural weakspots in various weapons, buildings, ships and other structures that he see. After a quick assessment, Foaly will strike these weakpoints with his mallet, effectively reducing any standing structure to scrap metal and other debris in a manner of seconds (This only applies to anything that is not used or built by a Player Character or an NPC of significant importance). Though this technique can be used to clear obstacle, it is mainly use to supply Foaly with scrap metal for his Scrapmania techniques.

Scrapmania Barrier: The very basic Scrapmania structure. Foaly can assemble a sturdy crescent-shaped barrier of scrap metal in a manner of seconds (one post), that can withstand one incoming attack before toppling over, protecting Foaly and anyone who stands behind it from harm.

  • Scrapmania Wall: Branched form Scrapmania Barrier. Foaly will assemble a sturdy wall of scrap metal, protecting himself from all directions. The wall will topple over after absorbing one attack. The wall takes two posts to assemble, or one post if there was already a standing scrap barrier.

    • Scrapmania Dome: Branched from Scrapmania Wall. Foaly will assemble a sturdy dome of scrap metal, protecting him from all directions and the possibility of an aerial attack. The dome topples over after absorbing one attack. The dome takes three posts to assemble, two posts if there was already a standing scrap barrier, or one post if there was a standing scrap wall.

  • Scrapmania Tweaking: By constantly repairing a standing Scrap barrier, wall or dome, Foaly can make them endure more than one attack, and remain standing for as long as he keeps repairing them. The repairs take one post, meaning that in order to keep his defense standing, Foaly needs to give up on attacking.

Scrapmania Cannon: Foaly can assemble a completely operational and loaded cannon in a manner of seconds and fire it at his opponent (one post). The cannon is formed out of scrap metal, making it highly unstable. It will break down after a single shot. The cannonball is also made of scrap, meaning that instead of facing a cannonball, the target will be facing a pile of metal and nails traveling in artillery speed. The power of the cannon is much like the power of a standard ship cannon, with the destructive power to turn boulders into dust.

  • Scrapmania Dual Cannon: Branched from Scrapmania Cannon. Instead of building and firing one cannon, Foaly will assemble and fire two Demi-cannons, both of which will break after one shot is fired. While each of the Demi-cannons packs only half the cannonball size of the original cannon, and half the destructive potential, they allow Foaly to fire at separate targets in different directions, along with saving one of the cannons for later use by firing only one of them.

Weapons/Items: A heavy mallet, nails, The Gizmo

Character Flaws: Foaly gets filled with rage whenever someone around mocks him or one of his inventions, and will enter a berserk state by the mere mentioning of Water 7.

  • To successfully build The Brick
  • To take control over the docks of Water 7

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Foaly Pomson
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