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 Itsuwari, Usono

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PostSubject: Itsuwari, Usono   Mon Jul 16, 2012 5:53 pm

Name: Usono Itsuwari "The Itsuwaribito"


Bounty: 0

Species: Human

Occupation: Captain/Itsuwaribito

Allegiance: Itsuwaribito Crew (Pirates)

Home Village/Ocean: The Village of Orphans on Harima Island. In the East Blue. Though he had been through a lot of places, The Village of Orphans always have been his home.


Everything in the picture shows what he really looks like:
White hair that is sticked up like that for the purpose so that it wouldn't get in the way. It's rare for his hair to be let down. It use to be down when he was young. The black band with the skull to the side on his head helps his hair keep that way.
He has a childish looking face but that's mostly because of the fox like expression that he always had. It's rare to see him without his signature grin or smirk and when he doesn't have it on his face, that means that he is either serious or lying/acting once again. His eyes does look close but that's not the case really. He's actually can see through them despite what other thinks and when his eyes are actually open up, you can see his white pupils. Yes, white. His eyes are white which had to the feature of how creepy he looks. He also have a rather lean body but because of his clothes, he looks rather lanky when actually in reality, he's actually really musclar. Those muscles aren't for showing off though but it's not like he wants to show them to the whole world. But if you ever seen him half naked, you can actually see how fit and experience he is. But other than that, he just look like a typical smug, fun-loving teenager. He gives that kind of look to anyone who sees them.
His clothes on the outside are quite plain though: with the exception of the Obi, his Black headband and the black armor on his left forearm. Most wouldn't think he would be the captain with how he looks. He's as plain as a regular poop-deck boy, and most thought he is exactly like that. He never cares about what he looks in the first place but these clothes serve a purpose actually.
He wears a white dress shirt with the right sleeve shorter than the left. The right sleeve goes to the elbow while the left sleeve is twice as long as the right- a slit is cut allowing the left arm to be more free. He also have a dark brown vest over him that went pass his waist, white pants with pockets and a pair of sandels that are wrapped around his feet and his ankles so that they wouldn't fall off.
Though these clothes look nothing special: they actually have many, many hidden pockets that are not visible on the outside. All pockets are hidden very well and they are use to store poisons, medicines, bombs and the like.
The obi around his waist is made of Spider Thread, which is stronger than Silk Thread. Spider thread is very difficult to rip and ruin; it's actually strong enough to deflect bullets and arrows. Of course, only deflect, not shield. He had to make the correct movement to deflect them.
The black armor on his forearm is considerably strong enough to deflect or shield against some things like swords (bullets are not one of them) but the real reason why it's there is to hid the butterfly knife he has in the hidden compartment of the armor.

"Welcome to your temporary home, Itsuwari Usono."
A monk named Kenmei took him to the Village of Orphan at the young age of 7. He is a kind monk who always have kind and soft-looking eyes, always smiling at him as if there is something that he does that make the monk smile. He's bald, as what monks usually are, and have a lot of scars that is litter around on his body. You can tell that he's very old and pass his prime by the wrinkles he has (the laughlines and the wrinkles on his forehead are very noticable). He looks like those bodyguards for the rich or some kind of gangster or some kind of old mafia person.
He doesn't know how he got to the Village of Orphans. He doesn't remember when he came with the Old geezer (his nickname for the monk). But he remembers the feeling of relief- as if the monk had actually saved him from something. He doesn't know what it could be, but he was slightly happy to be here in the Village of Orphans.
With the monk as the leader of the village; there are a total of twelve adults that took care of almost 500 orphans that live here. Kenmei doesn't know how they do it but they manage.
At first, he doesn't care who lives here or not. The children didn't interest him and neither does the other adults. What they do and what they say; he could've care less really. The only one he really actually regards with respect (in his own way) is Kenmei, the monk. All the other adults treat him like a child and all the other kids are too immature for him. He's actually much more intelligent than anyone could give him credit for. And Kenmei actually see that. He didn't talk to him like with the other kids- the old geezer actually understand his feelings and knows of his intelligence.
"You are a very smart child, aren't you Usono?"
"So what of it old man?"
"Wuh! Treat your elders with respect!"
Usono, despite having his memories erased and being rather one of those people who could care less what others are doing around him, is a troublemaker. He loves to go around and make the adult's life difficult and tease and trick the children to the point of crying sometimes (which Usono tries to avoid since he hates crying). Pranks are some things that he does regularly around the village. But despite so, he never lies.
"Usono! Have you been to the Archives again!"
"Yes, yes I have Dinosaur head."
That earned him a bump on the head.
To skip chores and having to listen or even being bother with the adults and children; he would go to the Archives. Though he wasn't allowed to be there, it's not like he ever listen to them. Like the forest- he always went in there yet they told him that he's not allowed. It's not that dangerous as long as you know what to look for. If the men could get in there, he should be allowed too.
The Archives is a library that is on Harima Island. It's actually the biggest Library there is in the East Blue. Usono would always come here so to hide from the adults; especially the old geezer. There are so many things he could learn in this Library: his current studies of interest is chemistry, bomb-making, geography, weaponary, poison and the likes. He is even interested in history and myth. There are a few books about religion but he didn't bother to study about that (since he doesn't believe in God) but he would look over it from time to time out of interest in a way. He even likes the stories that there are about pirates. Some are rather basis that are about how pirates would be the most evilest creatures in the world and some are about the how these pirates did some heroic acts. There are even information concerning towards the Fish people that are in the Grandline but there isn't much really. Just some history concerning them towards us humans.
It has been a year at his stay at the Village of Orphans and he then started to learn about the World Government and any other organization.
He finds it strange that there are obvious parts that are missing. He felts very nervous about it, practically at unease at how they describe the World Government as a good government. He felt that it is a lie. And when he get to the word "Noble" he felt his heart drop. He doesn't understand why he felt this way.
When he heard a couple of adults talking, he understand why.
"Do you know that Usono is actually a Noble?"
"No way, you're lying!"
"Yes, his parents died in a fire long ago!"
He was just getting a ball for a couple of kids that are crying about how they lost it. He knows exactly where it is, as he was watching everyone from the tree top, and decided to get it so that they would stop bawling over their toy. As he was coming back, he heard a couple of woman gossiping; the first thing he heard is that he was a Noble.
"I'm not lying! I heard it from Kenmei-sama as he was on the phone!"
"That brat as a Noble? That's hard to believe."
"I know but don't you worry about how we got all this money to pay for the kids?"
"You mean..."
"Yes! Usono is the heir to some Noble family in Goa Kingdom- of course he would have a lot of money."
"So it's because of Usono, we're getting all of this money? Wow, he's not as useless as I thought."
"I know, right?"
He didn't want to hear anymore- hearing enough to last him for a life time.
Dropping the ball, he ran.
He ran pass the houses, the shrine, the children, the adults and pass Kenmei.
He ran into the forest despite the yells from the old geezer.
He didn't want to stop. He doesn't know how to stop, letting the branches of the trees hitting him. With the experience he have going into the forest, he was able to manuver into the forest for half the time.
What in the hell is going on?
What in the hell are they saying!?!?
In 15 hours, he ran into the deepest part of the forest.
In 3 days, still running as if his life had depended on it, he was able to make it to the other side of the island, to where the beach is and where he could actually see the sea that surrounds the island. It was by then night time and the stars are out. Almost every animal is asleep and not a human is in site.
During his nearly four days run away from the Village, he remembers something.
He is a Noble- or was.
His parents were high Nobles in Goa Kingdom- his father very high up in the noble world.
They never saw him as their own children. They just needed an heir for the buisness. A puppet to use their strings on.
Everyday, he have to build up a lie, become the lie itself so just to please the people around him. Because they think that their happiness should be his happiness.
He doesn't know how he became so different from the other snooty children that he would meet up and 'play' around with but he was sick of being a lie. He was sick of telling a lie to satisfy his parents and the other's wants.
He tried to escape many times; again and again just to escape from this fake world build by society and their belief of such a thing as perfection. As far as he knows, Goa Kingdom, is far from being perfect. To him, it's Hell.
He hate lies.
He doesn't remember how the house end up burning in a fire- he doubts it is his fault. No matter how much he hates his parents, he wouldn't try to kill them. He doesn't even know how Gramps -or maybe himself- got him here into this island.
He didn't care at the moment when he felt tiredness seeps through, all the adrendline disappearing.
He collapse on the sand, going into a deep sleep.

"What's the fire, monkey?"
"Who are you callin' 'monkey' you old geezer?" Usono snapped, a bit annoyed at the fact he is being compared by a primative ape, his signature fox-like smile on his face. The captain, the one who he called "old geezer" tries to attack/kill him- if he wasn't being restrained by his crew.
When Usono woke up that morning, he finds himself in a sickbay at first. Running out, surprising the doctor that was in there with him, he went up to the deck, surprising some of the crewmates that are there up on deck and attempted to jump into the water to try to swim back to his island to find that there isn't a view of any kind of land in miles. All around the ship is just water- miles and miles of water.
It was soon after that he finds out that he is on a Pirate Ship.
Sometimes after both, the captain and Usono, calmed down, it was then the child found out that the captain's name is Gretel, and old man looking to be about somewhere in his 60s with gray hair and wrinkles. But most of his wrinkles consister of laughlines and his eyes are actually softer than he thought. Despite being quite old for his age, he looked strong majestic in a way- especially when Usono first look at him, his white obi that shines silver in the sun with the loose ribbons fluttering behind him, almost gracing his figure. It was then that Usono saw that almost everyone have an obi -though none as great as the captain's- with ribbons that are loose behind them. Some only have three or two loose. The captain is the only one with four.
They, the whole crew and also the captain, seemed rather carefree and casual about having a child like him on their ship. In fact, as far as he can tell, he's the only child on the ship. Everyone else is either in their 40s, 50s and 60s. He would've thought that pirates would be a little bit more hostile and such. But they seem to accept it completely. And since Usono knows that there are such things as good pirates as well as bad marines, he stayed rather casual too, earning some grins and look of amusement whenever their captain, Gretel, tries to kill him.
Some time or another, after the crew asked him some question -he left out about how he figured out that he is a noble and such and regain his memories (somewhatly)- he found out what they are.
They are a Kitsune Pirates- A band of Itsuwaribito.
Usono was a bit annoyed how he doesn't recognized the word "Itsuwaribito" (he thinks it's insulting his intelligence) but they told him about how they didn't blame him. The word or the mention of an Itsuwaribito is practically taboo to the whole world. Of course, being natural curious as he is, he asked what is an Itsuwaribito. In truth, he doesn't think they would tell him- seeing how it's taboo and seem like a dangerous thing, but they were more than happy to.
"And Itsuwaribito is an...." The First mate, Yuca, look from left to right, as if he's cautious on saying it out loud. "...a pack of travelers."
Usono obviously didn't believe him, seeing how they explain about how they are wanted from the government and that they are pirates. They all laugh merrily when they notice that there is no way that they could try to trick this kid- unlike most kid from his age.
"Haha! Nah, I'm just lying!"
"Then you could go drop dead."
That just seem to make them laugh even harder, as if they know how much he hates lying.
"We're all going to drop dead sometime in life kid!"
And they continue to laugh until Usono complains about how they aren't telling him what an Itsuwaribito. The captain decided to go and tell the kid about their group. Usono doesn't understand why they just tell him all of these things but didn't question as he finally got his explaination.
Someone who steals by sneaking into some place quietly without anyone knowing is called a BURGLAR.
Someone who steals by using words to trick someone is called a SWINDLER.
Someone who steals by using violence to beat someone up is called a THUG.
An Itsuwaribito is a person who perfect all of those: sneaking, tricking, stealing, and beating. An occupation that is as worse as a pirate.
That is what an Itsuwaribito is.
Unlike pirates who usually use brawns more than brains and fight with their fist/swords/weapons/etcs, the most powerful weapon that an Itsuwaribito could have is their words. Their lies.
And when he figure that out, he practically hated it.
He can sneak, steal, beat; but tricking is practically practically meaning that he has to lie. And he wouldn't do that- no matter how admittedly cool their occupation is actually is.
When he told them that, they laugh but didn't say anything about it. Like they didn't mind if he wanted to live an honest life. He thought that, being Itsuwaribito, they would try to convince him that lies are the way to go but that's not it really. They just let it go and grins at him as if they are happy about that.
He was planning to go back to the island, go back to the Village after figuring out that Kenmei, the old geezer, would do that to him but he finds himself drawn by the pirate crew.
And somehow, he couldn't find the heart to separte from them.
After time, he became one of them. He didn't lie of course- he still detest the concept- but he couldn't find the will to hate anyone in the crew. The crew was strangely happy and carefree, despite being a pirate crew. Especially after he heard about how infamous the Itsuwaribito are- to the point that the word is taboo to the world.
They are hated and hunted by the World Government. After an incident with another Itsuwaribito who had tricked a World Noble, on the order of the World Noble, they were hunted out and executed immediately. It happened decades before he was born but it left an infinate scar on everyone single Itsuwaribito that are on the crew. In fact, this crew consist of the only people that are left that are truly Itsuwaribito. There is no one else in the world that they can find that is also an Itsuwaribito.
Usually, one would stop and go out in hiding, right? Not the Kitsune crew. They seem to embrace it despite all the bad memories, proud to call themselves an Itsuwaribito. It somehow amaze Usono in a way. For them to be true like that despite having an occupation of telling lies.
What also amaze Usono is the skills they have with their obis. Their main weapon is their obi, which they can skillfull manipulated it as if it's their third arm (or- how many ribbons they have to manipulate). The way the handle it- it was like a graceful dance of some sorts, as if the obi is the part of them. Seeing how interested he was in the way they handle the obi, they decided to make him one and teach him the way to use an obi. In a week, he quickly learned everything there is from the crew. And because of the fact, they decided to take his training to the captain, Gretel, who is the best at his control on the obi, the only one who can wield the four ribbons as his own.
He have travel with them almost everywhere. From the East Blue to the West Blue. Then the North Blue from the South Blue. And through the Grandline and even the New World. He had seen many thing that he didn't think he would see. All those pictures and book about the places that are there, and the animal that reside all around the world. For some reason, like he thought that pirates would do, they never went further through the New World to get to the treasure, One Piece. He thought many times that they would but they never did.
During the time, the crew was more than happy to further his education, seeing his skills on bomb-making and chemistry and some other subject.
"You see, if Gretel drinks something like this, he would grown big and turn into a Giant!"
"Liar." Usono said to the crewmember who was trying to teach him some chemistry, making the others laugh at the fun-filled chemistry lesson.
Though most of the time, half of the lessons are some kind of lie.
Many of them taught him many things: from Geography, to Math, to Chemistry, to legends and many stories. And going from island to island helps a lot of his studies. Everyone actually took turns teaching him what he knows. They even taught him how to lie though they know very well that he doesn't want to lie nor that he would. And then, Gretel (Gramps he now call him), wanted a piece of the action as well.
"The kid is way smarter than you senchou! There is nothing for you to teach him!"
"Shut it!, I do have something to teach him too! You lubbers, go and find the nearest land!!!"
And they did just that. They dock at an uninhabited land that is full of forest and dangerous animals- say the roars in the forest.
Usono look at the captain with an raised eyebrow while he saw that fox-like expression on the old geezer's face.
There begins his training in Hell.
From there, from every island he had been to, he have to go into the wilderness and survive; fight wild animal, survive with whatever they have in whatever enviroment they are in. From forest, to deserts, to oceans, lakes, rivers and such. Many enviroments that he is force to go in.
They even left him a week in Little Garden- though they came back with him sitting on the t-rex, only finding that he had befriended many of the dinosaurs.
"Why don't you go easy on the kid Senchou?"
"That is something that I can't do. And you know why Yuca."
Yuca went quiet at the thought. Cause they are Itsuwaribito. They all are wanted from the World Government. The World Government. There is almost nowhere they could go without being presecuted or judged. Annoucing the fact that they are Itsuwaribito practically just announce the fact that they are dead.
From there, he was offically allowed to be in the crew and fight along side with the crew at the age of 13. Back then, he was only allowed to watch them fight from the crow nest or somewhere in the ship since he's too young or too weak or something like that (after the fight, he would give them a lashing both mentally and physically). But now, more mature and more stronger, he can fight along side them against marines, pirates, all other people that would be against them.
Despite that significant change; everything else stayed the same.
They kept exploring, partying, having fun- being a family.
Through these five years, they became his family. And he wouldn't exchange them for anything in the world.
Another year has passed again and they are now on an island to go and restock their supplies. The island have a marine base on it so everyone was warned to be careful and not get notice or stand out in anyway.
Seeing that there isn't anything that he wants particularly, Usono just decided to wander around and see what is there to see.
"Hey, boy." Somehow knowing that he is being called out, he turns to see a guy, a middle-age man with black hair, going up to him with a kind smile of some kind. There is even a kind twinkle in his eyes. "Are you alone?"
Hearing no malice or anything suspcious about the guy, he nodded, turning his body towards the strange stranger. When he did respond to the guy, his smile somehow turn sympathic.... wait, don't tell him that this guy think he's an orphan. He had the rest of the crew to be with.
"Why don't you come and get some ice cream with me?"
....well, he's never one to turn down something free like ice cream.
Throughout the whole day, the guy was hanging out with him and buying stuff that he doesn't need- he told him that he doesn't need them, since they are going to be easily lost to where he's at.
Sooner or later, they made it to the docks, the stranger looking at their ship with curiousity.
"That's the Kitsune pirates." Usono told the man, since he seemed genuinely curious than anything else. He didn't find it a harm- what can a citizen do? Well, other than tell the marines but they could handle the marines and escape.
"Oh? What an interesting crew name. Can you tell me what you know about them?"
He didn't see any harm in talking to him or telling him about the crew. There was no malice in his eyes or in his words so he told him: the layout, the number of crewmembers, who are the captain and firstmate, how they fight and how they are with what they are....

"No, don't take them!" Usono cried as he tries to push away the marines on him, rebelling against them so that he could reach his family.

He didn't exactly understand what is happening- but at the same time, he's very aware of it. The stranger, whose name is Herv as he finds out, took him to his house so that he could play with his son.
His son, Nadek, is a boy full of adventure and justice- though a little cowardly at the end. It's rare for him to play with kids his age and it was rather refreshing. Nadek is also an intelligent boy so he had no trouble talking to Usono in more advance topics. Somewhere along the way, he found out from him that his father is a marine commondore.
That is the reason why he ran out and try to go back to the docks.
He was horrified at the sight of his family being arrested by marines.
"The Commodore's plan works!"
"It's amazingly thought it."
"He sure knows his information."

He tries to push past the marines and get to his family but it's proven difficult and hard with the many marines that are around and how they situated themselves to prevent anyone to come in. They already got him on the ground as he watch to see the captain and the rest of the crew leaving- not bothering to give him a single look as if he doesn't exsist.
"The poor kid, I heard he was taken as a slave."
"Did you hear all the things they say about the kid?"
"At least he's free now."
"He doesn't have to see their ugly mugs again; they're going to get executed."
"Good ridden."
"As expected of Itsuwaribitos: they're monsters."
Usono couldn't move at the obvious lies; they were so obvious, too obvious. would a slave be as healthy looking as him? He seen slaves with the World Nobles when they would pass by at Sabody. He look so much better than any of those slave they use as if they were lower than dirt itself.
Yet, no one would see it- because they are pirates. They didn't think that they lied- even though they are Itsuwaribito. Then again, most of everyone doesn't know what an Itsuwaribito is.
"There you are boy- what are you doing out here?" Usono looks up slightly to see Herv with a worry expression.
Usually, one would be angry at the marine who is responsible for arresting their crew- but he didnt know any better. To many people, pirates are scum. They didn't deserve to live. And Usono admitted that most pirates are bad guys that he rather didn't exist. It was Herv's fault... it was....
Brushing off the marines, he ran away, ignoring the yellings towards him.

It took some time but he was able to sneak into the Marine HQ and make it to the jail cells which keeps the crew.
"Bwahaha! What are you doing here kid?"
"I'm freeing you of course!" Usono explains as he tries to pick the lock- but for some reason, the others just seem to laugh at that.
"Shut up or they'll find you!"
"We're kinda hoping for that boy."
Usono looks at them in disbelief.
"W-What are you guys are saying? You're delusional!" Usono said in panic as he tries further to unlock the lock but was stop by Gretel's hand. Usono looks up at the captain, the man who he thought as his grandfather and call him gramps, with teary eyes, unwilling to let them fall. It's uncool. He doesn't need to cry when he should bust out they guys.
"If you get us out- they'll know that it's you boy."
"But everyone is convince that I'm your slave! You're lie worked!"
"Not on the commondore kid." This time, Yuca, the first mate, spoke up. "He knows who you are."
Usono wasn't sure what to think of that. Herv knew that he was part of the crew? But why he let him go when he arrested the others? Shouldn't he be in the jail with the other? Should he be executed with the others?
"He was willing to let you go because you're still just a kid." Gramps explain as he gave a grin to Usono as if nothing is wrong, as if he wasn't the one that is going to be executed the next day.
"Well, that gives me a chance to-"
"You don't get it kid." Yuca, who is in the same cell as Gretel, came up next to his captain and look down at Usono with a grin. "If we get caught a second time- they won't spare you."
"Then we won't get caught next time; I'll make sure to be more careful next time-"
"Usono, stop."
The captain stop the babbling child as he ruffled his hair, putting on that same fox-like smile he always held.
"Escape. We old-timers are through."
"I don't want you guys to die!"
Everyone gave a sad smile of their own- it was the first time that he ever saw them with that kind of smile. But it was also the first time they saw him cry like that- with eyes of hopelessness.
"We know." Gretel admitted. "We know."
"Then live!"
"Well, we can't do that Usono." Yuca said as he laugh softly. "Cause we're Itsuwaribitos."
"I don't understand." Usono really doesn't understand. It's because of the fact that they are Itsuwaribitos that they should escape! If they are Itsuwaribitos, then they could escape using their lies and such! Isn't that what Itsuwaribitos do?
"Usono." Sniffling, Usono looks up to see the smiling faces of his crewmember, including the captain and the firstmate. "You see how little people know about Itsuwaribitos, right?"
Usono hesitantly nodded. There are very few. And whenever there is even the mention of an Itsuwaribito, everyone looks confuse. As if they are wondering if they are making stuff up.
"People like us are dying. We'll become nonexistence if we don't do anything Usono. Itsuwaribitos will be no more. Real Itsuwaribitos."
Gretel chuckles, grinning widely, ever the positive one.
"Itsuwaribitos are people who tell lies... but they also show the truth."
Usono eyes widen- for once actually looking surprise. That earns some laughs from the crew, since there is hardly a time when the kid looks actually surprise. He's always smug as if he knows everything.
"And we are going to tell the truth in our execution; the Itsuwaribitos are still out there."
"C-Couldn't you tell them another way?"
Yuca shook his head.
"No. Besides, we are pass our prime, it's time for the new generation to take over."
"Couldn't you just retire?"
"Kid, like we said, we're going to tell the whole world!"
Everyone laughs at the thought, knowing that they are going to suceed in doing it but stop when they saw Usono cry, his figure slightly shaking as he tries his best to stop the tears.
"I-It's my fault-"
"No one is blamin' ya kid." Gretel admited as his chuckles again, trying to hug Usono through the bars.
"I'm a fool! I'm sorry, I told them about-"
"You're not a fool Usono! Shut up and don't think that way!!" At that, everyone, all the crew protested about what Usono had said, making the boy slightly shock and he stop crying when he heard them.
"Do you know why we were so fine with you telling the truth?"
Usono shook his head, bring out a chorkle from the captain.
"Because you were living honestly."
"What's to blame in that?"
Usono couldn't respond to that but he found tears coming down his face once again.
"You have did nothing wrong. You were just living an honest life."
One of the crewmates spoke up. "In truth, we were a bit jealous sometimes about how truthful you could be." Everyone laughed once again as if it was a joke but they know very well how true that is. "We could never be like that anymore, being who we are."
Yuca grins at the crying boy, sitting down next to his captain, while Gretel finally let the boy go and grins at him too.
"Ya know, like other pirates, we were looking forward to being King of the Pirates too." Gretel said as he laughs along with the rest of their crew. "But we got too old and going for One Piece is too much for an adventure for us."
"...Pirate king?"
"For the Freedom!" One of the other crewmembers in the farther cell yelled, making others laugh. What they do wanted out of being part of the Pirate King's crew is the freedom.
"Once we made it, we were planning to announce ourself as Itsuwaribitos." Yuca told Usono, the casual air of carefreeness slowly seeping back in the atmosphere. Even Usono couldn't help but relax just a little. "But this is the next best thing."
Gretel smiles somewhat sadly at that. He was young and foolish when he went to get One Piece but now he's old and he always regrets being old. That's why he hates the mention of being old- because he regrets not taking his crew to the top because of their old age.
Usono looks like he despartely wanted to say something; anything. But he couldn't. He knows very well that this is something that they have to do. He wanted to stop them. He wanted them to live. But he couldn't. Because that's an insult to them as an Itsuwaribito.
The child look up at the captain, still seeing his fox-like grin.
"You remember Kenmei?"

The next day on the newspaper; the execution about the Kitsune Pirates are shown- but what the article is mainly about is "KITSUNE PIRATES DECLARE THAT THEY ARE ITSUWARIBITO AND THAT THEY STILL ARE AROUND!!!!"
This brought a smile to Usono's face, seeing how everyone is grinning even when they are being executed. He remembers the conversation last night.

"You know about your old caretaker, Kenmei?"
Usono raised an eyebrow before nodding, not sure where this is going or how in the world Gretel knows Kenmei. Well, Oldies have to stick together.
"He's an Itsuwaribito too."
"....the Old Geezer? What are you talking about Gramps?"
"Who you callin gramps!?"
"Calm down senchou!!"
Everyone laughs.
"If you want to learn more about being an Itsuwaribito, go to Kenmei. He doesn't look like it but he was one of the best."
"...What makes you think I want to be an Itsuwaribito?"
Gretel shrugged along with everyone else.
"Just a friendly suggestion. You don't have to do it, ya know?" Gretel said with a soft, father like smile. "If you even decided to go back to being a Noble again, I will root for you in Heaven."
"What are you talking about senchou? We're going to hell being what we are!"
"Shut up you bozo! And Usono."
Usono put his attention on the captain- his gramps.
"You were the best thing that happened to us. So don't you dare blame yourself."
While everyone was making agreements to what the captain had said, Usono tried hard not to cry as he grins at them, laughing.
"Now that I think about it, it really was that marine's fault!"
"That's my boy!"
Everyone laughs to their heart's content, despite the seemingly dark future. But everyone disagrees that it is the end. It's the beginning.

Usono then finds out that Kenmei has been calling to check up on him after all these years- every single month just to make sure that he's fine.
If that doesn't prove Kenmei's innocent, he doesn't know what does.
And also finds out from Gretel that.....
Usono couldn't help but grin like a maniac, scaring some people on his way to the docks so that he could get out of here and back to East Blue.

"Sorry I'm just saying this now kid but Itsuwari is my last name. Since your old last name sucks, I decided to change it. Remember, you're Itsuwari D. Usono!"

Kenmei- to say that he was surprise is an understatement. He was shocked; baffled. He read on the newspaper a week ago about how the Kitsune pirates were executed while announcing the world of their exist. He was worried that Usono was executed but he couldn't find any information regarding to a 14 year old boy being executed along with the Kitsune pirates but came up short and worried; almost panicking.
He didn't expect Usono to walk up to him, looking like what a 14 year old boy should look like except for a white obi that shines silver in the sun and that black band on his head, pulling his hair up and out of the way on his face. He also noted the more mischevious fox-like expression but there is a glimmer of maturity underneath it....
Kenmei then remember Gretel missing his obi... he gave it to the boy?
"Hey old geezer. I've heard you're an Itsuwaribito."
....those pirates and their big mouth. There is a reason why he quits being an Itsuwaribitio! He wanted to help children; not go out into the sea and lie to people!
But before he could deny it or anything, Usono bowed down to him, making Kenmei into shock once again... for the boy to bow down... he must swallow a lot of pride. And Usono is usually very prideful.
"Please.... teach me everything."
Kenmei blinked a few times.
"...why should I?"
At this, Usono couldn't help but grin, laughing joyfully and excitefully at the thought.
"Because I'm going to become the King of the Pirates!"
The dream that the Kitsune pirates have. Because of the fact that they were the ones who raised him- it would be like that if he made it to the top, they would too.
Kenmei didn't say anything to that. He mumbled about something (something about like father, like son or something like that) but didn't protest as he walks back towards the shrine. There is no way for Kenmei to change Usono's mind. Even now, he can tell that Usono is not a person who would listen to anyone. In fact, it seem his time with Gretel and the rest of the crew just made his rebellious act even worse- he looks a lot more independent.
Seeing that the old geezer is going to the shrine, not even a word of protest; Usono grins and began to follow him.

During his two years of training with the old geezer, he learned that Gretel is the one who brought him out of Goa kingdom and to Harima and to the Village of Orphans. It was unknown how the fire came to be but Gretel was walking around High Town (much to the displeasure of many of the citizens) till he saw a burning building. Gretel is the one who saved him from that burning building, using the confusion to bring him out of town and into the sea with the rest of the crew. Even Kenmei doesn't know the reason why Gretel took him. The monk told him that they were just planning to leave him at the village and just leave it at that. But, surprising Kenmei himself even, Gretel and the crew kept coming back to see and check on him- though secretly for some reason. And on the day when he ran away from the village, they were visiting but for a short while but he was gone by then. When they heard that he was gone, they panic and went to go and find him. That is when they met him for actually the first time and that he met them for the first time too.
He had learn a lot from the old geezer- especially lying. Kenmei said that he's a natural liar and in the past, Usono would be rather insulted if someone said that to him but he couldn't help but grin at what the monk said. Guess all those lying lessons they taught him wasn't so useless after all.

"Usono-nii! You have to go, huh?" Usono, in his plain yet not so plain glory, looks down at the child and grins his fox-like grin, his white obi shining silver in the sun that is littering in the room and his skull black head band very noticable among his white hair.
During his time in the village, many of the kids flocked him surprisingly. They like him and look up to him like a brother, and as equally surprising, he didn't mind being their brother figure. He actually seem to encourage it, playing with them and teaching them about many things and such. Some of the old orphans who were here when Usono was still in the Village was surprise at his friendliness. He use to disregard everything and everyone- always making mischief and getting into trouble. They were surprise about how positive he is and how he mature and kind he became.
"Well duh." Usono said, laughing as if there is no tomorrow. "If I'm going to be King of the Pirates!"
"The adults don't like it when you say that."
"Like I care what they think."
The child giggled before leaving as Usono walk out of the room, going towards the entrance of village, where most of everyone is calling him goodbye and walk farther till he get to the beach, where he saw Kenmei standing near a old beaten looking boat.
"Don't tell me this is the boat I'm going to be in oyaji." Usono said as he laugh, not really that horrified or worried being in the boat. It's the boat that the children made actually so he's going to use it. Kenmei rolled his eyes as he gave Usono his armor that hid the butterfly knife. Usono looks at him, blinking as well as a little surprise that oyaji would give him one of his prized weapon, the one that get him out of trouble a lot of times. Usono had been using it and playing with it while oyaji is busy or so -though oyaji told him a million of times for him not to play with it or touch it- and he knows how to use the butterfly knife very well but...
"A butterfly is like a symbol for freedom."
Usono blinked as he grins and laughs once again, taking the armor and putting it on his left forearm.
"Don't get all sentimental on me gramps! We'll see each other when I get at least five crew members! I'll introduce them to ya!"
"Don't count on it you baka! Don't come back here with people like that!"
Usono only laughed once again as he jumps on the small sailing boat, already on his way to an adventure.
"Oyaji, guess what?!"
As Kenmei watch Usono go out to sea, the child who he thought as a family, his grandchild.
"I'm an Itsuwaribito that is going to be the Pirate King!!!"
"W-What are you saying you ingrateful child! Don't say that outloud!!"

If you ask anyone, the first thing they would describe about him is that he is the most carefree person they have ever seen.
He isn't one to worry about small thinks like that and keeps a rather positive out look.
There are a few things that he would care of but he doesn't think or care much about what other people think about him. He's a great trickster- a prank master. And he lies- a lot. Most of what he said could probably be a lie but he knows when to tell the truth. But he mostly likes out of his own enjoyment. He never does things that are out of his interest and have an uncanny way of getting into trouble. Sometimes, despite the fact that he's rather logical in his own way, he likes to do things that are beyond common sense. There is very few things that he would be serious about. He's rarely serious at times and just like to face thing with his fox-like grin as always. He always want to take the fun way than the safe way and if you're with him- there is no guarntee that you would live. He's adventure crazy and when he finds something interesting, he'll do everything and anything to obtain it.
He's a person that can easily hold a grudge too- if they underestimate him or do something that makes him mad, he'll get his revenge soon enough.
In other people's outlook, he seemed like a person who wouldn't care much for others or even take care of them but even if he doesn't show it, he does care for anyone he deemed important or his family in a way. He likes to show it through many pranks he would play on them or even tease them to show how he feels (not the best way but he finds it a practical way to).

Ship: None. He has none. Well, right now, he has a small sailing boat... that could sink at any minute.

Ship Flag:

Devil Fruit: Limited to only three devil fruit users per person
type: (only if you have a devil fruit)
effect: (only if you have a devil fruit)

Special Abilities:
Bomb making.
Obi fighting.
Poison expert.
Poison Making.
Lie expert.
Lie detector.
Expert Trickster.
Amazing Agility.
Inhuman speed.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):

Chou Kisu (Litterally Butterfly Kisses): When someone clashes with his hidden butterful knife, it turns into a shockwave attack: the powerful blow will turn into an oscillating wave that stuns the opponent's muscles for a short time (four to six post).

Chou Hon (Butterfly Flutter): While airborne or on ground, he can make a power gust of wind with his scythe to knock down people.

Ichi Ude (One arm): Using/manipulating one of his Obi Ribbons.

Ni Ude (Two arms): Using/manipulating two of his Obi Ribbons.

San Ude (Three arms): Using/manipulating three of his Obi Ribbons.

Yon Ude (Four arms): Using/manipulating four of his Obi Ribbons all together in an attack.

Tonde Iru Nitoryu (Flying two-sword style): His Obi will be using his short swords and instead wield them. His Obi and the sword that the obi is wield can attack the enemy.

Paracute: Tying all four Obi Ribbons to each of his limbs, if the wind is good and such, he can float up into the air (like a flying squirrel of some sort).

Obi (made out of Spider Thread).
Hidden Butterfly Knife.
Couple of Short Swords.
Pocket Knife.
Kunai Knives.

Character Flaws:
Childish and there is almost never a time where he's actually serious.
Lies a lot.
Holds a grudges very easily.
Hate to admit if he has been trick.
Very Prideful.
Likes to Pranks a lot.
Brush things off easily.

Goals: To Become King of the Pirates and Spread the Word about the Itsuwaribito.
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Itsuwari, Usono
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