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 Meizu Nobu

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PostSubject: Meizu Nobu   Tue Jul 17, 2012 12:51 am

Name: Meizu Nobu

Age: 20

Bounty: None Yet

Species: Human

Occupation: Navigator

Allegiance: Pirate

Home Village/Ocean: East Blue


Meizu stand at 179 centimeter tall and weight around 48 kilogram. He is guy with light blue, spiky, crisp hair. Meizu has blue hazel eyes, and the thin line eyesbrow. He usually smile, and when he did, it look like a grin because the mouth turn into D shape. Some people found his eyes are small as when he smile, it's nearly close. His usual clothing is his long-sleeved black shirt, and light blue pant. His pant look like jean but it's not. He's also seen with his orange bowl hat.


"'s raining again, let find some shelter" roared a man with his friend running beside him. The sky seem to pour out a gush of flowing rain as it seems that the sky is toring apart into two within the miserable black cloud moving slowly through the cause of wind and the darkness that approached the island within the miserable rain.

"What about that child, right there? Last time, i saw him sitting there looking sad too. Why don't he find a proper shelter, argh nevermind" replied the friend as he followed his friend toward a proper shelter.

The child himself, sat under the rain, his arms crossing against his knee with a miserable and sad look across his face. He's shivering...and trembling under the might of rain falling toward him on his light clothe which make him cold as ever. There's a sound of his stomach growling and the kid, look even more miserable. He wanted food, he wanted shelter, he wanted happiness and he wanted care but sadly, he didn't had any. He's just some wild kid, wandering around within no place to stayed, no foods to eat and no parent to care. He's a burden to the world, a so called trash.

He glanced his face at the sky that's pouring the gushing rain. For once his face was now fully seen. He seems like a kid about 6 years old. "Rain...i alway hate rain...but not any longer..because..whenver i'm sad and i'm crying all by myself, the sky cry with me" said Meizu as the drop of rain fall over his face, overflowing through his pale cheek and his tear come along. He cocked his head down before wiping away the tear. "Damn tear, don't you dare come out" said Meizu, still crying.

He was just a normal child back then but things turn out outrageous after he found that fruit. He had eaten a fruit...a cursed fruit that a marine gave him out of the blue. He didn't know what kind of fruit that was at first, nor who's those marine that gave him the fruit. He's too naive that time and he ate it without hesitation. To his surprise, he noticed the evil face that was lit upon the man's eyes and mouth. He hastily choked his neck to stop it from getting down into his stomach but he was too late. Not long that he noticed it but it seems that he had became a test subject, no..a guinea pig. They just wanted to test what type of devil fruit it was and what it did and maybe if Meizu turned into something they would taken him as one of their power.

It's actually a tradergy. People in the village, soon started to ignore him due to the Devil Curse inside him. The Curse of the Devil Fruit. He's all alone, everytime, everywhere, riding on the swing alone, walking home alone, getting insulted, getting ignored, scared from. He was raised up in a rural life, in a not-so caring family. He's lucky enough that his parent didn't hates him but they didn't had that much time to spend with hin. At night..he shed his tear out of weakness. He couldn't do anything, he hated his life, he hated everything about himself. The cruse inside him...and all those people surrounding him. Is that the so called world he always wanted to see? He always wanted to run around at? He always wanted to travel along? It's indeed, a tradergy.

Everything shook him much more when he found his house all burnt down the other day. He rushed inside to see his family, but the only thing he could spot is their dead bodies. They're no longer within the world. He didn't knows who's the one behind it, perhap pirate, or perhap the citizen. He cried allot tha night. He now didn't have anywhere to go...anywhere to stay, he's wandering around aimlessly without anything. He's nothing at all.

When the villager found out that his parent were dead, they forced Meizu out of the island with just a rowing bost for him to escort himself. He was everyone...Cursed by everyone...He hates the current world.

He was drifted along the ocean for some time, starving, and lonely. He hate loneliness but it loves him. He's always alone..people called him a devil. He's only worsen the world, he wish, there's was not his existence at all. He was just a child back then, he didn't knows how to care for himself and all that stuff. But to him...he already matured during his 6th years of birth.

It's a miracle he managed to get to the next island through that stormy night. He remembered everything, about him at the verge of dying because of the sea monster. He faced through everything, wheather it is the Weather, Food, Loneliness, Toughness, Tears, he faced through all that in his young age. He still cried..again and again. He wanders through the town. It seems that the town was a rainy one. It rain a lot and he himself, was left alone on the street, shivering and no place to shelter. He recieved many pityful glance but no one dare to do anything since this is the Pirate Era and they're all by themselves. He shiver through the rain, crying, lonely, and finding food. He hated rain at first, but later on, he become to likes it. Why? Because when he cried, the sky cry with him.

Sometime he wanders off. He noticed the poor beggar just like himself, shivering at the road, and no one cared about him. He glanced again to see a group of stray dogs bring treated nicely because they're cute and stuff. He hates it...he wanted to change the world. He wanted to change it to a better place. 

At one day...he rested ontop of a roof of one of the house. The sky is bright, it's not raining today. He had the time to admire the beautiful sky much more. He looks at the sky, in his young age but matured mind. He knows about it, he understand everything he went through now. He looks at the cloud. Under the same sky, but different place, there're thousand and thousand people like him that were suffering all these trouble, fighting against all these stuff. Some of them might had been devoured by darkness. He notuced the unfair thing in this world. He wanted to change it badly...he wanted to overthrow the corrupted governemnt and the horrible pirate out there that were doing evil stuff.

He knew that, if he didn't tries to change it, no one will and the world would be left with thse same things and people suffering. He wanted to works, toward peace. He didn't knows why he didn't get corrupted by the darkness which would most likely happens to other boys in his state. He wanted to rescue as many victims as he could. Perhap, he's destined to do it.

From that days on, he swore to his soul that he would train hard and become stronger. He soon found a proper work to fill his stomache and saved up some money. People admired him because he was working hard, despite he was a child. He was working toward a proper goal, thus he wouldn't back down now. Everyday he trained...thousand, thousand of trianing. He tried to master his devil fruit so that it would become something handful instead of destroying. It's him after all...when he swore something, he would do it. He's going to complete it for sure.

He managed to control his devil fruit power and found out that it was the Kumo Kumo Devil Fruit soon enough. From the book he read, it seems that it's one of the Logia, a strong devil fruit type. He now, comr to like the curse. He could now become allot stronger with that fruit. He saved up some money and bought some stuff such as new clothe and equipment and such. He studied sometime, and he trained hard despite the rain. His endurance increased so much due to the rain. Yes...he trained under the rain. From the experience he went through during the past of wandering, and from all the book he read just as a guide to his devil fruit that have something to do with Wheater...Meizu has developed a pretty great navigating skill.

He left the island on the age of 17...he's off to explore the world. And soon enough...he's going to change it...into a whole new one.

Personality: Haru has a childish personality. He likes boasting, about what he achive, what he's going to be, but not lying. He hates lying. Haru has a good sense of hunor and he usually smile his warm bringht smile. Haru is one especially brave guy. He doesn't fear his death and he alway face his courgae. He doesn't get mad easily and takes thung lightly. He could face all his pain without carry and hatred, thatms Haru's special trait. He likes training and especially something fun and challenging. Once he likes something, he will carry one with it, no matter what other people said. Same thing go for the opposite. Haru enjoy the nature and he's also calm sometime. 

Ship: N/A

Ship Flag: N/A

Devil Fruit: Kumo Kumo no Mi (Cloud Cloud Devil Fruit)
Type: Logia
Effect: Allow the user to manipulate cloud, making it as soft and as tough as they wanted. The user can also change the climate into, rainy, windy, snowy, sunny and even lightning.

Special Abilities:

  • Fast Reader
  • Fast Writer
  • Great Endurance
  • Navigating Skill
  • Weather's Knowledge

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-15):

(Meizu would show it during Roleplay and it's to be added that time)

Weapons/Items: Manga Book, Orange Bowl Hat, Flickering Inferno

Character Flaws: Boasty. Meizu addressed himself as "The Great and Awesome Meizu".

Goals: Travel the world, and help as many people as possible.
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PostSubject: Re: Meizu Nobu   Tue Jul 17, 2012 1:40 am

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Meizu Nobu
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