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 Cyrinel Milpont

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PostSubject: Cyrinel Milpont   Wed Jul 18, 2012 8:05 am

Name: Cyrinel Milpont

Age: 17

Bounty: 243

Species: Skypiean

Occupation: Navigator, artist, writer.

Allegiance: Pirates

Home Village/Ocean: Unnamed Sky Island


Cyrinel Is a long man almost 2 meters tall, but very slim, there isnt an ounce of fat around his body, he weights around 65 kilo with a somewhat pale skin, his Blonde hair reaches the end of his neck and is quite spiky , and falls sometimes over his eyes he has deep jade coloured eyes,

His back is covered with big long gray wings, that fall onto beneath his hips, and are quite feathery . the right wing is crooked a bit, due to the accident he had, it already healed quite a bit but if you look well you can see that the wing is crooked,

He wears a somewhat greyish shirt with enough space for hsi wings , but people wouldnt see the holes in his shirt very often, he wears stylish blackish trousers and grayish sneakers, he wears a few rings, and a silver necklace wich he had gotten from his dad as a pressent;


Born on a sky island above north blue Cyrinel was born as a healthy baby to two lovely parents. His first years had been good ones, always living in the safety of his house with his parents and his older sister.Cyrinel has always been a silent person, even as a small kid he used to express himself, by painting and making big buildings with blocks and things like that, he knew how to talk, but never really talked a lot about emotions, once he began to know people better he would talk more to them, and make small converstations but he never was or will be a big talker, the only people he talks a lot too are his older sister and his parents,

around the year of 7 he went to school, he exceeded in school, he was better as the others in almost all subjects, which made people bully him a lot, he didn't want to be different then the others, but lot of things just looked like plain logic to him, he didn't do much for school but always got high grades, when the day was half done Cyrinel was already done with all the things he had to do for the day often spending the rest off the day painting or skipping classes and going out to the park or things like that.

From when he was a young kid he always loved storys, loved reading them, hearing them, thinking off them it was just great. how he could be another person see trough another ones eyes and do things he didn't see possible, he was a scared person, he wasn't too brave and wouldn't do things too fast, when he was of an older age he began writing lots of storys, oftennot letting others read them, but when others would read them they loved it , saying he had talent fot it.

At the age of 14 pirates came to the sky island, Cyrinel only heard of them in story's it wasn't common for them to be in sky islands, after some fight with the local towns folk the pirates took over the island, in the first half year nothing seemed to have changed, but when Cyrinels parents didn't have enough money to pay the blls to the pirates it was something else, Cyrinels dad was forced to work all day, 20 hours a day with no sleep, in the local mine, it took 4 weeks before he died off exhaustion. When his dad couldn't work anymore his mom was forced to work, when she denied to work their house was set to burn, along with the tree in the yard that he would always write storys under, angered by the loss of the house and the tree he had lots of good memories off Cyrinel planned to confront the pirates, after he made his maple shade boomerangs, the name was the one of the poem he wrote under that same tree, made from the wood of the remains of that tree.

Before cyrinel could confront the pirates the pirates were already at the land that used to be their house, offering them a new house if all three would work under the pirates, his mom refused telling Cyrinel and his sister to run, Cyrinels sister inmediatly listend and dragged Cyrinel with her, when she jumped of the sky island and flew away expecting cyrinel to follow her, Cyrinel waited on the island and saw his mom get shot, before the man wanted to cut his moms throat he threw the boomerang, hitting the man in the face, he then struggled but catched the boomerang again. his mom yelled at him, he had to get away. she would'n't make it. As hard as it was for cyrinel, he jumped of the island, flying to look for land, but the pirates didn't want to see that happening as Cyrinel had hit the captain, they started raining down bullets on the flying cyrinel making him get hit at a few spots, also in his wings/ he fell down, making him land in the water after a long way down.

He woke up in an big house, an old lady told him he had been sleeping for a long time, but she could tell he was still alive, she was a rich lady living with her son and his wife, the wife treated Cyrinel when he was wounded but was now off to work. Assuming that he came from the sky island since he had wings, they had hidden him from the marines, thinking he could become a slave that way. Cyrinels condition became better with the years, he even started to fly again, not for long distances but he could fly again, which made him very happy. one day he knew he had to leave this kind people. he knew he couldnt use their kidness for ever, he left a letter, a poem and a few of the books he had written, as a reminder, in the letter he thanked them for all they did for him, telling them that he would be back to visit them but he knew had had to make a living of his own, and couldnt go by and always use someone elses generosity .


Cyrinel is a silent guy who wouldn't say much unneeded things, he is a intelligent young person who is often lost in thoughts and daydreams but when asked something or in positions where he would need to pay his atention he would be there and even discus with the people around there. Even if he doesnt show it often he has an opinion, just because of he isnt to sure of himself and his thoughts he wouldnt tell it to people.

Cyrinel is a person that enjoys being with others, but also loves to be alone at moments, just at how his mood would be at that time, He isnt one to show his emotions fast so people couldnt read his emotions fast but he really has htem and he shows them in his writings and poems which he doesnt really let others read but for him it is a way of expressing himself

Cyrinel is a men that loves the nature and really cn enjoy by sitting in the shade of an tree in the sun, or on a beach, he also loves playing games the only time when he gets enthousiastic is when playing games or when talking about things he likes and others like too, he trys to refrain from showing those bursts to others but he cant helpt it at moments. Cyrinel is a thinker always being in thoughts off what he could do to change the world. He doesn't like the corupt marines the people who say what is right and wrong, he wants to decide for his own and see the world on his own, to see more of the world

Ship: name of ship

Ship Flag: describe

Devil Fruit: Limited to only three devil fruit users per person
Type: (only if you have a devil fruit)
Effect: (only if you have a devil fruit)

Special Abilities: The ability to fly which is a bit low at moments., A skilled writer

Learned Techniques

01 Burning boomerangs: setting his boomerangs a fire, they stay a fire for 3-5 posts, he should be carfull while catching them

Weapons/Items: Maple's shade boomerangs, a longer knive, a bag full of paper and pencils for writing,

weapon name: Razor Wings

description: Razor Wings are a pair of Wooden boomerangs with a steel coating on the top that is used to strike with, then the steel coating is quite durable and would hurt people if its thrown at a good speed, the wood is a strong maple wood, and both boomerangs were carved out of the same piece of wood, the boomerang is of a regular size the edges being around 35 cm and build that way it would have a good cirulation in the air.

The boomerangs were treated with oil to make it more durable and make it more aerodynamic giving it more speed when throwing, Due to the different coatings the boomerangs would catch fire easily but it wouldn't burn down, since the coating that was put on first is used to stop fire, when the weapon is set a fire, it will burn for 5 posts, then it needs to be recoated again. using different sorts of oil and material. The colour is the colour of the maple wood.

weapon special abilities: The boomerangs are very usefull to throw at high speed, since its well build and designed its very aerodynamic, and would return to the thrower if thrown in the correct way, a experienced user of the boomerangs would be able to throw them and aim the steel top to hit at a target. the boomerang isn't the most easy to use, but it would be ideal to use for a some what beginner in boomerangs and an expert, an expert would be able to cut trough things with the steel edge, but the beginner would be able to hit some targets.

Due to coating the boomerang can be set a flame, this isnt safe for the user since it could burn him if it isn't thrown at a right way or caught at a right way then after 5 posts the boomerang can't be set a fire anymore until its coated again


.. Created this boomerangs with the usable parts of burned down maple tree that was in his garden, he always loved the shade of the maple tree to write and read, when this tree was destroyed he wanted to honour the tree by making a weapon of it, and he would want to avenge the people who burned down the tree by using those boomerangs, he protected the boomerangs with coating to prefent it from burning down.

It seems strange that one could care so much about a single tree but for him it was a special tree, a location that gave him inspiration, shade from the sun and a place to hide from his life, he could escape the busy loud life he had and go out to read books or write his poems and storys in the shade of his favorite maple tree.

The name Maples shade was the name of the poem written about the tree, and thus he named the boomerangs after the poem he wrote under that tree

Character Flaws:

Altough he is a skypiean he still cant fly for long distances due to the accident.
he isnt really a social person not ofting talking a lot more interested in reading books and writing them and poems

Goals: to write a story that people love, to defeat the one that burned part of his village and his tree, to be able to fly better and longer, return to his sky island if he ever could find it again, find his sister if she's still alive
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Cyrinel Milpont
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